How Much To Charge For Social Media Management Per Month

By Tiara

Now that you have found your social media voice, sponsored you through Facebook, and built up a following, it is time to start charging for their services!

As with any other professional service, such as hairstylists or accountants, people will pay more for things they value.

Social media management is no exception. The price of these services varies greatly depending on what kind of follower you have, how much content you create, and whether you are able to maintain constant engagement.

But one thing is universal – most people feel that paid social media management is worth the money. Why? Because people expect high quality control and consistency from those who are paid to promote brands for them!

And we all know that promoting a product or brand can be expensive! So why not get some help doing it professionally?

It makes sense, right?

However, there is one major downfall of paid social media management - availability.

Not every company offers this service, which means if you are ever in need of social media management, you are out of luck. This could be due to personal reasons (the person offering the service may be too busy for part-time work) or because there just isn’t enough business for them to offer it.

Cost of social media management

how much to charge for social media management per month

When offering your professional services as a social media manager, what price you ask per month is an important factor. There are several ways to measure this cost, but the average is around $500 per month.

This includes things like paying for Twitter accounts that belong to your business, site design and maintenance, online profile photos, advertisements, etc. Some people also include smartphone access in this, as most professionals have them too!

Overall, it can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Luckily, we have some tips here for you to keep costs down.

Should I charge for social media management

how much to charge for social media management per month

Many people start their career as freelancers by offering services that they are very familiar with or have skills in. Starting off by offering your hand letter writing, editing documents, or taking good pictures is ideal because you are known for those things!

Running out of ideas can be quite frustrating at times so offering more basic services like posting on someone else’s account or doing simple image edits may be something worth trying first. Or maybe you have an area of expertise such as video production or running a YouTube channel, why not offer those services?

By starting small, you will find what service sizes remain stable and steady which helps you build up experience while also earning some extra money. It’s a win-win situation!

What about sending out emails or performing general web research? You would want to make sure that everything looks professional and authentic. If you are able to do that then you could always add other features like SEO (search engine optimization) later.

Ways to market your service

how much to charge for social media management per month

One of the most difficult things about social media management is deciding how much you should charge per month for it. It depends on so many different factors!

There are several ways to determine this price. The first way is by asking yourself what kind of social media management you want to do, and what clients you want to be able to attract as customers.

If you're in the business to make money, then going all-in and offering premium services will help draw in more clients. On the other hand, if you love doing social media and would like to keep up with the trends, you can choose less expensive plans that still give you enough room to grow.

The best way to know what price range your potential clients are looking at is by creating free accounts and testing the waters, or even offering a few low priced services until people realize something is missing.

Examples of social media management services

how much to charge for social media management per month

Social media has become one of the biggest ways to market a business! It is easy to start creating accounts, companies that offer professional service will usually give you an account as a way to test out their services.

Some add-on features are being offered like posting videos or pictures, running advertisements, responding to comments, and other various functions to enhance your profile’s presence. Some even have you create a separate account so that they can monitor and control the others!

There are many types of people who offer this service, some work independently while others use pre-packaged software to do it for you. Either way, you should know what kind of pricing structure they have before you sign up.

What most don’t tell you is how much per month the service costs, which is why we created our price list today! MayhemPlz has designed this tool especially for social media professionals to help them compare prices quickly and easily.

Here at The Nerdy Girlie Shop, we want to help you find the best deal online! So, here you go!

The cost to manage all of your social media profiles (including YouTube) is $14 per month. This includes total access, not just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but also Google+, Snapchat, and more!

We believe this is a great value because it gives you full access to every platform and feature possible, not limited to only those that are paid extra.

Will my service be visible to my clients?

how much to charge for social media management per month

As mentioned before, social media management is not free. Even if you are only working under the professional level, it is still an expense.

As such, one of the major questions that potential social media managers ask is how much does social media management cost per month? The average price range is usually between $500 – $1,000 per month depending on the size of your business and the amount of features you want.

The most expensive services offer unlimited access to all social platforms with 24 hour coverage at no additional charge. This can get very expensive very fast!

Most companies will have a starter package that has limited features with extra fees added onto the monthly bill. Make sure you do some research and compare prices to know what’s included in the starter plan and what costs more than that.

What are my skill levels?

how much to charge for social media management per month

As mentioned before, social media management is not an easy career path or position. There are several different positions in social media marketing that require varying amounts of skills and experiences.

What this means for you as a professional social media manager is there is no standard salary per position. Some areas pay more than others, but even within those areas there are various levels of experience that lead to higher pay.

The average cost per month to manage one’s own account is around $500-600. But some people can charge up to twice that depending on their level of expertise and what services they offer beyond just managing accounts.

How can I start a social media management business?

how much to charge for social media management per month

Starting your own social media management company is an incredible way to make money online. While it’s not necessarily more expensive than working as a freelancer, it does require you to have at least an initial investment in software and/or services that help you run your business.

That being said, most small businesses begin paying monthly service fees for social media marketing either through paid accounts or trial subscriptions. It is totally possible to earn enough income per month to pay for your own social media management!

If you are already having trouble affording daily life expenses, then starting a social media management business may be the right solution for you. You could even pick and choose which areas of social media you want to focus on, which would lower your costs further.

What are clients looking for?

how much to charge for social media management per month

First, you need to know what types of social media management services clients want. They look for different things depending on their business and marketing goals.

Some clients just want someone to take care of all their accounts so they can focus on other parts of their business. This is usually referred to as having an account manager.

Other clients may not have a full-time employee but rather part time workers that contribute to your monthly fee. These individuals’ work is limited in scope (just certain accounts) but they still get paid per account!

Most businesses also do not have a steady stream of new content posted on every platform daily or even weekly. Some weeks there will be nothing at all.

That is why some people hire a social media consultant who has you as his or her client. You pay them a monthly fee to update, respond to, and create content for you on the platforms they manage for you.

This article will talk more about which types of social media management professionals offer their services and how much they cost per month.