How Much Famous Is Bts

By Tiara

K-pop is one of the most famous music genres in the world! Artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Psy, Taylor Swift, and many more have been influenced by the culture that has grown around their music.

Music videos for these artists often feature South Korean costumes or outfits, use of Korean language lyrics, and/or extended clips featuring Korea scenery. Many people recognize some songs from this genre!

BTS, an international group known for their catchy tunes and incredible stage performances, has quickly become very popular. They are not only known for their music, but also for how frequently they promote diversity and inclusion through social activism and charity work.

Many people have discussed whether or not BTS is actually “famous” because they do not consider YouTube views to be the same thing as knowing who they are. However, all too soon we will reach a point where it is impossible to remain oblivious to what BTS is like!

In this article you will find out just how much famous BTS is! So get ready, here come the numbers…

Disclaimer: The following numerical comparisons are purely my personal opinion. These statistics were gathered via various sources and converted into comparable units so there may be slight differences depending on the way each source presented its data.

They are very famous

how much famous is bts

K-pop is known for its high energy, constant music production, and impressive marketing strategies. Music videos of these artists can easily rack up over 10 million views due to their popularity.

BTS’s “Bad Boy” has received more than 100million YouTube viewes alone! This includes 105 million video viewse in just under two years since it was released. The song reached number one on the Billboard charts and won Best New Artist at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Their success comes not only from their catchy songs but also their powerful stage performances that have garnered them many fan favorites across all genres.

They are constantly praised for how influential they are as musicians and professionals beyond the entertainment industry. Many people refer to them as celebrities because of all of their achievements including collaborations with major companies and charities.

These influencers earn substantial income outside of the k-pop world so it is no surprise that their merchandise collection grows rapidly. In fact, some items sell out within minutes or hours after being listed on stores such as and KakaoTalk.

The k-pop community continues to grow every day thanks to their hard work and dedication to promoting the genre.

They are gaining more recognition

how much famous is bts

In May of 2018, Billboard announced that they would be creating their own music chart to determine how popular or influential an artist is. The new Billboard Music Chart will go by two different metrics – total album sales and streaming data. This means that instead of only looking at pure song sales, this chart will take into account all of an artists’ albums as well as their songs being streamed.

This new chart will also break down artist popularity into several categories, including Top Artist, Power Artist, and Most Popular. For these last two, there will be slightly differing definitions for what makes someone powerful or popular.

For power, it looks at album sales while for most popular it uses both album sales and stream numbers.

They are a bestselling group

how much famous is bts

K-pop is known for its rabid fan base, but what makes some groups more popular than others? It’s not just because of the songs they sing or the styles they perform — it’s how many people know their names!

A lot of this has to do with media coverage, but even before that, BTS have been getting attention from all corners.

They are an international sensation with over 30 million followers across all social platforms. Their popularity continues to grow as they release new music and run successful tours.

But aside from the numbers, what really sets them apart is how much respect they command.

BTS are lauded professionals who treat their craft with diligence and strive to improve every day. This includes educating themselves about other genres and styles, taking lessons and training in certain skills, and investing time into long term professional growth.

They also take pride in giving back to the community, most notably through philanthropy projects and donations. These charities range from educational organizations to humanitarian efforts in disaster zones.

Overall, there aren’t too many musicians out there who use their status effectively to help spread awareness, inspire action, and reward hard work. If you want to learn more, check out our article on 9 ways famous artists use their influence for good.

They have their own TV show

As mentioned before, they have their own talk show called The Interview! This was first released in March of 2018 as an online streaming platform where you can watch them chat with audience members or ask questions yourself.

Since then it has transitioned into a fully televised program that is broadcast on YouTube and Spotify every Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST. You can also find the episodes later on Netflix and Facebook.

The show is hosted by Hong Hyun-chul who formerly worked for shows like Running Man and The Office Korea. He does a good job hosting this show and engaging with the members.

He is sometimes too focused on talking about BTS though. There are times when he will talk about something totally unrelated to promote his show or himself but this only happens very few times per episode.

They have sold out stadiums

how much famous is bts

What is perhaps most impressive about BTS’s popularity is how well known they are. The group has broken many major music industry records, including having the highest number of album sales in the past year for an artist with their first full length album!

BTS also broke another record when it was announced that they would be hosting their own world tour this September- October 2019! This will make them one of the very few artists to host their own worldwide concert tour.

These types of achievements are incredible, but what really sets these groups apart is not just how popular they are, but how devoted their fans are as well.

Their fandom is called ARMY (Audience Reaction Mode) and it seems like there aren’t enough of them yet!

Many people can enjoy K-pop for the songs, dance moves and overall fun factor, but some people appreciate the message these bands put forth more. Some find inspiration from the lyrics and vocal styles. Others love the fashion!

This article will talk more about the different ways BTS impacted our lives and why they deserve your attention.

They are considered as a form of K-pop

how much famous is bts

Beyond that, they have also garnered international recognition. Many consider them to be one of the most influential groups in music today.

They’ve got collaborations with some of the biggest artists out there! Some of their songs have even reached number one across various charts around the world.

BTS is an extremely popular group within the k-pop community, but what makes them special goes beyond just that.

Their success comes not only from their catchy lyrics and performances, but also how dedicated they are to helping others.

Not only do they give back to organizations through donations and work experiences, but they also actively participate in charity events.

Many people know BTS for their music, but less known is their impact off-stage.

They are loved by many fans

how much famous is bts

K-pop is an extremely popular music genre that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Artists such as Big Time Rush, Psy, Taylor Swift, and even Mariah Carey have all been influenced by the energy of k-pop groups.

Music videos for these artists often feature members of various k-pop bands or groups, showing off their skills and celebrating the success of the group.

This influence can be seen clearly with BTS’ recent collabo with “Bad Boy Bad Blood” featuring Drake! The song received significant attention because of its catchy lyrics and incredible production value.

Bands like One Direction and Twenty Eight Point Two also mentioned them in songs to praise their talent.

They are gaining attention from other international artists

how much famous is bts

K-pop is an extremely popular genre of music that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Artists such as The Beatles, Justin Bieber, and Drake have all mentioned them as their favorite k-pop group.

BTS’s fame extended beyond our borders when they won the Best International Group at the MTV Europe Music Awards last year! Since then, more and more people have recognized them for both their musical talent and their influence within the Korean community.

They are so famous now that even non-Koreans can’t escape their name being repeated constantly. It’s almost like someone made a super successful YouTube channel about them!

But what most people don’t know is how much BTS really owes to Korea aside from just the success they enjoy here.