How Much Is The Famous Bowl At KFC

By Tiara

The famous chicken bowl at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of their most popular offerings. It’s definitely not something that every person loves, but it has drawn significant attention due to its popularity.

Many people talk about the chicken bowl like it's the holy grail of food. Some even consider it to be a perfect meal when made correctly.

It seems like everyone knows what ingredients make up the chicken bowl and how to prepare them, making it easy to find recipes and tips online.

However, you won't find many articles talking about why the chicken bowl isn't as good as it was originally. This article will try to do just that! We'll go over some theories and then explain why the mayo used in the recipe can actually damage your skin.

Ingredients of the KFC Famous Bowl

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The famous chicken bowl contains white rice, two pieces of breaded fried chicken breast, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese, and either gravy or hot sauce.

The amount of rice in this item is dependent on what size serving you get. A one-topping meal usually has around cupfuls of rice, while a hungry person may want more than that!

The toast bits in the sandwich are also not very many, I would say average there is only an individual slice of bread per person.

However, the meat balance in this dish seems to vary from location to location and server to server. Some people have reported having way too much chicken whereas others had just enough. We recommend buying online as it allows us to control the ingredient ratio slightly better!

Overall, we believe the price of this snack is quite expensive given its limited ingredients and the length of time needed to eat it.

Popular menu items at the KFC Famous Bowl

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

One of the most popular additions to the KFC lineup is the Loaded Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. If you are not familiar, the loaded version has two chicken sandwiches mixed in with all the toppings that made it famous.

The classic KFC sandwich does not have buffalo sauce, but the Loaded Buffalo Chicken does! It also includes blue cheese crumbles, hot cherry tomato relish, pickled green peppers, celery ribbons, and fresh basil.

This combo makes for one delicious lunch or dinner meal.

Cost of the KFC Famous Bowl

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The cost of the KFC famous bowl depends on how you eat it- whether you have the chicken or not, and if you include fries in your meal. If you are hungry and want to test out this sandwich's taste before you buy, they offer a coupon for one free classic hamburger roll with any purchase! This can be done online only so make sure to check there first to see if that is an option for you.

They suggest going into either a regional location or the headquarters (which I assume to mean a bigger store) to get the best quality ingredients. They say that the buns usually don’t last too long so go during off hours to avoid that.

The overall price of a food item: 5 dollars and 50 cents

Can easily be overlooked due to the low price tag but the other parts of the recipe add to that cost. A lot of people do not realize that the sauce and toppings are extra. Having plain white bread just adds to the overall budget.

Tips for eating at the KFC Famous Bowl

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The famous KFC bowl is one of their more popular items. It’s definitely not shy about asking for money either!

The KFC Famous Bowl contains two pieces of chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickled green peppers, diced onion, and your choice of sauce (ketchup, mayo, or ranch).

It costs $5 to start things off and then there is an additional cost per topping. The most expensive item in the lineup is probably the ketchup which can run you around $1-2 per drizzle depending on how much you use.

All of that adds up quickly so before ordering makes sure to do some math! Also, remember these prices change seasonally and depend on what kind of restaurant supply they have available.

Try new menu items

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

As we all know, one of the greatest things about eating fast food is that you do not have to worry too much about what foods they are typically using in their recipes. You can usually tell if an item is popular because it is over-run!

That is why it is important to try new menu items from time to time. Even something like chicken fingers might be boring to some, so why not try making them into balls or putting ketchup onto them? Or how about trying grilled cheese with bacon as the bread instead of plain white toast?!

There are so many different ways to make an ingredient more interesting than its original form! And while most people think kids love processed junk food, there are always ones that enjoy good quality food.

Dine in or take out

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

A recent controversy surrounding the chicken chain Chick-fil-A has people talking about how expensive their favorite item is. The famous bowl of Chick-fil-A cost around $8.99 as either dine-in service or pick-up-and-go service!

The media has blown this popular food item way out of proportion by comparing it to other foods and stating how much money it costs per plate.

It is very easy to make assumptions about what price tag an individual would put on a chick-fil-a meal based on these comparisons. However, you have to remember that not everyone enjoys eating chicken so these prices do not apply to all individuals.

Chick-fil-A’s delicious rice and noodle bowls are two things most people know about fast-casual restaurants. If you are looking for something more substantial than their snacks, then the wrap may be your thing!

Wraps come with chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese on top and can be heated and/or folded into a full-sized sandwich.

Famous chicken

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The Chicken Dinner is one of the most well-known items in the Kingdom's Fast Food Chain (KFC). It was first introduced in February of 2002 as the Colonel’s Super Slam Breakfast until it received its current name two years later. Since then, the restaurant has become very popular due to its low price tag ($3.99 USD for a value meal) and generous serving size (typically 2–4 pieces of breaded chicken accompanied by fries and a drink).

The inspiration for the famous chicken comes from Kentucky Fried Chickens, which are known for being large and meaty. This type of bird makes for great eating because there is so much flesh that you can eat it with just a few bites per piece. Due to this fact, chicken drummettes (the little bone sticking out between each thigh) get left behind when cutting the chicken apart. These leftover bones add flavor to the sauce, making the sandwich more filling and delicious!

Another reason why the chicken dinner is so popular is that it is cheap. Even though the ingredients cost extra, people enjoy them enough to make it worth it. The breading and sauces used to coat the chicken pieces help lower the nutritional value, but they do not outweigh the benefits of chicken dishes.

Dressing to go with the fries

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

While going through our budget, we realized that it was time to say goodbye to those expensive shakes! Thankfully, you don’t have to spend too much money on snacks if you know what foods work as cheap alternatives.

We found one of the best low-cost toppings for your chicken sandwich is just using ketchup! The rest of the ingredients are pretty inexpensive as well.

To make sure everything tastes good, do not overdo it. One bottle of ketchup will definitely be enough! Your stomach won’t taste the flavor of the sauce if there is too much other junk mixed in with it.

Another option would be to use mustard instead of ketchup.