How Much Is The Famous Bowl At Kfc

By Tiara

The famous chicken wing bowl is one of the most popular dishes at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It was first introduced in May 2017 as an online-only offering, but it has since made its way into several locations across the country!

The wings come with celery sticks and ranch sauce, and depending on how many people you have eating, there’s usually enough left over to enjoy them the next day!

Since it debuted, the chicken wing bowl has quickly become a crowd favorite and a staple item at KFC. In fact, according to Business Insider, it was so successful that they had to create a second production line just to keep up!

While the price may seem expensive for only two pieces of food, the cost does factor in some additional expenses like the restaurant supply store fob cards and paper receipts that are given out by waiters.

Nutrition facts

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The famous chicken bowl at KFC contains one cup of rice, two cups of mixed vegetables, one medium potato chip with cheese, and one slice of bread.

The nutritional info for this meal is pretty impressive! Besides the low calories, you get several grams of protein and almost five hundred seventy-five milligrams of sodium which are both average amounts.

You also get fifteen grams of carbs which is not too much given that there is some baked goods like bread in the recipe. And although the potatoes may be considered junk food, they are still a good source of vitamin B which can help keep your skin healthy and regulate blood glucose levels.

Overall, even though the chicken bowl isn’t necessarily diet friendly, it is definitely nutritious.

Popular choices

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The chicken bucket is one of the most well-known types of food at KFC. While there are several different versions, the classic chicken bucket contains two white bread rolls, two pieces of toast, eight thin slices of grilled chicken, and ranch or buttermilk dressing.

The amount of chicken in the bowl varies slightly from location to location, but usually includes six ounces per person. If you want more than that, get some extra meat at another restaurant!

Since it was first introduced in 1995, the chicken bucket has quickly become a staple item at KFC. It’s so popular that there are now chicken bucket challenge competitions every year where people can test their knowledge about the dish by finding the biggest chicken bucket sale at each location.

General tips
To make sure your stomach is full after eating at KFC, try asking if they have anything else available. Or ask whether there is anything in the area you are traveling through that you could eat. Most likely, the answer will be yes!

Disclaimer: This article should not be used as an alternative for medical advice. Only seek medical help when necessary for health issues.

Directly visit a doctor for any other questions you may have.

Popular flavors

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The chicken breast sandwich is one of the most popular items at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It’s not too surprising, given all of the praise it receives for its juicy meat and delicious breading.

However, what many don’t realize is that KFC didn’t invent this style of chicken toastie. In fact, there are some restaurants in England that have been serving them for years!

In 2007, British restaurant chain Greggs opened their own location with a similar chicken tender sandwich. Since then, they have continued to grow and now has over 10,000 locations worldwide!

So if you like the taste of KFC, why not try making your own version at home? You can even mix up the toppings to make it more unique. For example, we suggest adding tomato ketchup, pickle, and shredded cheese.

Who makes the pasta?

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

Pasta is probably one of the most common types of foods in the Western world. It’s not hard to find it anywhere from your average grocery store or restaurant supply chain!

It’t even difficult to make your own, unless you are very inexperienced in the kitchen. Most people start buying packaged pastas because they are cost effective, but if you want to really know what kind of quality product you are eating, do some research on how to make your own.

There are many recipes that use prepared pasta as an ingredient, so this is definitely a way to begin making your own. The more prepared products you have, the easier it will be to make your own!

At least twice a month I get into the habit of going to my favorite chicken wing place and getting a large order of their famous dipping sauce and asking them for the recipe. You can usually figure out which ingredients go into it by looking at the pictures on the bottle!

A lot of times these sauces contain mayo, vinegar, pepper, and other flavorings. Having a good understanding of cooking already, you could easily take this information and mix it together to create your own delicious ketchup style sauce.

What is the pasta made of?

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

Pasta can be almost anything, but there are two major categories that most people recognize it as: thin or thick. Thin pasta contains less protein and calories than thicker pastas.

Thin pastas include spaghetti, ziti, fusilli, etc. These types of pasta are usually paired with meat or butter to make them taste better and contain more nutrition.

People also know chicken or vegetable ravioli as pasta! They are similar to vegetarian lasagna in flavor and texture.

What is the sauce made of?

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The ketchup in the Colonel’s famous chicken sandwich isn’t your average ketchup! It’s actually a secret mix that contains sugar, vinegar, onion powder, and MSG.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is an ingredient that has been linked to health issues like headaches, heart palpitations, and dry skin. But it does wonders for making foods taste good and stimulating appetite.

However, there are some people who can be sensitive or have allergies to MSG. As such, some individuals may need to limit their intake of the product.

Some restaurants remove MSG from the ketchup to avoid possible allergic reactions. Unfortunately, you won’t find this information on the Colonel's official site nor will they tell you what ingredients make up his beloved spread.

Can I have extra sauce?

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

Sometimes people get really hungry and need some more ketchup or hot sauce to make their food taste better. Even though they could probably go into another location and buy more condiments, it is totally okay if you can’t!

That is why most large restaurant chains offer little souvenir containers of each ingredient in the menu. This way, anyone who wants some more barbecue sauce or salt and pepper can easily grab one before leaving.

It also helps them save money because they don’t have to order extra supplies that may or may not be sold at the store next time they eat there.

What are the ingredients in the chicken?

how much is the famous bowl at kfc

The main ingredient in Colonel Sanders’ famous fried chicken is white meat chicken breast. That’s not to say that there isn’t some sort of breading or sauce used, but underneath the crispy coating, most people know that they’re going to get soft, fluffly raw chicken pieces.

There are rumors spread around about why this happens, one being that the starch in the breading helps keep the flesh moist. Another reason could be that the butter or oil in the frying process acts as a source of moisture.