How Old Was Eminem When He Became Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music artist Drake was definitely not his original self back when he first started putting out songs. Back then, he did not have very many followers and he almost exclusively wrote about love lost or romantic breakups.

He now has over 6 million followers on Instagram and his style is totally different- he goes in depth with all of his lyrics, does lots of collaborations, and boasts about his wealth and success frequently.

However, before all that happened, he lived as an anonymous person who made music for himself to enjoy and admire. It’s kind of crazy to think how far he has come!

Many people mention how much influence he had on other artists by teaching them how to be more professional while still keeping their personal lives private, but few talk about his age at which he achieved this level of professionalism.

Then came Infinite

how old was eminem when he became famous

As we know, Em didn’t officially release his first album until he was in college. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t already famous.

He had been recording songs since middle school and performing them live for at least five years before then. In fact, some of his earliest recordings have actually gone unreleased to this day!

In an interview with Vibe back in 2010, Marshall Mathers mentioned one song called “My Infirmity” which he wrote when he was 9-years old. He said it was about someone who feels bad because they can’t satisfy their desire for sex or food, so they start throwing things around the room.

That is what the lyric goes: ‘I will throw my plate across the kitchen/ I will take off all my clothes and dive into the pool’. It’s kind of weird but also really catchy.

He never released it though, probably due to people being too shocked by its explicit lyrics.

Then came The Marshall Mathers LP

how old was eminem when he became famous

Em’s first album, which many consider to be his breakout effort, is also one of his youngest. His debut studio album was released in August 2002 when he was just 26 years old.

He didn’t release any songs prior to that on record or as an EP, but instead self-released two EPs titled Music To Listen To While Driving and Akshonoff Presents: Acapella Classics. Both of those were later compiled onto the aforementioned album.

Music To Listen To While Driving featured some tracks with music by artists such as Nas, DMX, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake and more, all reworked into acoustics or otherwise altered.

Akshonoff Presents: Acappella Classics was made up mostly of covers of popular hip hop songs like “The Real You (Ima let you go)” by TLC, Run DMC’s “It Takes Two To Make A Fight” and Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad.

Then came The Marshall Mathers LP 2

how old was eminem when he became famous

After his debut album in 1996, Em released The Slim Shady EP in 1998 and I’m On A Boat as a promotional single for Almost Famous in 2000. Both of these songs are not included on any of his studio albums but rather EPs or singles.

In 2002 he released his second major-label album, More Of What You Have Received. It was here that he made his name with songs like Lose Yourself and My Way. These two tracks alone have sold over six million copies together!

His third full length album was also under Sony Records, No Mercy (2009). This album shifted up to five million units and featured some of his most well known songs like Gone And Never Forgotten, Just Don’t Give Up and Dirt Off Your Di*ce.

The next album, The Re-Up!, dropped back in October of 2013 and is so far his last release through Interscope/Aftermath. It features the hit song Revival which has almost four million YouTube views at the time of writing this article.

Then came Infinite Reprise

how old was eminem when he became famous

After leaving 8th grade, Em dropped out of high school to pursue his dreams. But before he could really make an impact as a rapper, he had to prove himself as a professional writer and performer.

He spent the next few years touring around America performing for small crowds in venues with no sound equipment. It was tough work, but he loved it!

It took him several more years, but in 1996 he released his first album, The Introduction Of Erick Parker (his birth name). Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most influential artists of all time.

His music is well-known for its powerful lyrics that tell stories about life and love. He also incorporates catchy melodies and rhythms into his songs, which help them stick in your head.

Many of his hit songs have helped shape or influence other musicians’ styles, such as “My Way” and “Clean And Dry.

Then came The Marshall Mathers LP 3

After his breakout in 2002 with Relapse, it took him five years to top that album as an artist. Em dropped His Real Name Day in 2004 with The Eminem Show which made him famous! He released two more albums before he announced his retirement in 2016.

He would go onto make a comeback three years later in his now-legendary track “My Life As I Create It” where he announces his return to music. Since then, he has maintained a steady stream of new songs while also touring consistently.

His success both as an artist and entrepreneur has been impressive. At only 30 years old, he is already one of the most well known artists in the world.

Then came The Slim Shady LP

how old was eminem when he became famous

Em’s first major studio album is also considered one of his most well-known albums, if not necessarily for what people know about him now, then at least for how popular he became due to it. On this album, he fully committed to being the villain that fans loved earlier in his career.

He called himself M&M (mixed race) which was seen as a direct reference to NWA member Master P, who had made similar statements before.

Furthermore, some songs directly targeted specific individuals or groups such as Ludacris with his “What's My Age Again?” song and Drake with his diss track “Fall Back In Love.” Both tracks are among the most listened to music videos of all time.

This album clearly showed Em maturing as an artist and as a person. It proved that even though he may have never stopped trying to be the best rapper alive, he knew when to switch up his style and challenge yourself.

Then came The Marshall Mathers LP (Re-release)

how old was eminem when he became famous

After his self-titled debut in 1996, Em dropped off of the radar for almost five years before returning with his second album, A Day In The Life. This was not an easy album to make as he had some significant personal life changes at that time.

He divorced his wife Kim, who gave him two sons, and started dating Sheryl Crow, whom he would later marry. They would have one daughter together.

After the divorce, Em moved into an apartment close by where she lived with her family, which helped him reestablish friendships he lost due to being married.

He worked hard on this new album, putting in many hours per day, sometimes working up until 2 or 3 am when he would start recording again. Many musicians’ studios limit how long you can work without giving you break, but Em never seemed to run out of inspiration so he didn’t care.

The music on this album is very emotional and direct. Some songs are about love while others are about anger, loss, and grief. His lyrics often tell stories, making it possible to relate on different levels.

His style has been described as controversial because of what he writes about and how he writes it, but that is what makes him special. As a writer himself, he knows how important it is to be honest with your audience and yourself, and that is why his fans continue to follow him today.

Then came Encore

how old was eminem when he became famous

As mentioned earlier, he was not your average rapper when he first started his career. Many people consider him to be one of if not the greatest rappers of all time, which is why his album launch events are always packed!

He did not have many No. 1 songs or best-selling albums at this stage in his career, but that didn’t seem to matter too much to his fans.

They loved what he had to offer and were very loyal to him. His style was unique and he experimented with it frequently, making it hard to compare him to other artists.

However, some things remained the same throughout his career. Like how he would usually include an intro for every song, use of rhymes and metaphors, and frequent references to drugs, women, and himself.

These traits made him more popular and well known than he already was, so he continued to hone these skills while also introducing new ones.