How To Apply E Visa For Australia

By Tiara

An Electronic (or electronic visa) is also known as an e-visa or nonimmigrant entry visa. They are typically shorter term than a tourist visa but can be extended if needed!

An Electronic (or electronic visa) is also known as an e-visa or nonimmigrant entry visa. They are typically shorter term than a tourist visa but can be extended if needed!

There are several types of Electronic Visas available for different purposes. The most common type of EVISA is the Employment VISA which allows holders to enter and work in Australia for up to three years.

Australia has recently introduced another type of employment visa called the Work and Study Visa. This new visa allows individuals to live and work in Australia indefinitely!

This article will focus only on how to apply for an Australian Employer Nomination Certificate (ENOC) visa. If you would like more information about the other employment visas, click here for the General Rules section.

We will discuss some things such as what kind of documents you need to include when applying for your ENOC, why it’s important to have these documents, and where to find them. We will also go into detail about who needs to review your application before it is completed.

Apply for your visa

how to apply e visa for australia

After you have gathered all of the appropriate documents, completed any necessary paperwork, and confirmed your accommodation, the next step is to apply for your visa!

Apply online via our website or app – this can be done directly from anywhere with an internet connection. You will need to use our quick application form which has many different ways to get in touch with us.

After that, we review your applications within 24-48 hours and decide if you are eligible for the visa, so you do not need to wait around for confirmation. We also send out formal invitations and notifications about the interview at the right time, usually one week before the visa expires.

If you need help applying for your visa, several organisations offer free visa advice and services. Check out the Australian Bureau of Immigration’s information here.

Pay a visa application fee

how to apply e visa for australia

Whilst it is not compulsory to apply for an e-Visitor VISA, you will be charged a non-refundable application service fee of $100 if you decide to go down this route. This can be paid via credit card or direct deposit into your bank account.

There are some exceptions to this rule depending on whether you are applying as a family member (spouse/partner) or business associate but even then, there is no charge for the initial consultation. The application itself is $150!

We recommend paying through Credit Card so that you have proof of payment, but we also leave a lot of room in the budget for potential fees so only worry about this once the application process has been completed.

Provide evidence of your finances

how to apply e visa for australia

To prove you can support yourself in the country, or at least proof of stable income is required during the application process. This could be through documents like pay slips, bank statements, or contracts that show employment.

You will also need to confirm that you have sufficient savings to cover any unplanned expenses while you are living there. It’s best to have at least six months’ worth of money saved.

There should not be significant debts such as credit card bills, loans, or other mortgages. If necessary, it’s better to keep working so you do not need to use these resources.

The applicant must also indicate whether they own their home and if it is rented out. An indication, either way, will help determine if an individual qualifies for the visa.

Provide evidence of your trip

how to apply e visa for australia

To prove you have enough money to spend in Australia, you will need to show proof that you can pay for at least six months in the country.

You can bring this proof with you by either paying in advance or using an online savings account.

A pre-paid debit card is ideal as it does not require frequent access to an internet source so can be carried around more easily.

These cards do however need to be recharged from time to time, so make sure you keep these informed.

Submit your application

how to apply e visa for australia

After you have gathered all of your documents, you can now begin applying for this visa. The next step is to submit your applications via VFS Global, one of the reputable partner agencies that handle visa processing for us.

Visa agents like VFS are experienced in navigating immigration laws so they know what needs to be done during the process. They also use professional software which makes it easy to complete forms as well as track progress.

Some days count down towards your visa interview, some don’t! You will need to be prepared for either situation, but make sure you aren’t over-prepared.

Pay the visa fee

how to apply e visa for australia

After receiving your application, the next step is to pay an additional monetary payment. This can be done in two ways – by cash or via online payment methods.

Most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) make it easy to apply for an e-visa. The applications are typically quick and painless with no need to sign anything physically.

By adding this card as a “payment method” during the registration process for the visa, the fees are automatically covered.

This way you do not have to worry about paying the extra fees separately! If however, you do not have such a card then there are many alternatives available.

We recommend using PayPal as they offer lots of features like protection against fraud. For example, you can even limit how much people can spend while buying products or services, which helps prevent overspending due to fraudulent activity.

For most individuals, paying through PayPal is the best option as it is very common, and users trust it.

Receive your visa

how to apply e visa for australia

After you have proven yourself as an appropriate candidate, you can begin the application process! The next step is to receive your E visa. This will take around two weeks depending on the country that you are applying from. Some countries require you to pick up your passport directly from them while other countries send yours via a courier company. Yours will be sent through a reputable firm so make sure to check their website to find this information.

Once it has been received, then you can apply for Australian citizenship! So once again, stay tuned for more info on how to do that.

Time your visa application correctly

how to apply e visa for australia

If you have an urgent reason to visit Australia, you can apply for a business or tourism (“tourist visa”) at Australian embassies and consulates in your home country.

You will need to know when these visas expire so that you do not overstay your welcome. Most tourist visas are valid for three months, but some are only two weeks!

Be aware of what days and hours the consulate is open to meet the deadline for your entry into Australia. You should also be able to find out how to apply online easily.

Many countries allow one-month working holidays if you work during this time, so it is better to have a few extra days than no trip at all. A way to stay within the rules is to do part-time work while you are here.