How Much Is A Famous Bowl At Kfc

By Tiara

A popular item at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is their chicken bowl. The chicken bowl comes with either grilled or mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and either barbecue sauce or pickled onions.

The most expensive KFC chicken bowls go for around $10 to $12 per person depending on how many people are eating it. This can easily add up if you’re hungry for food!

However, there are some very expensive looking chicken bowls that do not include rice as part of the meal. The cost difference between these types of chicken bowls and the ones that do include rice is just because the restaurant adds extra money to account for all the rice they use in the recipe.

This article will talk about which KFC chicken bowl prices are really expensive and what you can do to save money.

KFC chicken wing bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The KFC chicken wing bowl has been one of their most popular items for some time now. What makes this particular chicken wing dish so special is that it does not have rice in it! That is, there is no plain white rice to be mixed in with the meat and sauce.

The rice is replaced by liquid which acts as the glue that holds all of the toppings together. This way you do not need to use extra rice powder or even cook more rice to make out own personal tray full of ketchup, ranch dressing, and/or mayo!

Overall, how expensive the KFC chicken wing bowl is depends on where you eat them. Some locations can be much costlier than others due to what kind of sauces they include in the meal.

If you are looking to save money however, then try eating outside or buying cheaper versions of the same thing.

KFC crispy chicken bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The KFC crispy chicken bowl costs $8.99, making it one of the most expensive items on this list. It is definitely not worth the cost if you are looking to save some money.

The KFC crispy chicken bowl comes with 1/2 cup rice, 2 pieces of grilled chicken, and two strips of bacon. There are also tomato slices and pickle chips in the recipe which makes up the rest of the toppings.

Overall, we thought that the ingredients were pretty standard for fast food. The only special thing about the dish was the price! Although the price is slightly higher than other similar sized chicken bowls, the quality seems better due to the additional breading and flavor that KFC adds to their chicken.

KFC crispy beef bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The ketchup-based sauce, along with the rice and toast bits in this option make it very rich. However to feel better about yourself, try one half of this recipe only! The calories are similar to those of two chicken breasts or one large fryer basket.

At 2,400 calories per serving, you can easily spend more than $10 on just one meal if you aren’t careful. While that may sound expensive, remember that most people say this menu item is worth its weight in gold because of how delicious it is.

If you do decide to give in and eat all of the ingredients, be sure to use the same number of servings for nutrition reasons. You should also watch out for extra toppings like pickle slices that could add too much fat.

KFC chicken noodle bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The ketchup-based sauce, along with the rice and pasta mix, make for one delicious mouthful. However, how much it costs can be a bit surprising.

The most expensive KFC Noodle Bowl is not necessarily the one that boasts the highest price tag, but rather the one that comes with the most toppings.

The cost of these extra ingredients varies depending on where you buy them and what company policies apply to each individual item. But however much you pay for all of those extras, they are definitely worth it!

Here we will discuss the prices of some of the less expensive menu items at KFC, as well as our opinion on if they were worth it or not.

KFC crispy beef noodle bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The ketchup-bacon cilantro rice is definitely one of the most popular items at this restaurant. It is very likely that you have already tried it before!

A 1/2 cup serving size contains 572 calories, 27 grams of fat, 690 mg of sodium, and 19 grams of protein. A medium order will get you enough to fill a lunch or dinner box for the week!

It also has 4% daily value for selenium which helps keep your skin healthy and aids in immune function.

KFC chicken pizza bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The ketchup and ranch dipping sauces alone are enough to eat this item, but add in all of the toppings like broccoli, pickled green peppers, shredded cheese, and more hot sauce and you have an extra special dish!

The cost per individual serving is approximately 250 calories and costs around $5.00-6.00 depending on the location and what kind of meal plan they offer.

This amount can easily be spent in one go or spread out over several days, so it is not very expensive if you are aware of your nutrition needs.

KFC crispy chicken pizza bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

This is one of the most popular items at KFC. If you are looking to save some money, do not order this unless you are sure you will eat it all! The price per individual piece can add up quickly if you are not buying enough for a few people.

The KFC crispy chicken pizza bowl contains two pieces of bread, two tablespoons of tomato sauce, one pre-cooked bacon slice, three thin slices of white cheese, and two cups of shredded chicken.

This makes one serving size about 250 kcals, depending on how much cheese you put on it. Make sure to ask for less cheese to start with as there is an extra layer of cheese that they probably don’t include in the nutritional info.

KFC chicken pasta bowl

how much is a famous bowl at kfc

The KFC chicken pasta bowl is one of their most popular offerings! It features two pieces of spaghetti with cheese, sauce, and crispy chicken as toppings. This dish was first released in May 2018 and has quickly become a crowd favorite ever since it debuted.

Since its release, this recipe has been modified several times. For example, some versions use rotisserie chicken instead of grilled chicken. Some add extra ingredients such as tomato or pepperoncini salad to make it more fresh and nutritious.

While the original version did not include any broccoli, they have now added a cupful! Many people enjoy adding the spinach to make it more green and nutritional.

Overall, how much is the KFC chicken pasta bowl? It depends on what you eat and whether or not it contains avocado! Obviously, if you don't consume those things then you are paying too much for your food!

However, if you do consume them than you get paid back by it being a well-balanced meal that gives you lots of nutrients.