How Much Is Famous Dave's Catering

By Tiara

Famous Dave’s has been creating buzz across America since it opened its doors in 1990. Since then, Dave Meyer and his team have cooked for some of the biggest celebrations in the country!

Dave is known as much for his delicious catering as he is for being an outspoken advocate for food diversity. He was one of the first major vendors to offer vegetarian and vegan options at professional events, and even offered a separate menu just for people who prefer plant-based cuisine.

But that’s not all! Dave offers accommodation and refreshment breaks where you can relax and unwind after the event, and most venues get discounts at nearby restaurants or cafés if guests eat there within X time frames.

A part of what makes Dave famous is how generous he is with donations and special promotions for charities. The company donates money and products to causes every day, and users of their services promote these benefits heavily.

This article will talk more about the cost of hiring Famous Dave’s as a caterer and why you should consider doing so instead of buying pre-packaged foods or taking home-made meals from friends and family.

Menu and pricing

how much is famous dave's catering

Famous Dave’s has been catering events for over 30 years! They offer party-size buffets, meal trays, and personal service to make your event special.

Their menu changes seasonally and depends on what ingredients are in season and/or what recipes famous Dave or one of his talented chefs is working on at the time.

But you don't have to rely on their offerings to bring some fun into your day! Many people start looking forward to eating at Famous Dave's because they create their own unique menus that feature foods not found on their standard offering pages.

Tips for eating like a local

how much is famous dave's catering

Being able to identify good food is one thing, being able to recognize where your food comes from and how it’s made is another. Whether you are buying whole foods or not, knowing some of the tricks of the trade will help you eat better.

There are many great sources for all types of foods and nutrition information. While most big grocery stores have very helpful departments that contain nutritional info, there are also lots of websites with reliable information.

By having this knowledge, you can make sure what you buy works for you and gives you the right nutrients. The best way to know if a product is worth its cost is by shopping online at various sites. You can compare prices and find out who sells their products in store as well so you get the same quality.

Another important fact about groceries is that the higher price isn't always due to the ingredient list.

Photo tour of the restaurant

how much is famous dave's catering

Located in South Norwalk, CT just outside of Bridgeport, Famous Dave’s is one of the most well-known caterers in America. With an average check of more than $20 per person, Dave’s has always been known for their high quality food and excellent service.

Dave’s was founded by David Gerson in 1983 as a hot dog cart. Since then, it has expanded into full-service restaurants with large outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining.

The success of his business also helped launch the culinary career of Dave Anderson, who now runs the company alongside his father. He worked at the restaurant early on before rising through the ranks to become the General Manager and eventually Vice President of Operations.

Now that we've talked about how great Dave's catering is, let's take a look at some of the other ways they're able to keep costs down.

Photo tour of the catering facility

how much is famous dave's catering

Located in South Norwalk, CT, just outside of Bridgeport, Famous Dave’s has been serving up delicious food for over thirty years! The company is run by CEO and Founder Dave Henson and his son Tyler who serves as Chief Operations Officer (COO).

The two work together to ensure that everything from recipe development to production runs smoothly at their state-of-the-art culinary campus. They also handle all customer service contacts, including taking orders via phone, online ordering services, and walk-in customers.

When they are not working or prepping for an event, you will probably find them hiking, running, surfing, sailing, biking, skiing, playing sports, or doing something else active. Both father and son enjoy racquetball and golfing frequently.

Photos of the catered events show impressive culinary creations prepared and served by professional chefs with expertise in cooking foods like never before.

Do they serve alcohol?

how much is famous dave's catering

As mentioned earlier, famous dave’s does not offer any alcoholic beverages at their catering events. This is due to one of two things- you cannot drink while serving food or too much alcohol can offset the appetite people have after eating.

They also do not permit glassware as this could be used for drinking instead of using a cup or bottle. Some people may feel uncomfortable having an unknown business handle liquid drinks so this is another reason why there are no free bottles of water either!

If you would like to enjoy some drinks with your meal, then we suggest bringing your own cups or buying inexpensive plastic ones at a grocery store before coming into event to eat here.

Is there an online menu?

how much is famous dave's catering

Does your restaurant offer delivery or take-out services? If so, how much is catering? The price of food and drinks will play a factor in how expensively you run your business!

There are several ways to calculate the cost of catering. Some say that ordering from restaurants is more expensive than buying foods at supermarkets because of the margins they need to make money.

Other reasons include convenience for customers who do not like going out nor does their budget allow them to do so, as well as the fact that it helps promote eating outside of the home.

Is there any kind of rewards program?

how much is famous dave's catering

While most caterers offer discounts to those that are in business for a while, or recruit other professionals to be part of their team, what is not common is offering professional level services with reward!

Most major chain restaurants have an elite rewards program where you can earn points towards prizes. You get more points by eating at the restaurant, and they’ll give you credits for it.

But how about a food company who does catering? Or better yet, a hungry person group doing lunch events? Why not use your work as marketing to gain access to great meals?!

That’s exactly what famous dave’s has done since 2012 when they started a rewards program.

What should I order?

how much is famous dave's catering

As we mentioned before, Famous Dave’s has three main products you can choose from. You get to pick which one you want for what event!

That being said, not all events are the same. Some events need more of an eating experience than others. For example, if your event is at a restaurant then having some grilled chicken or pasta is better than picking between our salads or bread options.

We have put together some tips that will help you decide which product is best for your event! These tips include things like how much food people typically eat at Dave’s, whether there’s anything close by so people don’t have to go out to find something to eat, and how hungry people look when they arrive.