How Much Is Famous Grouse Whiskey?

By Tiara

The other night, I had the extremely fortunate experience of trying out some famous gourmandise. I say “famous” because it is not necessarily common knowledge that this whiskey exists or even who created it. But now you can try it for yourself!

I tried two bottles: one bottle was the Classic Style which goes for $29.99 per 750 ml and the Other Way which is 2x more expensive at $59.99 per 750 ml. I will talk about each style in detail below but first let us discuss how much these drinks cost as an overall expense.

Price range: both are within budget boundaries

As with any alcohol, just knowing the price isn't enough. It also depends on where you live, what type of container you use to drink it in, and whether you are buying them online or at a store. However, we can make some general assumptions about the prices.

The average person spends around $20-30 on alcoholic beverages every week. This includes everything from beer, wine, and spirits. So, using those numbers as a guideline, we can determine how expensive or affordable the famed gourmet whiskeys are.

Overall, regardless of if you buy them online or at a store, they are in the middle of the bar pricing spectrum. They are slightly above average, making them relatively inexpensive compared to others like themselves.

The company

how much is famous grouse whiskey

As mentioned earlier, Famous is marketed as an expensive whiskey that goes great with steak. It has some impressive stats to back up this claim- it can cost over $100 per bottle!

That’s not very common for whiskey, especially if you consider the price of just one glass. But when you do drink a lot of bottles, the value adds up quickly.

Famous also boasts of having superlative flavor which comes from their use of barrels made out of different woods. These include maple, cherry, and olive trees among others.

The wood gets charred during distillation which then extracts certain flavors in the alcohol. And since there are so many varieties used, even people who don’t like whiskey will appreciate the nuances they bring.

Overall quality aside, how much is famous gorse whiskey really? We conducted an extensive research by talking to both experts and running our own calculations to get a more accurate number.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what makes a bottle of Famous truly worth its weight in gold.

The brand

how much is famous grouse whiskey

If you are ever in the mood to be sipped like a whiskey drinker should, then famous gourmands will always have a bottle or two at their disposal. You can find many brands that are similar to the famed McGregor line of whiskeys in stores now. Some even cost slightly less!

There are several reasons why people enjoy this Irish whisky so much. One is its smooth taste, which some say has a hint of vanilla flavor to it. Another is how well it pairs with just about anything! It also does not hurt that it is priced very affordably either.

The most important reason to try this beverage if for the effect it has on those around you. According to one source, the alcohol content within a standard serving size is only 50 ml (1.7 fl oz).

The taste

how much is famous grouse whiskey

As mentioned earlier, Famous is categorized as an Irish whiskey that was created in 1965 by then-25 year old Martin Grant at the Bridge Cottage Distillery near Balbriggan, Ireland. It quickly became one of the top selling brands within its category here in America!

The reason why it became so popular is because it has a very unique flavor profile that comes from the expression method used to create it. When creating this whiskey, they add alcohol content slightly faster than normal which results in more aroma and taste. This process is called overchill bottle conditioning and it changes the way the liquid tastes.

Fun facts

how much is famous grouse whiskey

Have you ever wondered how expensive a bottle of whisky is? Well, we have some fun information for you! We have averaged out all of the prices to determine just how much famous gourse whiskey costs per drink. Check it out!

To make things easy, we will use one bottle as an example. That example is a 1.5 liter bottle of The Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky. It is said to be very rich in flavor with average reviews being 5 stars (strongly favorable).

So what are we going to do here? First, we will take note of the price at the time of this article’s writing. Then, we will compare that to our averages. Finally, we will calculate how many drinks its cost per person.

The price was taken from Amazon on July 17th, 2018. This gives us a current price of $109.99. We will assume that most people buy a standard amount – one drink per person. This equals two shots per person.

Our averages show that a normal sized bottle of whisky (1.

Top cocktails

how much is famous grouse whiskey

One of the most famous drinks in America is the Manhattan, but did you know that it was originally just called The Old-Fashioned? That's right! Before we had our current name for this drink, it was known as the Old Fashioned.

The first written record of the Old-fashioned comes from Harry Johnson, an early bartender who worked at New York City's Linden Hotel in 1879. He wrote about the drink for the hotel's magazine, and some stories say he created it himself back then. Either way, his version included whiskey, sugar, and water!

After writing his article, Johnson took a short break before moving onto another drink. When he returned, though, he rewrote the old drink to include Angostura bitters, which are now a key ingredient. This new version became more popular and took over as the standard manhattan recipe.

Many people credit William Overton Gibbs with creating the modern day angus turer by adding the bitters during mixing.