How the Famous Amos Cookies are Made

By Tiara

There are several recipes for making famous amos cookies, but they all have one thing in common — butter! The trick to baking fluffy, soft, delicious-tasting amos is lots of fat.

That’s what makes them stick together and taste good. When baking cookies, we usually use either melted chocolate or cream as glaze, both of which contain large amounts of fat.

Most people agree that Hoboken style cookie dough (the kind with brown sugar) will take slightly longer to bake due to the higher density of the dry ingredients. This gives the finished cookie more body and flavor, and also helps keep them fresh since there is no air exposed when baked.

Overall, why not just make your own favorite type of cookie and add some extra fats? That way you know everything about them and can tweak the recipe to suit your preferences!

This article will go into detail by explaining how to make the classic drop shape amos cookie at its most basic level.

Make the batter

The dough for our famous amos cookies comes together in three main stages- toasting, mixing, and rolling. To start off, we toast the wheat flour in the oven until golden and slightly crispy. This adds some texture and flavor to the cookie!

Next, we mix the melted chocolate with both white sugar and coconut milk so that it can set into the shape of the cookie. When this is done, we stir in an extra ingredient: vanilla extract!

At last, we roll the mixture into balls and bake them until they are almost completely dry.

Bake the cookies

how are famous amos cookies made

The hardest part of making famous amos is actually baking them! Luckily, recipes for these soft and chewy cookies are pretty straightforward. To make sure your dough comes out smooth and fluffy, we recommend using a mixer to handle the dough.

Many mix in a regular stand-mixer bowl before shaping the cookie balls. This helps create an airy texture and shape, respectively. Make sure to use a medium speed while mixing so that you do not overwork the batter.

To ensure even bake times, try our tip here! Once mixed, let the mixture rest until it has thickened slightly. Then, roll or scoop the balls onto a parchment lined baking sheet and flatten with a spatula. Repeat this process until all the dough is used up!

After they are baked, cool the cookies completely before serving. Because these cookies contain brown sugar, their flavor can develop as they warm. If left uncooled, they will taste burnt.

Make the icing

how are famous amos cookies made

In addition to adding butter into the recipe, one other big difference in how people make the cookies depends on what kind of cookie they are. For example, if their favorite style is oatmeal raisin, then they will add dried oats, brown sugar, and milk into the dough before baking them.

For chocolate chip or plain classic cookies, nothing really special happens to the dough until it is baked. Once dry, you can mix in your filling (such as sprinkles or coconut) and roll the balls in cocoa powder, sugar, or both.

Some recipes require melting the chocolate either alone or in combination with the cream or syrup used for the topping.

Mix the icing with water

how are famous amos cookies made

In addition to mixing dry ingredients, like chocolate chips or coconut, into the cookie dough, what kind of cream you use in the filling is an important factor in how your cookie will taste!

Many recipes call for using butter as the cream ingredient, but we suggest trying salted caramel instead. Salted caramel is a very popular flavor that can be found in many foods, including desserts! It goes well with the salty edge of the cookies and pairs really well together.

Salted caramel cream is made by combining sugar, milk, and vanilla along with heat. As it heats up, the mixture begins to bubble and foam. When it reaches the hard ball stage (about 170 degrees F), cream is added and mixed in.

As with any recipe requiring baking, make sure your oven temperature is stable and reliable! If needed, check the setting directly across from where the rack sits to ensure it does not fluctuate too much.

Add food coloring

how are famous amos cookies made

In addition to adding sweeteners, salt, and butter to plain oatmeal cookies, what kind of decorations people add to their cookies is very creative!

Some bake their cookies with chocolate chips or raisins, but how about sprinkling some coconut? Or making peanut butter balls by shaping the dough into little balls and rolling them in either peanuts or coconut powder as an ingredient.

Let the cookies sit to dry

how are famous amos cookies made

After baking, your dough will need some time to rest before you can shape it or roll it in an appropriate machine. This is called the drying stage of the recipe!

Most recipes call for the cookie balls to “bake” for a set amount of time depending on the size of the cookie. Then they must be cooled down prior to storage or rolling in an oven or setting machine.

The length of this cooling process depends on the thickness of the cookie. Thin and crisp cookies do not require long to cool so they are typically done immediately after being baked. It is best if you can let them fully cool before storing or shaping otherwise they may break down while trying to achieve that perfect soft and warm texture.

Using a convection oven feature can help speed up the cooling process as the warmer air flow helps remove more heat.

Store in the refrigerator

how are famous amos cookies made

After baking, your cookie will need to be cooled down before they can be packaged or stored in the fridge! This is because cookies contain butter, an ingredient that melts easily at warmer temperatures.

To prevent overbaking, you should always check your baked cookies using the test mentioned above. If the cookie seems very brown and set, then it has probably already been overcooked so leave it alone until it is slightly lighter than what you want them to be!

Once cool, pack up all of your cookies in an airtight container such as a Tupperware box or similar material. Make sure to only fill the space needed for storage by half since cookies lose moisture as they sit.

Eat immediately or keep in the freezer

how are famous amos cookies made

Now, these famous amos cookies will probably not win you the hot cocoa contest, but they are way better than what most people think. If you have never tried an Amos cookie before then do it!

They are quite similar to oatmeal cookies except instead of using plain old oats, they use chocolatey cream cheese mixed into soft butter and sugar. Then, they mix that together with crunchy coconut and dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins, and/or apples.

The difference is in how you eat them. Most people take one bite and wash down the rest with milk.