How Much Does Social Media Management Cost

By Tiara

Manually managing all of your social media accounts can get expensive! If you have the time to do it yourself, then great! But for most people, this is not an option due to the amount of content that needs to be posted, replies needed to comments, and conversations needing to start or end with someone else’s message.

Professional social media management companies (SMC) exist to help you run your social media profiles like a business. These professionals are paid to take care of everything for you, from posting and responding to messages to finding new followers and engaging in conversation. They also make sure your online presence looks professional and consistent across all the platforms.

The cost of professional SMC varies depending on which company you choose and what services they offer. Some may even give you a free trial period so that you can see how their service works for you before being purchased.

2) Employees

how much does social media management cost

The second major cost of social media management is employees. This includes hiring additional staff to help manage your accounts, comments, and messages.

Running a business that focuses heavily on social media means having people who are skilled in this medium. These individuals must be able to take control of various features on each platform, respond to comments and questions, and create engaging conversations that will draw attention and followers.

These individuals are not easily found, but there are some great resources for professionals to work from. You can find freelance job sites as well as professional communities with chat rooms or other discussion areas.

In addition to looking for full-time positions, many social media companies offer part time employment as an affiliate manager or similar position.

3) Equipment

how much does social media management cost

A good social media manager will also have software to manage your accounts. This can be used for creating new profiles, posting content, responding to comments and messages, and all of the other functions of the platform.

Most professional grade software costs around $100-150 per year depending on how many users you have on each account. The cost is usually paid annually so there is no monthly subscription fee like with some free apps.

This could include things such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Buffer which are all very similar products that do not vary much in features.

There are some slight differences between them but overall they are pretty reliable and effective tools to use.

4) Reputation

how much does social media management cost

The final important factor in our social media management cost calculator is reputation or how well your business likes would perceive you as an expert in social media marketing. This includes things like how people view your company website, whether they think you are professional looking, and if they trust you.

As mentioned before, keeping up with the latest trends in social media is very important to ensure your success. If you do not know what tools are needed to accomplish this, it can get expensive.

General costs for reputation include monthly fees to use some of these tools, but also frequent computer software updates due to changes in the tooling. Both of these will add up quickly!

There are several ways to manage social media recognition, including by having employees that work for you handle certain accounts, creating and maintaining blogs, and investing in advertising on various platforms. All of these play a significant part in establishing your business as an authority in its field.

Bytemation – A short video (less than a minute long) that covers something interesting You probably already watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites frequently, so why not create yours?

A good way to start is to make fun, entertaining, and informative videos that focus on your niche. Then, publish them online using free, web-based editing programs.

Many people now pay around $100 per year to have someone edit and proofread their own writing.

5) Time

The next cost is time, which can be expensive if you are paid for an hourly basis. Because social media management takes up so much of your time, it may not leave enough hours in the day to earn a living.

Running a successful account means that there will always something new that you need to do or check. This could include responding to comments, messages, or inquiries on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

In addition to those responsibilities, you have to manage your accounts, create content for your profiles, run advertisements, monitor engagement- all while trying to find time to relax at night!

Overall, being involved in social media is a valuable asset for your business. But, as we learned before, having a large team behind you is needed to keep things running smoothly. If you want to continue doing this as a career, you’ll need to invest in professional help.

6) Skills

how much does social media management cost

Having a social media account does not necessarily make someone an expert in it. In fact, many people start out as casual users who later learn how to manage their accounts more efficiently or even teach themselves how to do so.

Running a business through social media is different than running a personal profile. Businesses have advertisements they want to run, messages they want to convey, goals they aim to achieve, etc.

It is not easy creating your own business social media profiles, but there are resources available to help you get up to speed quickly. There are also professionals that can help you launch your business online and perform these tasks for you.

7) Fees

how much does social media management cost

After all of these costs, there is usually an additional fee for social media management services. These are typically per month fees or per week/day fees depending on whether you have full time work with them.

Some will also add a small service charge per tweet, like $0.50-1 dollars. This depends on how much they feel your business should be investing in advertising through Twitter!

These extra services can get expensive very quickly so it is important to know what adds up before you hire someone.

8) Cost per post

how much does social media management cost

The final price tag is determined by how many posts you have, what types of content you’re creating, and how much time you want to invest in social media.

The cost per post will vary depending upon your budget and business goals. Some people may choose not to pay for a paid service because they can create their own accounts and manage all of their pages and profiles for free.

By using free tools to promote your company, you are able to save money! There are plenty of free sites where you can get started with limited functionality, but you can always upgrade as your business grows.

Regularly updating your profile pictures and posting engaging messages and stories helps to spread your brand name. Creating good conversations is an excellent way to gain exposure and recognition for your business or product.

9) Determining the right social media management company

how much does social media management cost

While some may try to appeal with flashy advertisements or overpriced services, this is not a good way to determine the quality of their service.

It can be difficult trying to find someone that does a good job without paying a lot for their services. This is why it is important to do your research before hiring anyone.

Look at reviews websites such as Yelp and Google to get an idea of whether these companies have past experiences that were successful. You could also talk to people who have used the company’s service and see how they are doing.

By using these resources, you will know if this company is going to take care of you and what kind of customer support they offer.

9) Is this person willing to teach you how to use their software?

This is very important because most social media management tools have advanced features that require you to learn more about them. For example, don’t pay for their basic toolbox unless there is a teacher’s manual or something similar available.

This way, you will have someone to help you in the future by passing along knowledge.