How The Kardashians became Famous

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is famous for something they made their own- capturing the attention of America through their popular TV show, and now with their various merchandise lines and social media accounts. They are known for their over-the-top, sometimes flashy lifestyle that features lots of pictures and videos of them.

The term “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” actually refers to a season episode format of a TV show. In this format, each week a new event or storyline is filmed and then edited into a short segment.

These segments are usually focused around one of the Kardashians (Kylie, Khloe, Kylie, Kris, Kendall, Rob) and what they are doing. These activities can include talking about their personal lives, going out, having fun, etc. This gives the audience a small look at who these people are away from the camera.

Their popularity comes not only from their work but also how consistently they update their social media pages. Almost every day, the family will upload a picture or video and it often goes very viral. Their followers and watchers increase due to their engaging content.

Overall, the Kardashian family has mastered the art of being in the spotlight and making sure you watch their shows or online content is for entertainment purposes. I hope you enjoyed reading my article!

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Kim Kardashian

how were the kardashians famous

As we know, The Kardashian Empire is not short on plasters of fame! With each individual member having their own show or web series, as well as solo projects like Kylie’s famous lip kits and Kendall and Kaia's fashion lines, it seems that there is always something new for them to promote.

With every new exposure they get, their popularity grows more massively, thus bringing in even more money.

Since its creation in 2004, the Kardashian family has been making a steady income off of their media presence alone- with some estimates saying that this amount exceeds $100 million per year!

This isn't too surprising when you think about it; after all, people love watching these celebrity families interact and discuss everything from beauty secrets to current events.

But how did the Kardashians become so popular? What made people watch their shows and movies over and over again? And what makes them continue to gain attention now?

In this article, I will go into detail about five things that helped make the Kardashian empire possible.

Kanye West and Kim

how were the kardashians famous

Before there was The Kardashian, there was Kylie! Back in 2007, when she was only twenty years old, Kendall Jenner became famous for her incredible beauty. She is now one of the most well-known faces in America due to her position as half of the MTV show Laguna Beach.

While many people may not know who Kylie is today, back then she was known mostly for her underboobies. You can tell that she loved showing them off as they jiggle with every move she makes. Her beautiful cleavage was also a major factor in her fame.

However, it wasn’t just her chest that made people recognize her but also her personality. Since she spent so much time talking about being rich and having lots of clothes, some referred to her as the “It Girl With Money.”

Kylie never intended to become famous though. In fact, she felt uncomfortable using her social media accounts at first because she didn’t want anyone knowing what products she used or what foods she liked.

But once she realized how popular she would be, Kylie eventually gave up trying to keep things private.

Marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries

how were the kardashians famous

After only one year of dating, Kim Kardashian got married to her then-fiance, professional basketball player Kris Humphrey. The wedding was filmed for an upcoming season of their E! show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The couple later divorced in 2017 after two years together. They have three children together — Kendall 9, Kylie 8, and baby Noelle (born in May 2018).

Kim is now famous as the mother of three kids she raised mostly alone while he trained as a pro athlete. She’s also become known for her ever-expanding collection of designer clothing and shoes.

She’s even launched her own makeup line and perfume. And you can probably guess that her house isn’t too empty these days without at least one TV show about her life.

But before all of this, she didn’t know very many people outside of her family. It took lots of work and investment from others to make her popular.

Marriage to TV producer Damon Thomas

how were the kardashians famous

After filming her first MTV show in 2007, Kendall Jenner became famous for being the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. She has since branched out into other projects including fashion lines and YouTube videos.

But before all that, she was known as one of the Kardashian sisters. That’s what people call Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe along with their parents Robert and Clair (Kardashian) Jenner.

The term “the Kardashians” only makes sense if you consider it like a fictional movie franchise or a comic book series. The word is short for Kardashian-Jenner, which is how they identify themselves.

So even though some of them have gone off the rails and done crazy things, most people recognize them because they work in media. Or at least they did until very recently!

