How Pakistan Is Famous

By Tiara

Pakistan is famous for so many things, including its cuisine, culture, geography, and more. These are all very well-known qualities of the country.

But what makes it really famous? Why do people recognize this South Asian nation as being remarkable?

This article will discuss some reasons why people consider Pakistan to be special. Some of these reasons include: their rich history, contribution towards civilization, and excellence in certain fields. So keep reading!

Disclaimer: The content of this article should not be used to justify violence or anything related to that. This article only features positive points about Pakistan.


Pakistan has one of the longest histories of any modern day state. It was founded in 1947 during the independence of India and Sri Lanka from Britain. Since then, it has gone through several transitions and renamings, but always remains an interesting read.

The history of Pakistan covers different time periods and different areas of the world. This gives us an understanding of who Pakistani people are as a whole and how they relate with others.

A significant part of Pakistan’s history includes the formation of two major political ideologies: communism and Islamism. Both of these have left lasting impacts on the society today.

Communist groups such as the Red Shirts and Communist Party of Pakistan fought against western influence and capitalism within Pakistan. They wanted to create an egalitarian system where no one had privilege over anyone else.