How Old Was Eminem When He Got Famous

By Tiara

Em has always been known for his powerful lyrics, but how old he was when getting famous is something that few know! Some claim he got into music at an early age by listening to albums with his father while growing up in Michigan, whereas others say he started recording himself before high school. Either way, he definitely did not hold back on his craft!

He released his first album at the tender age of 17, which featured songs like “My Darling One” and “I Don’t Like You.” Since then, he has only gotten better as a musician and artist.

However, most people do not consider him to be a strong musical talent until later in his career when his fame really took off. By this time, he had graduated college and was working full-time as a rapper!

He eventually left this job to pursue a music career, so it can be said with certainty that he knew what direction he wanted to go in. Now, let us look at some fun facts about Em’s artistic development and see just how talented he truly is!

Brief history

Eminem was born Marshall Mathers III on March 30th, 1972, in Southfield, MI. His mother Carmen married Daniel "Daz" Williams Jr. two years earlier and they adopted a son soon after. Daz changed his last name to Eminem shortly after meeting Marshall's parents.

Mathers mixtapes

Em was born Robert Allen Riggs in May 1972, in Southfield, Michigan. His father worked as an accountant and his mother is now retired. He has one older brother named Craig who is two years younger than him.

He grew up with his parents and his three siblings in what he described to be a close-knit family unit. All of them helped each other out and gave off a strong sense of togetherness.

His childhood friends remember Em being very talented from a young age. At around five years old, he would recite The Cat In The Hat rhyme patterns while playing make believe games at home.

At eight years old, he began writing songs that he would perform for himself. Many people noticed how passionate he got when he sang and so others encouraged him to share his music with more people.

It is hard to tell whether or not Em had ever been famous before he released his first album in 1996.

The beginning of Singles

how old was eminem when he got famous

As we know, Eminem is one of the most well-known rappers in music history. He has had an incredible career that includes six Grammy Awards, five Billboard Music Award nominations, and over 20 million records sold worldwide.

But before all of that happened, he was just another struggling artist looking to make it into the industry. It took him several years until he finally broke through and got recognized for his talent.

In fact, some say that it wasn’t even really his talent that made people recognize his potential, but instead his aggressive personality.

He would go out there and be very direct with his lyrics and style, which helped get attention and praise.

Commercial success

how old was eminem when he got famous

Before he was famous, Em had little to no interest in music. He did play piano as a child but gave up when he could not get past the third note of “Happy Birthday”. As for song writing, his parents say that he would make up songs about things like dinosaurs or space aliens at an early age.

He once made a parody song called ‘Toss Up’ where he sang about eating cereal and using the leftover milk as liquid food. His father says this showed an ability to write humorous lyrics which helped him succeed later in life.

His first public performance took place during Christmas 2003 when he played the piano while singing The Beatles’s ‘You've Been A Good Boy’. Since then, he has starred in several TV shows, feature films and radio programs all making use of his talent to communicate with others.

He also wrote and performed his own hit singles such as Lose Yourself (2005), Just Don't Give In (2009) and My Way (2010). These melodies have garnered him many fans across different genres and cultures.

By now you probably have your opinion of whether or not Em got old by getting popular, but we must include one important fact!

Eminem is still very much active within the music industry. He released his eleventh studio album last year and will most likely put out another one soon.

Personal life

how old was eminem when he got famous

Em was born Robert Allen Riggs in March 1970, in Melville, New York. His father left when he was five years old, so his mother raised him alone.

He has one older brother named Darrell.

His parents divorced when he was eight years old, which is around the time he started writing songs. At that age, he would write about how much he wanted to die or how unhappy he was with his family situation.

In high school, he struggled academically but made up for it by playing basketball. He eventually got good enough to play varsity ball as a senior.

After graduating from high school, he went to St Clair College for two years before transferring to Marshall University. While at college, he dropped out twice.

He later received his bachelor’s degree in communications. After graduation, he worked various jobs including telemarketer, security guard and office manager. It was while he was working as an accountant that he decided to try music full-time.

It seems like he had been putting off giving it a shot his whole life!

Since then, he has published six studio albums and won several awards for his musical contributions. That includes three Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album, Best Solo Performance and Song of The Year for “My Name Is.”

Furthermore, he has produced nine singles that have charted within the Billboard Hot 100.

Top songs

how old was eminem when he got famous

As we know, Eminem is a popular artist who has his own music studio and recording equipment. He also produces most of his tracks himself with input from other writers or producers.

He started writing lyrics at an early age. His first song was probably done when he was in middle school!

His best songs are definitely not easy to listen to, but they tell powerful stories that stick with you. They may be about love or loss, but they always speak truthfully about human emotions.

Many people have learned how to relate to his songs because they understand what he is talking about. These songs have become classics that many people know well.

His earlier works still hold up today, which is why they continue to get heard and enjoy more success as time goes on.

Top albums

how old was eminem when he got famous

As we mentioned before, Eminem is a pretty well-known artist! His music has sold around the world and he’s received many accolades for his work. But what most people don’t know is how old he was when he got famous!

Eminem released his first album in 1996 (age 22) and since then he’s only gotten more popular. He won several awards at the beginning of his career including Best Rap Album for The Slim Shady LP back in 2004 which made him the youngest person to win that award ever!

He also took home the best hip hop song prize with Drunken Rants in 2002, one year earlier than anyone else! This means he beat out Jay Z, Nas and others who were all very successful before they even reached their second decade!

So if you are reading this article now, chances are you have an early 2000s hit record from Em! If not, why don't you start listening to some songs today? You can find his music easily online or through iTunes.