What happened after Mandy Moore left?

After leaving E! News, Mandy Moore made several appearances on talk shows talking about her departure. Some said she had quit while others claimed she was fired. Either way, she didn’t stay quiet long and now we know why.

She landed a major role! As our article revealed, Mandy played herself in an episode of Bachelor in Paradise called Episode 9 – Confessions. You can watch it here!

And just like that, the Kardashian name disappeared from public view.

Marriage to rapper French Montana

how were the kardashians famous

After splitting in early 2016, Khloe and Tristan found love again in February 2017 when she announced their engagement on The Ellen Show. They tied the knot at her parents’ house in Malibu just three months later!

The couple welcomed son Wolf into the world in October 2018. Since then, they have been sharing pictures of him proudly displaying his new twin sister (they are both daughters!).

Tristan proposed to Khloe during an intimate dinner for two at Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California. He designed the ring himself and asked close friend Tyler Oakley to be his best man.

Since marriage, parenthood and career success has never stopped these women before, it will certainly not do so here. However, what is different about the Kardashian-Mentus clan is that this family comes together not only because of their famous status, but also due to shared values and friendship.

They all enjoy spending time with one another and supporting each other throughout life changes and achievements, which makes being part of the family very rewarding.

Marriage to actor Sterling K. Brown

how were the kardashians famous

After filming her TV show, Kendall Jenner left for London to focus on her career while he stayed in America to begin his acting career. They kept in touch via Snapchat before she returned home last May.

He soon after revealed that they were dating, but it was not until August that their relationship became public knowledge through an interview with E! News. The couple now shares two beautiful children together — daughter Kiyan Blair, 3 years old, and son Wolf Moon, 1 year old.

The pair frequently posts pictures of themselves as a family on social media. Many people praise their bond as one of the most lovable father-daughter pairs online.

Theirs is also one of the few celebrity relationships where both parents work full time. While some may think this would be difficult, Kim has spoken about how important being a working parent is to her success as an entrepreneur. She even launched her own clothing line just like Kylie did.

This shows that having your own business is a key part of becoming successful, not only as an artist, but as a person. Both Kris and Kim have inspired other young entrepreneurs by showing them that you can succeed without giving up what you want out of life.

Marriage to rapper Tristan Thompson

how were the kardashians famous

Following her appearance on The X-Factor in 2013, Kylie Jenner was discovered via an online video of her doing yoga moves. She then filmed several more videos as she tried to launch her makeup line. These early clips made her famous for being able to flaunt her beautiful looks and fitness routine while also promoting products.

The next step came when she partnered up with another Kardashian alumna, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce), to form their beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics. They both own one percent of the company, making them wealthy businesswomen.

Since then, the clan has continued to gain fame through various projects. For example, Kim is best friends with singer Ariana Grande, so they formed a group called The Desperate Dolls that does fun photo shoots and YouTube videos.

Their youngest daughter, Khloe, appeared on season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This show follows the lives of the family members mostly chronologically and features all three branches.

Marriage to chef and TV personality Nick Kossy

how were the kardashians famous

After splitting in 2013, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner got back together just one year later. In May of 2015, they announced that their youngest daughter, Kylie, would be marrying rapper boyfriend Youppi Lal in an elaborate wedding ceremony at Christening Church in Santa Barbara, California on September 16th.

The couple had met two years earlier when Kylie attended her first family event as part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show. Since then, she’s been featured several times on both Kim and Kendall's shows, and now she has her own show!

After Kim split from NBA player Kanye West in 2016, she began dating his best friend Caitlyn Jenner, who went by the name Cait for many years before revealing she was also transgender. They broke up last summer, but Kim still features prominently in Cait's life.

Kendall married professional basketball player Scott Disick in 2012, and though he cheated on her repeatedly, she stayed with him until this past June. She filed for divorce shortly after giving birth to their son Tripp.