How Much Time Is Needed For Visa Processing?

By Tiara

Having to wait in line at a visa service center is not fun, nor is waiting around while they process your documents. And unfortunately, there are no clear guidelines as to how long it will take to process a VISA!

Many people begin researching what takes the longest to process their VISA after being already delayed by another visit to a visa processing site. This can be even more frustrating since you have to start the application process over again!

There are many things that determine how fast or slow a visa services company processes visas, but one of the most important things is the amount of time each employee has for processing applications.

If a worker does not feel like he/she has enough time to complete his/her job, then the workers across the country must work extra hard to make up for that feeling. This creates an uncomfortable working environment for individuals who want to do their best work.

It also puts additional pressure on them to hurry and get done so that person can go home and relax, which could negatively affect their own personal life.

Find the nearest consulate

how much time for visa processing

It’s always best to visit a country at least once before you apply for a visa, so that you can get a feel for the place, speak with people about the area, and determine if this is a good or bad experience.

When it comes down to it, your visa processing time will depend on which consular office you send your documents to and how quickly they respond to documentation requests and questions.

It’s not only important to make sure your documents are in order, but also that you have enough copies! Some countries require twice as many passports as others do.

We recommend doing yourself a favor and investing in an extended passport warranty. This way you don’t have to worry about buying extra copies of your document due to expiration. Many companies offer them free!

To save time, we suggest ordering online and using a trustworthy source such as Verified Identity. You can read our full review here.

Apply for the visa

how much time for visa processing

The next step in processing your visa is to actually apply for it. This can be done through VFS Global, a trusted vendor that works with most major visa agencies across the world.

They handle all of the logistics of applying for visas as well as their applications. Some may even pay them to prepare and file your application so you don’t have to deal with paying professional fees.

This way you save money while still getting quality service. And since they are vetted vendors, you know your personal information will stay private.

There are some times when an agency or country may need extra time to process your documents and paperwork, this is totally normal! Don’t worry about being late for your trip, just make sure to give yourself enough time to get everything finished before arriving at the airport.

That way you won’t miss your flight or run into any last minute issues.

Wait for a visa to be issued

how much time for visa processing

There is an important thing to know about processing times for visas. It has nothing do with whether or not you have enough time before your trip, it’s how long it takes to get the visa actually approved.

The first step in getting a visa is having the documents ready. Once you have those, it can take anywhere from several days to weeks to process them. The length of time depends on three things: how well prepared you are, what country you are applying in, and the volume of applications for that specific visa type.

In fact, when we refer to ‘processing time’ we mean the wait between submitting your application materials and receiving confirmation that you have been accepted as a visitor for tourism. We don’t include the time it takes to receive your tourist visa at the embassy or consulate where you will apply! (More information: What happens after I submit my application?)

Reminder: Don’t worry if you run out of time to prepare your documentation! You can quickly re-submit your documents and potentially start all over again.

Pay for the visa

It’s totally free to apply for most non-immigrant visas, including work visas. The only type of visa that is not free is an immigrant or tourist visa. These require you to pay fees in order to file your application with us.

But there are some ways to reduce the cost of applying for these types of visas if you are already living in the US. For example, you can check out the Live and Work Visas section here at where we have information about working visas and how to become eligible. We also cover what kind of jobs are needed for whom and whether or not employers will hire qualified individuals so that you know what to expect!

And don’t forget to compare the costs across all countries. Some nations make it super easy to stay while others may take much longer than expected – even weeks or months. This could really hurt your plans because there is a finite amount of time that we give people to enter the country before they must leave.

That being said, once approved, you should plan on waiting around 10 days to one month after submitting your documents for us to process them.

Take the visa to the consulate

how much time for visa processing

Even if you have all of the necessary documents, visas are not free!
As mentioned earlier, most countries require that their citizens have proof they will return from your trip before granting them entry. This is typically done through having a passport, proving residence where you live, and providing evidence of employment or educational studies in India.

Costs vary depending on how long you stay in the country, whether you remain within its borders or travel outside of it, and what kind of visa you need. Some fees are per person while others can add up very quickly.

The amount of time needed for processing varies as well. Certain types of visa applications take less than an hour whereas other ones may take several days or even weeks. There is no standard timeline.

Get your passport stamped

how much time for visa processing

After you have checked into your flight, it is time to get some things done! The next order of business should be getting your visa stamped in at the airport. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, even days depending on how many countries you are traveling to and what kind of visa you have.

Some airports will let you check out right after landing while others may ask you to wait around an additional hour or two before they can stamp your documents. this depends mostly on how busy their day is so do not worry about that until later

There is really no rhyme nor reason as to why this takes longer than expected other than maybe there was a lot going on during the visa process or the officer taking very long to process yours. Just make sure you keep track of time!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you do not need to spend any extra time at the airport, but if you do then enjoy yourself! We know how stressful air travel can be, so try to relax and focus on something else for bit.

Take your passport to the nearest post office

how much time for visa processing

It’s totally normal to be nervous when you apply for a visa, but don’t worry about it! Visas take time – that is part of their process – but you can usually expect to spend around two weeks from application to departure.

Some countries are faster than others, however. India, for example, is one of the more efficient visa processing systems in the world. They refer to their visa services as ‘e-visa’ which means they are done virtually overnight.

For this reason, it is very important to start the process as early as possible. There are several ways to do this, including visiting an embassy or consulate in person, applying through an online system such as VISA, and even sending an email or filling out an app form.

Pick up your visa

how much time for visa processing

The next step is to pick up your visa at an embassy or consulate in person. Some countries will let you do this online, but it’s better to visit in person to ensure everything is correct.

Most embassies have a one-week window during which you can pick up your visas. After that week, you must do so in person or the country may reject your trip.

Some people recommend visiting right when the deadline comes and going through all of the steps quickly to avoid any hassles. But we suggest waiting two weeks after the due date to make sure there aren’t any last minute issues like not enough money or proof of insurance.