How Pakistan Is Famous

By Tiara

There are many things that make people recognize Pakistan as being famous, including its rich culture, history, cuisine and sports. These factors all contribute to Pakistani identity and what makes this country well-known around the world.

While some of these qualities have received international recognition, others are less known but just as important in making Pakistan feel proud. One such underappreciated quality is how successful their national cricket team has been over the past few decades.

Pakistan’s men’s cricket team has won the Cricket World Cup twice, they hold the record for the longest unbeaten run at a tournament (six consecutive wins), and they remain one of the top teams in the sport today.

Their women’s cricket team also made it into the final of the recent ICC Women’s World Cup, where they lost out narrowly to England. They too are still very competitive and frequently qualify for major tournaments like the aforementioned event.

This article will talk about the ways that cricket has helped build the self-confidence, pride and faith in democracy of the citizens of Pakistan. It will discuss why cricket has played an integral part in shaping the nation’s future and politics and how it influenced the current state of affairs.

It will also look at some of the significant achievements by both male and female players from Pakistan.

the Indus River

how pakistan is famous

The Indus river is one of the largest rivers in Asia, spanning over 2,600 kilometers (1,680 miles) from its source to where it empties into the Arabian Sea just west of Karachi.

It’s also quite famous. In fact, you’ve probably heard of at least one person who’s lived near or along the river their entire lives!

The Indus not only runs through several major cities, but it has enough water for many generations due to all of the dams that have been built across it. These dams regulate how much water comes out so that there’s always enough flow even during times when rainfall isn’t very plentiful.

These dams make Pakistan rich, too. They supply electricity by generating power as well as storing extra water. Some people call this energy-water engineering!

Another thing about the Indus river is that most of it flows underground. This is because most of the land south of the Himalayas slopes down towards the desert, creating lots of pressure which causes the ground to give way. When this happens, some of the soil and rock can push up through holes in the surface, creating an underwater channel for the river.

This process is called karstification, and it creates really beautiful landscapes! If you ever visit Thailand, look out for these.

the Himalayas

how pakistan is famous

The beautiful, majestic mountains of Asia are mostly made up of two types of rock – granite and silver-colored quartz. These include some of the highest peaks in the world like Mount Everest (8,848 meters/29,028 feet), K2 (7,909 m/26,100 ft) and Annapurna II (6,912m/22,150ft).

The Himalayan range is so named because it lies within the borders of Nepal, India, China, and Pakistan. This area experiences heavy rainfall most months of the year which gives rise to extensive mountain lakes, rivers and streams.

These water bodies provide an ideal habitat for many aquatic life species, making this part of Asia famous for its wildlife. More than 1,000 different bird species have been recorded here, along with around 300 mammals including bear, wolf, tiger, leopard and others. There’s even one rhino!

Pakistan has its own share of impressive scenery too. For example, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region alone boasts more than 2,500km of coastline, giving it the second highest amount in all of South Asia after Bangladesh.

the Arabian Sea

how pakistan is famous

The Arabian Sea is one of the five seas in the world that are bordered by land. It is also considered to be the largest bay in Asia, with an average depth of 590 feet (180 m).

The Arabian sea covers about 1 million square miles (2.6 million km²) and is connected to the Indian Ocean via the Sindh-Baluchistan region and the Makran coast.

It is bordered by Gujarat in India to the north, Maharashtra and Karnataka states in India to the west, Oman to the south, and Yemen and Saudi Arabia to the east.

Pakistan lies at the southern tip of this large body of water.

This makes it very important to Pakistan as both a geographical location and for its economy. Not only does it provide access to other oceans, but it allows trade routes through the Gulf States, which have rich resources.

Another major reason why the Arabian Sea is so famous is because it has some beautiful beaches and islands. These include Kalpitiya Island in Sri Lanka, Kathembe Beach in Tanzania, and Dabolim Airport in Goa, India.

Kathembe beach was named one of the top 10 best places to do yoga in Africa in 2019.

the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in India and around the world. It was designed and built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who lived over 250 years ago.

