How Much For A Famous Bowl At Kfc

By Tiara

The chicken chain that has dominated fast food cuisine since its founding in Kentucky more than 50 years ago is coming out with some new, very expensive-looking bowls! While most people may not be able to afford them, they are still pretty cool.

The Korean fried chicken restaurant chain Original Chicken (OC) released two new signature dishes this week: the Champ Power Omelette and the Mega Reuben. Both of these cost well over $10 per bowl, making them among the priciest items at OC.

While both are undeniably delicious, it is worth noting that neither one will change your life. They are also rather unique products that likely only exist at OC. If you happen to live near an OC location or want to try their other offerings, then by all means buy one, but otherwise pass.

This article will give you information about the prices of the Champ Power Omelette and Mega Reuben as well as some tips on how to save money if you do decide to make them.

Price range

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

In fact, some locations even have very expensive bowls! At one location we visited in Atlanta, Georgia, they had an 8-pack of chicken wings that cost $25.99! A few people may consider this price to be too high, but remember, these are all-you-can-eat items so you really get your money’s worth.

It is also important to know how to prepare the food yourself to save money. By preparing our own snacks, we can reduce the restaurant's profit margin by not buying drinks or extra toppings.

How to choose

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

The price of any item at a restaurant or store will always include one thing: service. This is the cost of the meal, the waiter/waitress that served it to you, the room where they sat and waited while you ate, and the coffee or dessert they gave you to eat after work.

The service element is very important to keep in mind when deciding how much an individual part of your food or drink bill costs. Because this article talks about the expensive side of eating out, we’ll focus only on this here!

If you are having dinner with friends or family and want to know the average price of what you order, then just add up the prices of every item and divide by two. That way you get a more accurate picture of how much each person paid per item!

But if you are going solo or with a small group, there are ways to pick off some of the hidden costs of eating out. By being aware of these fees, you can still get a good idea of what average meals cost.

Famous locations

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

In May, news broke that KFC was introducing a new chicken sandwich option called The Colonel’s Legendary Chicken Sandwich. It features five pieces of bread topped with two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, one rib-eye steak, three slices of cheese, and a pickle.

The price? A whopping $15!

Many people criticized the cost, saying it was too expensive given the size of the sandwiches they order most often — the 4-piece all-breast meat ones are only 1/3rd more than the 5-piece chicken breast ones!

But this isn't the first time KFC has set a high bar in terms of value. Back in March, reports surfaced about another new item at the chain: The Double Down, which is twice as much bacon as usual!

And while some may consider those dishes to be overpriced, you have to remember these are two things that many people order frequently enough so that buying a few extra dollars worth of them actually makes sense.

Fun facts about famous bowls

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

The Monster Macaron bowl is not only one of the biggest sellers on the menu, but it’s also probably the most expensive.

The Monster Macaron bowl costs 350 calories and contains 1½ cups pasta, ½ cup chicken broth, 2 tablespoons white chocolate sauce, and two monster macaroons!

That’s over half a pound of carbs and nearly three-and-a-half teaspoons of sugar per serving — more than the recommended amount for the average person.

And just like any good dessert should be, the Monster Macaron quickly became popular online with comments and reviews praising its taste. Unfortunately, however, some reviewers were a little too enthusiastic when describing the nutritional value.

Most people noticed that while the noodles, cheese, and sauce all tasted delicious, the chocolate was a bit hard to swallow due to its high-calorie content. Some even said they could feel their blood glucose levels rising slightly after eating the entire thing.

Delicious combinations

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

At their peak, chicken bowls were expensive — really expensive. A limited-time offering of the chain was the Colonel’s Reuben Chicken Sandwich which cost over $10 per order back in 2017!

Since then though, chicken bowl prices have dropped dramatically. Some locations even offer all-day brunch items like the Bacon Jam Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bowl or the Sweet Potato Hash Bowl with maple syrup and smoked gouda.

At the end of this article, you will find my favorite underpriced chicken bowl options at your local KFC.

Will famous bowls come to my neighborhood?

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

While not every location gets a restaurant that is clearly marked as being part of the Fast Food Restaurant Series, you can always feel confident that what kind of food they offer and how well it is made are quality products.

Kraft Foods has done an incredible job with its product and marketing. They have created some very popular brands such as Colonel’s Cookies and Mega Muffins!

Their restaurant's feature will power breakfast goods like the waffle bar and/or smoothie maker along with familiar foods like the grilled chicken basket and fries.

While these types of restaurants may be expensive, they do bring in enough revenue to keep them running and expanding. Also, most locations have coupons online or through app downloads so really there is no reason to go without good fast food if you are cost conscious.

The answer is yes

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

As seen in our article about famous chicken dishes, there are way too many examples of people taking their food blogging very seriously. These bloggers will spend hours researching recipes and creating new recipes to share with the world!

If you want to start your own food blog, then starting off with some hungry eyes is a great way to go. By investing time into your culinary skills, you’ll be giving readers more delicious content to check out.

And while it may cost you a little bit to begin, you can always use the money to inspire creativity. You do not need a professional-grade cooktop or oven to create tasty foods!

There are plenty of ways to make sure your hands are always well-fed. Many restaurants offer free meals during business hours, so why not take advantage of this and start your own meal-focused website?

By providing value through educational information and eating experiences, your audience will keep coming back for more.

Here are some famous bowls pictures

how much for a famous bowl at kfc

The Faux Pho Bowl is one of the most expensive items in the collection. It cost over $600! What makes this so funny is that it is not even pho, nor does it have any noodles in it!

The Faux Pho Bowl was first introduced as the Vietnamese Rice Bowl back in July 2016. Since then, it has quickly become one of the top-selling dishes at KFC.