How Much Is The Visa Processing Fee

By Tiara

The visa processing fee is one of the highest-paying fees that credit card companies charge for their services. This article will go into detail about this expensive fee, how much it costs VISA, and what you can do to avoid paying it!

The visa processing fee has been around since at least 2006 when American Express dropped the price from $35 to $25. It was then raised back up to its current level in 2014 where it remains today.

This article will focus only on the cost of the visa process itself not including any additional charges such as return shipping or bank account set ups.

If your budget does not stretch quite enough to cover these extra expenses, there are ways to lower the cost of importing goods. These include buying online instead of through a store, using drop off service providers rather than sending shipments yourself, and shopping during non peak seasons.

I have linked some helpful articles below about other ways to save money by exploring. Check them out and see if anything fits within your spending limits!

What is the visa processing fee?

The term “visa processing” refers to all of the things that Visa (the company) does beyond just issuing cards. This includes verifying employment, residency, and payment proof, among others. All of these steps require someone with access to your personal information so they can verify it.

Visas are legal documents which allow people to enter another country.

Why there is a processing fee

how much is the visa processing fee

When you use a credit card to make an online purchase, they also charge a transaction or processing fee. This fee varies depending on the type of credit card as well as how much money you spend while online shopping.

Mostly what people don’t realize about these fees is that they are not necessarily related to the seller you buy from. Some sellers include their costs in the price of the item, but most do not.

How the processing fee is calculated

how much is the visa processing fee

The cost of our monthly fees includes two main components, system administration costs as well as the visa processing fee.

The system admin costs include things like paying for web hosting, domain names, website design, marketing materials and more. These are not included in the visa processing fee. They are recurring expenses that we have to bear when running our business.

We’ve listed all these extra costs here so you can get an idea of the size of the company behind We also publish how much money we make every month in the form of revenue via testimonials and advertising.

Is there a credit card statement itemization of the fee?

how much is the visa processing fee

There is not! That is, none of the major card brands publish an exact list of what each visa processing fee covers. Some have listed “Processing” as one of the fees, but that could mean many things to different people.

Some believe it only includes the initial verification process while others assume it also includes sending you your new credit card. Others think it only applies to getting your account set up after receiving the card, whereas some feel it extends to both of these processes as well.

There are even sites that will tell you how much their service costs per month, which can be tricky because they may include additional services like phone support or private messaging. It is best to do your research before assuming anything.

We all know about international transaction fees such as the 1% – 3% extra for using a poor quality ATM abroad, but what people don’t realize is that the same goes for paying those processing fees.

What other fees might be charged?

how much is the visa processing fee

There are also additional fees that get tacked onto your Visa processing fee. These include an international transaction fee, return shipping costs if you use a VISA gift card as payment, and of course, the cost of the item being purchased!

Some merchants will waive the visa processing fee if you have them send their products direct-sell style or through a third party seller. This helps keep your profit higher!

There is typically a per transaction minimum amount for these fees, so even buying one small thing like a movie or app can add up.

Will the visa be denied because of the fee?

how much is the visa processing fee

Even though there is no formal cost for applying for a new visa, you will still need to know how much it costs to apply. Some fees are hidden, but not anymore!

There is one very important thing about visa processing that most people do not realize – the cost per person varies depending on if you are an individual or business seeking a visa.

Businesses pay less for their visas than individuals do, which is why they frequently use VISA as a tool to expand into other countries.

But what most people don’t understand is that even though businesses pay less, the additional documentation and red tape involved with being classified as a business can add up.

This means that although the initial application process may be cheaper for companies, staying in the country longer than needed adds up as well.

So whether you are an individual traveling for personal reasons or a company looking to grow, research your options and see who offers the best price-value ratio.

How can I reduce the visa processing fee?

how much is the visa processing fee

The most expensive way to process your visa is by using an international service provider (ISA) that partners with various countries’ embassies. These ISAs get paid per visa processed, so their costs are often much higher than paying in person at the embassy.

Another cost for these ISAs is the visa processing fee they charge you. This comes out of your payment directly via credit card, or through another type of funding source such as PayPal or wire transfer.

There is one major drawback to this: many times, these fees aren’t clearly disclosed upfront! It could easily be said to be “processing fees,” but actually include other hidden expenses like shipping or flight tickets. Make sure you understand everything about the fee before you pay it.

By having direct contact with the embassy, there are also no overhead costs – things like rent or phone bills that ARE covered when working at the foreign mission. So even though the company may be more expensive than going into their office yourself, overall they save money!

Here are some tips for finding the right balance between saving money and avoiding high indirect costs.

What other reasons are there for a processing fee?

how much is the visa processing fee

There is also a small transaction fee that most credit cards include these days. This is typically referred to as the “Visa processing fee” or just the “processing fee.”

This is not mandatory to use their card so it does not count towards determining if they are profitable or not, but many people find it valuable enough to keep using theirs.

The reason this is paid by Visa instead of the retailer is because Visa handles the money and transactions for all of the different cards.

By having someone else pay the fees, then they get reimbursed later when you purchase something, they will still receive the same amount in return!

Many people believe that this extra cost is what helps make Visa a lucrative business model for them, so they must be compensated for providing these services.

Why should I get a visa?

how much is the visa processing fee

Having a foreign trip is always expensive, whether it’s for business or vacation. Luckily, there are ways to save money by being savvy with your spending!

One of the most common expenses that new travelers often run into is the visa processing fee. Many credit cards offer discount passports if you use their passport services, but what about all other visas like work, travel, student, etc.?

That’s where this article comes in! We will be going over some tips on how to save on visa fees via our website VISA FEE CHECKER. You can read more about us here.