How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

By Tiara

While many people have their favorite New Year’s Eve movies, one movie that always gets significant attention is almost-famous movie About A Boy. Not only does it feature some of the most beautiful shots of Zooey Deschanel we’ve ever seen (she plays an aspiring writer who has to deal with her overbearing parents), but its story also happens to be very relatable for anyone who has been called “selfish” by their parent or sibling.

Many people consider this film to be a comedy, but there are actually several scenes within the movie where it feels more like a drama. This article will discuss why these dramatic moments work so well for the movie and how they can help you when your own family members try to push you away.

Disclaimer: The following discussion may contain spoilers!

Why did such a popular movie focus on something so familiar?

We all know what it’s like to feel rejected by our loved ones, which is probably part of the reason about half of all films become famous. Many stories start with someone who experiences a loss and then explore other characters around them while those characters struggle to understand the person whose love was taken away.

This article will talk about one specific scene from the movie that illustrates this beautifully and why it works so well.

She grew up in New York City

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

Before she was famous, Zooey Deschanel lived in an affluent area of Manhattan known as Murray Hill. As more kids her age were leaving for college, Deschenal delayed that by one year.

She attended The Peddie School in Westchester, which is very similar to many other top universities like Harvard and Yale. Deschanel graduated high school in 2000 at the age of 18!

After high school she moved out west to attend UCLA. While there, she became close friends with actress Milla Jovovich (the girl from the Resident Evil movies). This friendship would last until both actresses got married and had children.

Zooey gave birth to a son in May 2006, just two months after marrying actor Benji Madden (of *N’SYNC* fame). They later adopted a baby boy in August 2017.

She attended New York University

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

While most people gain weight as they get older, it is not uncommon for some to lose weight then later add back onto it. This can be due to genetics, health conditions, or life circumstances. Weight loss may also simply run its course and be forgotten about. For example, after actor William H. Macy left his job he quickly found that his next career step was hosting a TV show!

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She moved to London

After almost 10 years of acting, it was time for Zooey Deschanel to move on. The 31-year-old actress made her big break with 2005’s New Girl as Merely Jane, an aspiring musician who works at Schmidt’s workplace. Since then she has starred in such hit films like 2013’s Two Lovers, 2016’s My Best Friend Is A Dog, and this year’s comedy-drama film Almost Famous.

It is no wonder that Deschanel has become one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses. Not only are her performances always entertaining, but she also consistently garners positive reviews from critics.

Her character in Two Lovers received particularly high praise, with many praising her performance as the kind soul opposite James Spader (who played his first leading man role). In fact, some described her as having “the best screen chemistry” with him!

In addition to winning over audiences across the globe, Deschanel has also won several awards for her work. These include two Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and a BAFTA nomination. Her other accolades include being named among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2017 and receiving the Outstanding Supporting Actress in Comedy Series honor at the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last month.

She became famous

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

In fact, she was so famous that most people don’t realize just how young she is. At twenty-three years old, she made her feature film debut as an FBI agent in almost famous, which came out in 2001.

She starred alongside Ben Affleck (who played a reporter) and Ashlee Simpson (the main character). While the movie may not be everyone’s favorite, it is pretty well known for its portrayal of early adulthood.

It portrays very normal days of work for these characters, but also shows them struggling with what to do next after they reach their dreams.

Zooey has said that one of her favorites parts of the movie is when Ashlee sings her song “I Wish I Were Your Girl.” The song depicts two adults who are no longer attracted to each other, but still love each other.

This reminds Zoë of how much she loves her job and her colleagues even though she might not always want to go home at night. It also makes her think about how she would feel if she were in their position — wishing she could stay in her current career field forever.

Her goal now is to make people happy by doing whatever she can to help them enjoy life like she does.

She is now 43 years old

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

Since she first appeared in the 2001 movie Almost Famous, actress Zooey Deschanel has starred in several more critically acclaimed films as well as achieving widespread recognition for her work. She has also won two Golden Globe Awards and received multiple award nominations from other accolades.

In addition to acting, Deschanel made a name for herself by regularly posting humorous (and sometimes very candid) pictures and videos of herself on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

She is still acting

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

After almost two decades as Meryl Streep’s daughter, it was announced that Zooey would be exiting The Office this season. However, she has made some other major appearances since then! In fact, her last big appearance was for an episode of New Girl earlier this year.

You may have seen Deschannell before in the movie Almost Famous where she plays Kim Catz, one of Jim's (Chris Pratt) best friends back when he worked at a music magazine. Or you could recognize her from such films as Happy Gilmore, The Pursuit of Happiness, or The Heat.

But aside from those few credits, most people know Zooey only for her work on The Grinder, which airs its third season later this year. As Max Green, CEO of HireTrack, she is very close to the office manager, Tammy, played by Alia Shawodi.

It seems like they are pretty invested in each other, but unfortunately, their relationship doesn't last long because...

She has not retired

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

While many people believe that famous individuals retire after they reach a certain status, it is actually quite the opposite for some. They keep working to maintain their popularity or find new ways to spread their brand while also adding to it!

Zooey Deschanel is one of those people. Even though she is widely known as an actress with popular TV shows such as The New Girl and Bewitched, she does not consider herself fully retired.

She still enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through teaching classes and giving talks about acting and other related topics.

In fact, she just completed a two-week course on script reading at NYU’s Silversmith Studio. And she will be hosting another class this fall!

These are open to the public so if you would like to learn more about screen acting, don’t hesitate to enroll now. You can check out the teacher’s list here.

She is a vegan

how old was zooey deschanel in almost famous

Veganism is a way of eating where you are not allowed to use or ingest products that contain animal flesh, milk, or other substances derived from animals. Some examples of vegans’ favorite foods include vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Many people associate being vegetarian with being healthier due to the reduced intake of meat, but for most it is only slightly more healthy than choosing an average diet — definitely not enough to make a significant difference. For example, although many people who call themselves vegetarians eat several times a week, they may still consume too much fat or sugar.

Zooey is very passionate about her choice and actively promotes it. In fact, she has even mentioned going back into social circles as a means to bring attention to this lifestyle.

She now uses her fame to spread awareness by donating money to various charities that help save lives through cancer research and treatment. Her favorites include The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Stand Up To Cancer.