How Much To Charge For Social Media Management 2021 Uk

By Tiara

As we enter an era of digital media, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell what will stick around and be successful. With the explosion of social networking sites, as well as the rise of online shopping and eCommerce, people have more ways than ever to spread their message and advertise.

At the same time, with everyone having access to a smartphone with internet service, there are now millions upon millions of users that can produce content and share it instantly through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

This is why social media management has become such a popular career path over the past few years. People get paid to oversee other people’s accounts so they can create engaging content, promote business services, and respond to comments and messages.

Most employers look at a candidate's portfolio or examples of work before giving them the job, making it easy to see how professional social media managers are paid.

The average salary in this field is $40K per year which seems low considering all the things professionals in this area make sure get done every day.

Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you’d like to charge

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

So how much do social media managers make? It depends on several different factors! The amount people get paid varies a lot depending on what kind of manager they are, what companies they work for, and what services they offer.

Some professionals focus only on Facebook and Twitter, while others also manage other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Some have special skills that set them apart from someone with no specific expertise – something like video editing is a good example of this.

What makes up an average social media management job is dependent on who you ask! There are many things that make up a position including creating accounts, responding to comments and messages, posting content, running campaigns, etc.

The amount that anyone gets paid really differs dependently upon their personal goals and what they want to achieve with their career.

Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you currently manage

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

So, how much do social media managers make? This is an ever-changing market so what we are giving as prices now may not be accurate soon!

Most people agree that it costs around £20 - 30 per hour to run a small account with less than 100K followers. A lot more experienced professionals can easily charge over £50 per hour depending on the size of their client base and amount of content they have to produce.

The price really depends on two main factors – how many accounts you have and whether or not you’re paid for overtime.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.1

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

Most social media managers are paid per hour, so how much you get paid is dependent on how many hours you work per week. The average cost of social media management in America is around $25 an hour, which equals about $550 per month or $6,000 per year!

That’s not very expensive, but it does mean that if you want to make over $7,500 a year working part time, you will need to be able to work at least 30 hours every week.

There are ways to reduce this amount, like limiting yourself to only one platform or editing someone else's posts, but most professionals don't do these things because they're not being paid enough to be.

By multiplying your monthly salary by 1.1, we found that YOU CAN MAKE AT LEAST £2,400 PER YEAR BY LETTING OTHER PEOPLE DO SOME OF THE WORK FOR YOU!. This is definitely worth considering before deciding whether or not to invest in social media management as a career.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.2

Even if you’re offering your services at cost, it is important to be able to multiply your hourly rate by a factor of one-and-a-half before coming in behind closed doors.

This will give you a more realistic price quote for the social media management service you are providing. It also helps you determine whether or not this job is worth paying more than the average person pays for self-management.

By using our calculator, we have made it easy to do both! Simply enter your current hourly rate and then increase it by 20%. This gives you an adjusted price tag which can help get you started looking into how much social media management actually costs.

We always recommend doing some research first to make sure that what you are about to pay for is within budget and appropriate for the social media marketing company that you plan to work with.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.3

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

So what is social media management really costing you? We have some interesting numbers here that tell us how much this service costs!

If you are looking at professional social media management as a way to make money, it can be tricky figuring out how much of an hour’s time actually equals to income.

That being said, we did our best to find average prices online so you know what to expect!

We also broke down what services cost depending on the amount of followers, comments and shares you want managed. This gives you more flexibility in terms of which areas of social media you need help with.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.4

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

So how much should you be charging for social media management? It is very difficult to give an exact number as there are so many different things that make up what social media management actually is.

What we can do tell you, though, is look at it from the perspective of how much people pay for similar services and then add onto that price what other professionals charge for their service.

We will also factor in how expensive your time is which makes up a large part of what most social media managers earn.

By using these two points as our basis, we have determined that the average cost per hour for social media management is $22.85. This means that if you multiplied your hourly rate by 1.4, this would be the best way to come up with your social media manager’s budget.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.5

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

Even if you’re offering your services at half price, that’s still more than most people are paying!

Most social media management providers cost around $20-25 per hour. If you multiplied that by how many hours you work per week, you get a very rough estimate of what it costs to run a business full time.

So if you're working part time, you're probably getting ripped off.

A lot of people think that spending less money is a way to save some cash, but this isn't always the case. It can actually make running your business much harder in the long term.

As we've seen with the recent pandemic, things don't stay quiet for long. When things get busy, there's less opportunity to proofread posts or update pages and profiles.

This could hurt you in the long run because chances are someone will notice when you fall behind and talk to other professionals about it.

Multiply your hourly rate by 1.6

how much to charge for social media management 2021 uk

While some may consider posting on social media free, this is not the case! It can easily cost you money in fees and services that it takes to keep up with. Therefore, how much you charge per hour for social media management depends on two things: how experienced you are in social media marketing, and what levels of service you offer.

If you only manage one account, then your hourly price should be lower as there is less work to do.