The Taj Mahal is located close to Agra, which is a city in northern India. It is sometimes referred to as the Indian Versace because it looks very similar to the iconic building in Italy – the Duomo di Milano or Cathedral of Milan.

Both have a striking white exterior that has been painted with elaborate patterns and flowers. Inside, there are beautiful blue and green marble decorations that resemble each other.

The reason people recognize the Taj Mahal for its beauty is due to an artistic style called Indo-Persian. This is characterized by strong influences from both Islamic art and Persian design styles.

Another reason why the Taj Mahal is so popular is because it’s incredibly rich in symbolism. For example, the size of the dome corresponds to the Taj Mahal’s symbolic status as a burial chamber for the soul.

Overall, the Taj Mahal is a beautifully decorated tomb that epitomizes death and immortality.

the K2 mountain

how pakistan is famous

One of the most famous mountains in Pakistan is called K-2 or Kabir Khunar (Dawn’s Child). It gets its name because when it was first climbed, there were no climbers left at the summit!

The reason? The deadly altitude caused heavy breathing which led to asphyxiation for the adventurers. Some say that this inspired people who wanted to achieve their dreams to never give up even if they face great challenges.

Another theory about why so few make it to the top is that some of the climbers get stuck while trying to descend the mountain due to dangerous weather conditions or poor snow coverage.

Whatever the reasons may be, many know about K-2 but very few have ever reached the peak.

the Swat Valley

how pakistan is famous

The beautiful landscape of Pakistan is full of famous tourist attractions that have become well known around the world. One such area is the Swat valley in northwestern Pakistan, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush green vegetation.

The Swat valley was first settled over 5500 years ago as an agricultural community. It remained largely peaceful until 1880s when British forces invaded to suppress unrest among local tribes.

During this time, the then ruler of Swat made enemies with the British government. In response, they launched several military campaigns against his kingdom, which included the siege of Malam Jabba (a large fortress).

When the army finally took control of the region in 1885, it found many treasures left behind by the previous rulers. These include precious stones, gold coins, ceramics, and manuscripts. Many are now housed at museums across Europe and America.

Since its invasion, the Swat valley has experienced both prosperity and decline. Due to its rich treasure troves, people travelled from all over the globe to visit it, making it more popular than ever before. This attracted other wealthy individuals or businesses looking to profit off of the tourism.

However, due to the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and terrorism elsewhere in Pakistan, foreign tourists remain scarce. As a result, many hotels and restaurants close down, hurting the economy even further.

Overall though, the popularity of the Swat valley has only increased since its discovery.

historical monuments

how pakistan is famous

In South Asia, there is one thing that people are particularly famous for – historical monuments. These can be buildings, statues or structures dedicated to the memory of an important person, events or lessons.

Pakistan has a ton of these! Almost every city in the country boasts at least one monument celebrating their history. Many make it a goal to visit all of them while traveling.

These monuments often tell stories that connect your country to other countries. For example, you could find a statue of Queen Elizabeth II outside of Buckingham Palace telling visitors about Britain’s connection to the United States. Or how France commemorates its past by having museums and memorials honoring soldiers lost during various wars.

Many of these monuments also emphasize how much culture a particular nation possesses. A tourist will learn something new not only about the monument, but the country as a whole.

South Asians take pride in our rich heritage which we promote through art, literature and architecture. This was very evident when I visited India recently where I saw many tourists taking pictures next to each other with bright smiles on their faces.


how pakistan is famous

On September 13, 1947, India voted to become an independent nation. This led to the partition of British India into two nations: India and Pakistan.

Pakistan was formed as a homeland for South Asian Muslims. They were originally called “Pakistani Arabs” because most of them spoke Arabic.

But today, Pakistani is the official national language. And therefore it has become the first language of over 180 million people!

Many non-Muslim immigrants have also been influenced by Pakistani culture. People from around the world come here to learn our native languages or enjoy our food!

This article will discuss five ways that Pakistan is famous all across the globe.