How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

By Tiara

We all have our favorite movie characters that we look up to, people who make us feel good about ourselves or at least give us some inspiration to try harder. They are not only memorable for their acting prowess, but also because of the humorous storylines and experiences they portray in the film.

A great example is a character of Meryl Streep's "almost famous" self in the 2001 John Hancock-helmed movie Almost Famous. She portrays an aspiring radio news reporter trying to fit into the media scene in London after being rejected by her first job as a journalist.

Zooey Deschanel plays Kim Basinger, the new intern she mentors while going through this process. The two form a bond over their shared ambition and desire to succeed, and it becomes clear that Deschanel looks up to Bassinger as a strong leader.

The duo eventually develops romantic feelings for each other, which I will get into later. But what most viewers notice immediately is how maturely they deal with these emotions.

She grew up in New York City

When actress Zooey Deschanel was five years old, she made her acting debut as an elf in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! Her performance received praise from critics and she has since starred in several other films including 2007’s All About Steve.

Many people know Zooey for her work in the comedy genre. But before that, she appeared in some pretty serious movies.

For example, when she was eight years old, Deschanel played Jo, a little girl who befriends a gorilla while visiting the Bronx zoo with her parents. While watching the gorillas through a window, she realizes how much they miss being outside and invites them to come to live at the zoo.

She also gave life to one of Disney’s most famous characters; Sofia the First. In 2001’s Sofia the First, Deschanel plays the titular character, a young princess in her early teens.

Not only did she embody Princess Sophia, but she even wore a dress similar to the ones worn by Jennifer Lopez in the movie!

Zooey is well known for her versatility as an actor. She can play funny or dramatic scenes without losing any of her strength.

Her ability to do both makes her a very popular performer. Many people admire her for this talent.

It is interesting to note that although Zooey loves acting, she never intended to become an artist.

She attended New York University

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

While most people gain weight as they age, it’s not uncommon to see some loved ones lose their luster as time passes. This is particularly true for celebrity parents.

With all of the photos and videos available online, there are now very clear pictures of what your parent looked like at an earlier stage in life. Plus, many people have started to compare how them with this new picture of them.

This can be tough for kids who may or may not know their parents well. It also raises questions about whether or not their current self-image matches that of their parents’ early selves. For example, if mom no longer has long hair and wears tight jeans, might her son think she did back when she was younger?

For young actors trying to make it into Hollywood, being aware of your parent’s past comes down to doing your homework and keeping up-to-date on their personal lives. You also need to consider how much access you will get to them while they are working so you don’t waste money flying out only to be told “no.”

Zooey Deschanel is one famous actor who didn’t start wearing glasses until after she left college, making it hard for children to connect with her as an adult. As she made her way through Hollywood, she kept in touch with classmates and friends from NYU, where she studied film.

She appeared in a few movies before Almost Famous

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

Before she was famous, Zooey Deschanel made her debut as an actress in three very different films. All of these performances were solid, but none quite reached the level of acclaim that has since followed her.

Her first feature film role came in 2001’s The Beautiful Person Who Lives With Me. You probably remember this one because it features some pretty major eye-rolls during its climax.

She plays Jocelyn Burton, a young wife who suspects her husband is having an affair with his old college roommate (played by Ben Stiller). For the majority of the movie, however, she treats him like he’s already dead and gone — which only makes things more hilarious when he suddenly re-emerges.

Two years later, Stiller returned for another comedy starring Descharten as his daughter. This time, she played his grownup child, who he attempts to coach through the sport of hockey.

Both times, she delivers strong performances that are overshadowed by what comes after.

She became a famous actress

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

After appearing in several TV shows, including The Nanny for two seasons and Girl Meets World as Cory Matthews’s girlfriend for three years, she got her big break with the movie Almost Famous.

In that film, she plays an aspiring journalist who gets paired up with Meryl Streep’s character to write an article about the band that she covers for the music magazine she works for.

While filming some scenes at a restaurant, Deschanel noticed how well-spoken and intelligent Brad Pitt was, so she asked him questions.

Pitt then told his own story of why he wanted to be a writer, and Deshanl was inspired.

That night, she called her cousin and said she had to do something — even though it wasn’t until much later that she realized what it was!

After leaving acting behind, Deschanel now enjoys writing online content and marketing material for various companies. You may have seen some of her work before if you follow her on social media or watch YouTube videos.

Her success also helped launch the career of one of our favorite actresses of all time, Mila Kunis. When people talk about how strong of a performer Kunis is, they often cite Deschanel as a major influence.

So, let us celebrate this day by giving credit where credit is due.

She became a well-known actress

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

After appearing in several TV shows, including The Office as Pam Beesly, she got her big break when she was selected to play Peter Parker’s (spoiler alert!) love interest in 2002′s Spider-Man.

She became a very famous actress

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

After leaving New York to pursue her dream of acting, she moved out to L.A. with just her dog Muffin. It was there that she would meet some of today’s most powerful producers. Some say she is now one of Hollywood’s top rising stars.

Zooey made her big screen debut as high school student Jean Grey in The Spiderwick Chronicles (2009). Since then, she has starred in such acclaimed films as 2013’s Two Lovers, 2014’s Vices & Virtues, and this year’s Paul Giamatti-starring comedy Bewitched.

She will next be seen starring in the upcoming action movie Maximum Overdrive alongside Vin Diesel and Blake Shelton.

She is still acting

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

After her breakout role as Mandy, the sarcastic assistant to marketing guru Harry Campbell (Ben Affleck) in The Girl Who Kicked The Bucket (or more popularly known as New York City, movie), Zooey has stayed busy since then.

She starred opposite Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum 3, which was released earlier this year. As well as that she appeared in two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one season of Grace And Frankie, and one episode each of Manhattan Beach, Claws, and Surviving A Murder Mystery.

Zooey also voiced several characters in animated films such as Minions and Hotel Transylvania 2.

She has not retired

How Old Was Zooey Deschanel In Almost Famous

Since she first appeared as Mandy, the lovable blonde hairdo artist who gets seduced by an over-the-top villain in the cult classic The New Girl, Zooey has consistently maintained her status as one of Hollywood’s top rising stars.

Since then, she has starred in such acclaimed films as All I Want For Christmas Is Your Love (2006), Where We Are As A Nation (2009), and Paul Giamatti – My Life And Legacy (2013).

Her growing body of work demonstrates that she is a talented actress with great comedic timing and charisma to match.

She was also nominated for Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards for her performance in the romantic comedy The Greatest Showman.

So even though she may have slowed down her movie production schedule slightly, Zoéy hasn’t officially hung up his or hers.