How Much Famous Is BTS At Present?

By Tiara

K-pop is an extremely popular music genre that has seen its rise in popularity over the last few years. Artists such as The Beatles, Adele, and Justin Bieber have all been influenced by k-pop at some point in their career.

Music videos from most k-pop artists are very artistic and feature lots of elaborate choreography and flashy costumes. Not to mention their lyrics, which often emphasize social justice and messages of love and unity!

Many people enjoy k-pop for these reasons, but what actually makes it special? Why do so many people like it?

BTS, or better known as The Bangtan Boys, is one of the biggest Korean groups ever. They originally came together back in 2012 when they performed as a group for the first time under the name “The Best” before changing their stage name to “Bangtan” and then finally settling on “BTS”.

Since then, they have only grown in fame and success, appearing on TV shows, performing live concerts, and even winning several awards.

But how well know this international artist really is? Let’s look at the facts!

How Many Records Does BTS Have?

A lot of people don’t realize just how successful BTS is. Even though they’ve only had three official albums, two compilation albums, and five singles, each album and song has reached top position on the charts.

Their music is popular

how much famous is bts

K-pop, or Korea pop, has become one of the biggest things in music worldwide. With their latest album topping the charts in over 20 countries, it’s clear that what they are doing resonates with people.

Bands like One Direction, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Psy, and many more have mentioned them as an influence. Many musicians have done collaborations with members or received mentorship from JK, Jin, Rapmon, V, Jimin, and RJ.

Their success comes not only from being talented songwriters but also great marketers who know how to promote themselves.

They consistently share their work across all media channels, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They also take lots of pictures together and feature them in promotional material for events.

What I love about BTS is they never focus too much on becoming famous, instead they focus on making quality music and sharing it with the world. They are always thinking of new ways to market themselves and grow their fan base.

They are very down to earth and understand the value of hard work and perseverance. They are also well known for encouraging other artists and promoting diversity in culture. They speak multiple languages and have used this to connect with fans around the globe.

They are sold out everywhere

Having one of their songs as your wake up song is guaranteed to start your day on an excellent note! Their music has such a powerful effect that it becomes hard to listen to something else after you have listened to some of their tracks.

They’ve got so many famous collaborations under their belt, including ones with Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and more.

Their album chart trajectory is incredible too- starting with no fan base before exploding into a worldwide phenomenon.

BTS is undeniably one of the biggest bands in the world right now!

What makes them special is not just how popular they are, but also how they manage to use their success for good.

They raised over $2 million dollars for charity by having their fans buy merchandise online and then donating all of that profit back to a cause.

That cause was picked randomly every time, which made it very effective. Since they donated from their own money instead of going through a big organization, people feel even better about supporting them.

A large part of their popularity comes directly from their loyal fanbase who show constant support for them.

Fans create and promote BTS content almost constantly, acting as both ambassadors and journalists for them. This helps them gain more exposure and followers.

Overall, what makes these artists stand apart from the rest is that they use their fame to help others and give off a genuine feeling of selflessness.

They have their own theme park

how much famous is bts

K-Pop is big business, with music groups like Psy’s Gangnam Style dominating the worldwide charts for years. And now, The Associated Press has declared that BTS are officially “famous.”

The news organization ranked the seven member group as number six in its list of the top 50 most famous musicians in the world. (You can read more about why they placed them here.)

BTS was even given its very own category within the article! Their subcategory includes both "#Selfie" and "#Trending." This means we get to enjoy some fun photoshoots featuring all seven members at once.

Overall though, the article mentions how popular the band is around the globe. They note how many people watch their live performances online and tell their stories through social media. Many admire and praise the group for being successful students while also emphasizing how much they mean to others.

They are incredibly rich

how much famous is bts

Being famous is always nice, but how much money you have really depends on what kind of fame you get. If people recognize you outside your job, then you make more money because you earn income from things such as speaking engagements, advertisements, or movie roles.

If people only know you for your work, however, then your salary drops- it’s not like everyone knows Justin Bieber!

But with all the attention that BTS gets, their net worth is very high. Their popularity has grown exponentially since they first started, making them wealthy beyond most people’s dreams.

Their success has been meteoric and continues to rise even now, years later. Many consider them to be one of the biggest international bands in the world.

They average just over 1 million followers per member on each social media platform, which means there’s an incredible amount of eyes on them at any given time. All this exposure was never before possible for K-pop artists, so their financial situation is unique.

However, despite being very well known, they keep a low profile and don’t flaunt how much money they have. This is probably due to them living a modest lifestyle and wanting to focus on doing good works instead.

They are very famous

how much famous is bts

K-pop is one of the most popular music genres in the world! With their rise to fame, they have received many accolades and lots of attention.

Bands such as One Direction and The Beatles had an influence on k-pop artists and styles. Some even say that bts directly inspired Justin Bieber’s style.

Many musicians have made references to bts or their songs while recording new tracks. Singer Miley Cyrus has mentioned her love for “Hang Up My Boots” several times and said she wanted to do a song like it when she was starting out.

In fact, some of your favorite bands were probably influenced by bts! The Backstreet Boys covered a bts song and Katy Perry included a sample of a bts song in one of hers!

Music videos for bts songs easily rack up over a million views within a few days making them quite influential.

bts themselves have also done collaborations with other singers including Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Andra Day, and more.

They have their own TV show

how much famous is bts

K-pop is always in the spotlight, so it’s no surprise that Your Mama knows everything about every artist in the genre. But what many don’t realize is how much “famous” some of these artists are outside of Korea.

BTS, as we’ve mentioned before here at Your Mama, has become one of k-pop’s biggest global brands. The boys, who now include Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Joon (who left the group earlier this year), and Nicki recently released their third studio album!

And just like with any successful Korean pop band, there’s been lots of talk about which members will join which groups after they all launch solo careers.

We already know that RM will probably start recording music soon and drop his first single next month! And TBH we can’t wait to listen. He also hinted earlier this week that he might release another song called “SOLO.

They are a government minister

how much famous is bts

South Korean officials often praise BTS for their work in promoting international friendship through music and culture. In fact, RM is an honorary consul general of Canada! He received this honor last year at the Seoul Music Festival.

They are a billionaire

how much famous is bts

On June 30, 2018, just over one year ago, The Business Insider estimated that their members’ individual net worth was $500 million each. This makes them the richest K-pop group ever!

This isn’t to say that they’re only rich because of this success (of course not!), but rather it points out how successful they have been as artists and businessmen.

Billionaire status is definitely an achievement in and of itself, so kudos for that! But what really sets these guys apart is how actively involved they are in both areas.

They spent years developing their music and style before becoming famous, which helped contribute to their success now. And beyond just singing and performing, they run fan clubs, merchandise lines, publishing companies, and more. All while keeping up with daily lives and work obligations like any other normal person.

Their involvement also goes far deeper than just business affairs. Many member groups have separate Twitter accounts where they share personal stories or take questions from fans.

These aren’t empty talkings pills, either — when JISIN recently announced his marriage, he tweeted pictures and videos along with heartfelt congratulations for his wife. In fact, many people assume all Korean celebrities marry after making romantic gestures towards at least one another for some time.

So yeah, if you were thinking about starting your own company, then maybe think twice first.