How So Famous

By Tiara

There are many ways to rise to fame, but there is one golden rule for all famous people: keep working! Whether it’s in your field or not, staying active will ensure you don’t stop being known.

It sounds obvious, I know, but we as humans get distracted very easily. We become idle when we could be doing something productive.

If you want to stay popular, you have to make time to do things that people like. You have to put effort into maintaining your popularity.

And since most of us now live our lives online, where everyone can see everything we do, keeping an informal private profile page is enough to start with.

From there you can take it from there and grow bigger and more influential. Or you can stay small and unnoticed forever. It’s up to you.

There are lots of ways to develop your personal brand and increase your influence. This article will go over some of them. But first, let’s talk about what makes someone famous.

Vincent van Gogh

how so famous

Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in history, but his success came long after he died. He was only 30 years old when he cut off part of his left ear and shot himself in The Netherlands. His paintings are now considered some of the greatest works ever made due to their intensity and influence.

After he killed himself, people were shocked at how much money he had- almost $1 million! Many consider him an artist that influenced many other artists such as Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

He’s known for using bright colors and experimenting with textures, which he mixed together heavily. Because of this, his work can be described as bold and striking. Some say his style looks like it could either hurt you or make you feel good.

It's very important to recognize artistic talent, but also know why someone became popular. With that, you can learn from their strengths and apply them to your art.

Andy Warhol

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The artist known as Andy Warhol is one of the most famous people in the world. He painted many different styles and genres, but he is mostly remembered for his portraits. He was very creative with his techniques to paint his subjects including doing them more than once!

He also used interesting materials such as dried up blood, sand, and aluminum foils to add texture and design to his paintings. His use of these materials made it so you could tell where each brush stroke ended and began!

His artistic talent was only limited by his creativity and desire to experiment. As you can see, he did not shy away from trying new things or being bold enough to express himself. This is what makes him special and why he is so well-known.

He clearly loved making art and showing off his skills, which helped make him popular. It is easy to admire his work and knowledge of painting, so people gathered information from that to learn how to create their own artwork.

This article will talk about some funny stories related to the life of the artist Andy Warhol and how they influenced his career.

Jimi Hendrix

how so famous

People often say that music is a universal language, but it goes beyond just telling stories or expressing emotions. Music can be a powerful tool to inspire and motivate people.

It’s no wonder why musicians are so popular! They connect with their audience in an intimate way. As a musician yourself, you know how important it is to feel connected to your listeners.

As a writer, creating songs and narratives is one of our most effective tools for inspiring action from others. Plus, being a singer is a great way to describe your own experiences, which may help you understand and relate to other people.

But what if we took this inspiration process one step further? What if you wrote a song about something, and someone actually recorded it?! That would set off all sorts of internal reactions within you and your followers.

In fact, there’s a very famous story about exactly that — except now you don’t have to go through the trouble of recording a song yourself.

Michael Jackson

how so famous

Many people know who Michael Jackson is, but how well he knew himself as a person is something that some may be surprised to learn. He was very private and did not like having his personal life exposed or questioned.

He never spoke about his childhood or family members he had grown up with, which makes it hard to connect him to them.

It also made it difficult to determine what kind of person he was before music became his career. Because of this, many theories have been put forth as to what kind of person he was when he was young.

Some say he was shy and socially awkward, while others believe he was extremely social and loved meeting new people. Some claim he was an aggressive person, while others think he was too soft. It is really tough to tell what kind of person he was before music took over his life!

Michael always wanted to be famous. He worked hard and invested in his craft for years before he achieved success. When he did achieve fame, he used his talent to help other people feel good about themselves.

He will still go into a room full of reporters and talk about anything and everything, even if he is tired or has just met everyone there for the first time. This show of self-confidence is what made him so popular.

Walt Disney

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As mentioned earlier, Walt Disney is one of the most famous people in America. He was an entrepreneur who created many successful companies including film production studios, theme parks, and media outlets. His company, The Walt Disney Company, now boasts about every platform you can name — from TV to online streaming services, merchandise, and research and development facilities!

He also played a major role in shaping modern culture. When he died at age 65 in 2001, he left behind an incredible legacy that touches everyone.

His passing wasn’t big news but it did make the front page of some newspapers due to its significance as an entertainment icon. However, his influence goes beyond just that.

Many experts consider him to be one of the greatest business minds of all time. He designed businesses that sticked to their mission and made sure they remain true to themselves. This way, he was able to preserve the separate identities of each business while still making money off them.

Abraham Lincoln

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Before he was elected President of the United States, there is little evidence to suggest that anyone really knew who Abraham Lincoln was. He spent most of his time as a young adult in Illinois alone, reading books and practicing law.

It wasn't until after the War for Independence when people began taking notice of him. Many still didn’t know much about him but some things stood out about him. He lived by moral standards which made many trust him and speak with respect of him.

He worked hard and consistently showed up to work every day. This won him praise and admiration from colleagues and superiors.

He treated everyone with fairness and dignity which also endeared him to those around him. His friends say he had a kind heart and would do anything to help others.

His contemporaries describe him as humble and down-to-earth, not flashy or rich like other wealthy people they knew. In fact, one biographer says that he never met another person whose “life matched his own modest dreams.”

He hoped to live an honest life and spend time helping others do the same.

Steve Jobs

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Apple is one of the most well-known companies in this country (and beyond) due to the work of one man: CEO, founder, and legendary leader Steve Jobs.

Jobs built his career at technology company NeXT before he took over as interim president of computer manufacturer Pixar in 1996 and then full time CEO in 1997. He led Pixar through its biggest success with The Incredibles and Inside Out, both released within the last two years.

He returned to Apple in 2003 as senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications until his death from cancer in October 2011.

Since his passing, many people have paid tribute to him by saying how influential he was not only at Apple but also for the tech industry as a whole. Others say it’s impossible to compare his legacy to anyone else’s because no other person has left such an impact.

Many still admire what he achieved at Apple and consider him to be one of the greatest CEOs of all time.