How Much Is Canada Visa Processing Fee

By Tiara

Recent developments regarding visa processing fees are quite concerning. Many countries have made it clear that they will no longer accept VISA as payment for international travel documents. This includes passports, visas, and work permits!

Many of these nations also charge expensive transaction fees when paying with other methods such as bank transfer or PayPal. Due to this growing number of costs, most people now choose to pay using their credit cards instead of another form of payment.

This article will discuss how much is the visa document service fee at Canadian immigration offices. There may be additional charges for things like mailing your passport back to you, but we will not include those here. We will only focus on the visa document service fee.

We will also talk about why there is a visa process documentation service fee in the first place. These fees help cover the cost of running the office, the staff, and facilities needed to handle large amounts of paperwork.

What is the difference between a B1/B2 visa and a C1/C2 visa?

As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of visas that can be used to visit or work in Canada. These are the Business (or C1) visa and Tourism (or C2) visa.

The Business (C1) visa allows you to undertake business activities such as investing money, opening or running a company, or working for an existing company.

Most people who hold a C1 visa also have proof of sufficient funds to back up their trip here so they can focus on studying or doing other things while they’re in Canada. This way you don’t have to worry about paying expensive hotel bills or buying groceries!

A small additional fee is usually charged per person per day to cover the cost of processing your visa. This typically adds up quickly if you’re staying longer than one week, though.

What is the cost of a visa?

how much is canada visa processing fee

The fee for applying for a Canadian visa in-person at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) or via one of our International Service Centres (VISC) is determined by two things: how long it takes to process your application, and what level of service you receive from VACs and VISCs.

The costs for both types of visits are expensive! There are also additional fees depending upon where you apply and whether you opt for an Express Visit or not.

We have compiled all the information about the visa processing fees here so that you know just how much each visit will cost you.

Does the size of the package affect the cost?

how much is canada visa processing fee

Even though there is no formal visa processing fee, some countries may charge their citizens a small service fee for being abroad. This usually includes things like international flight tickets, hotel bills, and other related expenses.

This can add up quickly if you are traveling during busy times or need to make several trips. It also does not include any VAT (Value-Added Tax) that your country will ask you to pay while in-country!

There is one major thing that most of these fees have in common: They are NOT PER PERSON ORGANIZED BY THE COUNTRY YOU ARE TRAVELING TO.


These official comparison charts are expensive because they are designed to be professional looking and state-of-the-art. But they are ALSO EXPENSIVE since they are published online and therefore spread across many sites, blogs, and social media platforms.

That is why I try to bring you the best information possible so your wallet does not get too heavy.

How long does it take?

how much is canada visa processing fee

The last step of processing your visa is typically done by a third-party visa service provider (VSP). These VSPs handle all aspects of your new visa, including finding suitable accommodation, confirming your flights, and helping you with anything related to moving or changing your life in Canada.

Some VSPs can also help facilitate your arrival into Canada through pre-planned drop off locations and transportation services. This way you don’t have to worry about getting there!

Many times, VSPs work for a “billing solution” that includes both their fees and those of the Canadian government. A billing solution usually has you pay one fee directly to the VSP and then another governmental fee depending on where you are traveling from and how long you will be staying in Canada.

The length of time it takes to process your visa depends on many different factors. Some examples include:

How fast the VSP staff works – if they know what they are doing, they should move at a reasonable speed.

If they run into any delays, this will add to the overall timeline.

Whether there is enough resources available at the VSP location to complete everything needed – again, if not, this will add to the wait time.

What kind of documentation the VSP needs -this could mean copies of documents, faxes, or even pictures.

Is it worth it?

how much is canada visa processing fee

As mentioned earlier, visa processing fees are not cheap. A few hundred dollars per person can add up quickly if you’re traveling with a large group or doing research on many countries.

There is one way to avoid this cost though – use online resources! Websites like ours at MaxDistractions are free to access. You get the same quality experience as paying sites, but without the expensive fee.

Many people have success using these sites to find information and connect with other users.

What if I don't want to stay longer than my visa allows?

how much is canada visa processing fee

Even though you have paid your visa fee, you are still allowed to leave Canada with only 90 days of vacation time per year! If you need to go back home before that period is up, there are ways to do it.

You can apply for readmission within six months of when your current visit expires (provided you have proof of return travel). Or, you can extend your initial entry into Canada by one month at a time, every 30 days, until you have reached your 90 day limit.

Either way, you will be charged another visa processing fees depending on how long you remain in Canada after your permitted departure date has passed.

Can I get a visa if I want to enter Canada?

how much is canada visa processing fee

Even though there is no fee for individuals visiting or traveling to Canada as tourists, it is not easy! It takes time, energy and money to apply for a Canadian tourist visa.

Many immigrants pay large fees to have their applications processed by professional visa agents or embassies. This can cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Some people feel that these ‘visa agent’ services are simply an expensive way to avoid doing business with someone who does not provide good service.

It is up to you to choose whether to use a professional visa agency or do it yourself but we would recommend staying in-house unless you know what you’re looking for!

Canada Immigration Services – What To Look For

Just like any other country, visas for tourism in Canada require you to be able to prove your intention to return home after your stay.

This means having proof of sufficient funds to support yourself while away, along with confirmation that you will leave the country at the end of your trip (known as exit clearance). Some countries may also ask about health concerns or history of criminal activity.

Canadians need to check out the Canadian ImmiNation website before heading off on vacation to make sure everything is okay! https://www.cic.gc.

What are the different types of visas?

how much is canada visa processing fee

Having enough proof that you belong in Canada is one of the most important steps when seeking immigration here. This includes having your documents ready, knowing what kind of visa you will need, and how much it costs to process them!

The first thing people usually worry about while applying for Canadian citizenship or residency is the cost to process their visa. Like any country’s consulate abroad, consulates here too have budget constraints they must work with.

In fact, some countries pay more to process visas than others! For example, India only charges $50 to process a tourist visa which takes less than an hour! By comparison, Canada has a visa processing fee of $150 per application (not including the time spent visiting the consulate).

This article will talk about the various visa fees that can be found across the internet, as well as our own experience working at the Indian Consulate General in Toronto.