How The Kardashians Became Famous

By Tiara

Before there was The Kardashian Empire, there were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. In fact, it’s hard to imagine one of them breaking into show business now without the other. And while some may consider their relationship over-the-top, they are successful in part because of it.

The thing about media influence is that it can be both positive and negative. Just like anyone else with a large platform, people use that power for good or for bad. It depends on what you as an individual will make of it.

As we know, The Kardashians has built themselves up through various mediums — from TV shows to social media to fashion lines. What many don’t realize though, is just how much of an impact each of those things had before all of that.

With that being said, let's take a look at five ways The Kardashians made their way onto our screens and then talk about why their presence is still needed today.

Kylie Jenner

how kardashians became famous

Before there was The Kardashian Empire, there was just another pretty young person with lots of followers. Then things started to take off for her. Her family became famous due to their constantly filming for TV shows and advertisements.

The way that she made her career as an entrepreneur is something many people can learn from. She created and marketed it heavily by posting pictures of herself using the website and social media.

She also released merchandise such as t-shirts and workout gear containing her name and logos. All of these helped her create an online community which supported her business ventures.

This article will talk more in depth about how she built her empire and some ways you can do the same thing if you are struggling to get exposure.

Kim Kardashian

how kardashians became famous

When you think of The Kardashians, what comes to mind? Probably crazy housekeepers that live in overpriced houses with lots of children. Or maybe famous sisters who seem totally dependent on their wealthy father.

But before there were K-Stars, there was just another pretty face. Before she had her own TV show, people didn’t know much about Kimberly “Kim” Jenner. She starred in MTV’s hit series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for five seasons before it was cancelled back in 2014.

Since then, she has transformed herself into one of the most well known individuals in America. Her career now includes fashion lines, makeup brands, and television appearances where she gives tips to other young professionals.

Her success as an entrepreneur is no surprise though. It took years to get here, but everything worked out in the end. Here are all the ways she made his fame.

Kanye West

how kardashians became famous

As we know, The Kardashian Empire did not happen overnight! It took years to build up their fame and fortune. And while some may consider them as famous for being tabloid-worthy as they are for being rich, it all started with one person — Kanye West.

The rapper has been in the media since at least 2011 when he made his debut performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Since then, he has constantly put himself into the public eye through various appearances and interviews.

He is well known for making bold statements and breaking down barriers that exist within our society. For example, back in 2015, he released an album titled Ye where every track was completely self-produced and featured only him singing or rapping.

This style of music production is extremely rare because most artists need someone else to help produce their songs or at least contribute instruments. He also does not use any pre-recorded vocals either, instead recording his own directly into the microphone.

These features make his music sound more authentic and personal than what others can afford to do. Many believe his music to be very influential in today’s hip hop culture.

TV shows featuring the Kardashians

how kardashians became famous

The Kardashian family entered into popular culture in 2013, when reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered. Since then, they have not stopped growing in popularity!

The show follows the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner clan — Kim (Kardashian), Khloe (Kimye), Kylie (Khloé), Kendall (JoJo) and Caitlyn (Caitlyn). Each episode focuses on an event or storyline for the family at that time.

These events typically revolve around their careers as famous people or media personalities, but other things like marriages and pregnancies are also featured.

Since the start of the show, many more stories about the family have been published, including rumors and scandals. Many of these have involved money, which is always interesting to read about!

Making a name for yourself by being wealthy can sometimes be seen as something negative, so it’s nice to see how different members of the family handle success.

Excessive spending

how kardashians became famous

Before Kim Kardashian really hit it big, she had to prove herself as an entrepreneur. Starting with only one product- her famous nude selfie line – you can’t take a girl’s clothes off seriously if she doesn’t have her own line of undergarments!

So in 2007, just two years after launching her self-portrait business, Kim launched her first pair of lacy underwear via QVC, one of the biggest shopping networks at the time.

She continued this pattern by launching more products onto the network every year until they became fixtures on the site. By 2017, when she announced her wedding dress was being manufactured, she boasted that over 10 million people owned a Kylie or Kourtney item.

This success came not from telling people to buy her things, but instead creating a community around her brand. She gave other people incentive to shop through word of mouth recommendations and by offering exclusive deals that were limited to QVC users.

Marketing their products

how kardashians became famous

Before there were Kardashian Kollection bags, Kendall Jenner matching sweatshirts, or Kylie Cosmetics, there was a small business that helped make the family rich. You probably know it as The Kream.

The Katja Heynsse company launched in 2001 when Kim Basinger’s then-seven-year-old daughter asked her mom if she could start selling her homemade lip balms. At first, Bashingner didn’t think much of the idea, but soon she was offering her kids some money for their efforts!

Baking your own beauty products is a great way to save lots of money while still putting together high quality goods. Many people have made a career out of this craft so why not try it out?

Kim eventually got involved and now owns the franchise name “Katja Heynsse.” She even wrote a book about how to run a successful bakesale. It's called Make Money Doing What You Love: A Guide For Everyday People Who Want To Create A Life They Can Live On.

Selling their image

how kardashians became famous

Before the Kardashian kulture, there was another famous family – The Smiths! Between 1984-1988, lead singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Smith wrote five top ten songs including ‘This Is What It Means’, ‘Something Is Stopping Us From Breaking Up (And it ain’t love)’, and of course, ‘Still Got That Spirit In You’.

The duo later collaborated for two more songs before breaking up in 1988. But after the break up, they both had successful careers outside of each other.

Morrissey would go onto have an incredible career as a musician and songwriter with over 30 million records sold and he won his first Brit Award for Best British Male Solo Artist in 2009. He also received three Grammy Awards during his musical career, making him one of the most awarded musicians in history.

Johnny Smith now has his own music production company where he works to create new songs for artists. His latest project is working with Ariana Grande on her upcoming album.

So what made the Smiths so popular? They were just normal people who lived a very public life which generated media attention and interest. When you watch the Kim Kardahhian Khoelix Channel or read about how Kylie Jenner grew up, she is always mentioned is having dramatic parents that didn't treat her like a human being.

They acted in commercials

how kardashians became famous

Before there were Kardashian super-stars, there was Kylie Jenner. The daughter of business magnate Robert Jenkins Jr. and Joan Collins, Kylie made her TV acting debut at age nine when she played Dani McClintock on the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. She also appeared as Annie Edison on Santa Clarita Diet!

After appearing in several television shows for kids, Kylie got her big break while filming an advertisement for Jordache jeans. A talent agent saw the commercial and asked Kylie to try out for his agency, where she landed her first role — playing Kendall Conrad, one of Kim’s younger sisters on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Since then, Kylie has starred in more than twenty different advertisements, including ones for Covergirl cosmetics and Vans shoes. Her best known ad campaign is probably her “If you can't handle me, fine!,” Super Bowl LI spot for Gillette.