How Much Cost For Employment Visa In Dubai

By Tiara

Finding out how much it costs to live in Dubai is very difficult as there are so many ways to spend money, not all of which are legitimate. There are even instances where people have spent excessive amounts of money because they believe what they are buying is ‘legal’ or ‘authentic’.

There are several different routes that most migrants take when looking into employment visa opportunities in Dubai. Some will apply directly through an embassy or consulate while others will find work via third-party employers or recruiters who help them get their visas.

The cost of living in Dubai depends on your salary, how long you plan to be here, and whether you prefer staying in expensive hotels or renting a house nearby. If you do choose to stay in luxury accommodations though, it can add up quickly!

This article will talk about some of the more common expenses for non-Muslim visitors to pay during their time in Dubai. We will also look at some tips for saving money if you want to keep spending budget friendly.

How to get an employment visa in Dubai

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

Finding a job that offers enough income to survive is the most important thing when looking into employment visas in UAE. It is also important to make sure your budget is adequate to live on while you are here, as it can be expensive living abroad.

Many people struggle with paying off debt or saving up money after moving abroad, so try to do both of these things before applying for an employment visa.

It’s not easy finding a stable source of income in another country, but if you are willing to put in some effort then you can earn good money. Just remember that no matter what you do, your financial situation will always remain the same – excellent!

There are many ways to find work overseas, including through agencies, individual employers, social media, free events, etc. Starting at one place and working from there is our favorite way to go about it because you never know where the next opportunity will come from.

You need to find a job

Finding employment is not easy, but it is possible! Job hunting can be expensive depending on your budget and how many jobs you apply to.

There are several ways to look for employment beyond just applying online to sites. By being active at community centers, gyms, social gatherings, and the like, you will meet lots of people who may know of potential employers.

By interacting with others, you would also learn about different positions that exist and what skills they require. Don’t forget to update your profile pictures and information as well!

The more visible you become, the wider your network gets, which makes you more attractive to employers.

Another way to search for work is by talking to existing employees or representatives from companies. Maintaining relationships is one of the most important things in business, and working hard isn’t the only thing businesses do — they keep in touch after their shifts so they have someone they can call when needed.

You need to get a job offer letter

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

In Australia, there is an organization that can help you with your visa status if you are looking to work here. This organization’s name is ITA (Immigration Treaty Agent). They manage all of your immigration paperwork and fees for you!

ITA has several levels depending on how much money they estimate you will make per week while living and working in Australia. The most expensive level is referred to as “Employment Visas” and this costs around 2,500 AED (about $700 USD at current exchange rates).

However, this cost is only applicable if you are able to prove you have enough income coming in after taxes. If you don’t have proof of this, then the less expensive tier applies to you. These include “Working Holiday visas” or “Business Visitor visas”, which both cost 1,000 AED ($275 USD) per year.

You need a sponsor

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

Finding an employer that can provide you with employment is not easy, nor will it necessarily result in employment. It takes time to build up this relationship, so do your research early!

Finding a good job opportunity requires more than just having a great looking profile on LinkedIn or attending some flashy recruitment events.

It’s much easier to go through the motions when your money runs low and there are no upcoming bills to pay.

But what if I told you that you could make enough money in one month to cover all of those things? And what if I didn’t say how?

That would be lying – but it would also be foolishness because it wouldn’t work.

No matter who you are, whether you are rich or poor, well connected or unknown, you must have a sponsor. You simply cannot survive without one.

Medical check up

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

A mandatory part of any employment visa process is ensuring that your health does not pose a risk to the employer or his/her business. This includes requiring you to have a medical exam as well as screening your online profiles and social media accounts.

In fact, most employers require this within one week of being offered the position – it’s too late then! Luckily, there are some great resources available which can help you with this.

We have compiled some information here about how much cost an Australian job seeker has to pay when they apply for work in Australia. If we compare these costs with what people in the UAE need to do to prove their health before working here, it seems like a lot less paperwork for them!

But remember, even if it’s free it’s still important to go through the motions and make sure everything is okay before starting work.

Police check

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

After you have secured your visa, your next step is to find somewhere to live. Finding an affordable place to reside can be tricky, even more difficult if you don’t have much money saved up. Luckily, living in Dubai comes with all sorts of benefits that make it possible to stay at a relatively low cost.

Most UAE nationals are granted resident status automatically upon arrival, which means there is very little you need to do to settle in. Depending on where you want to live and how long you plan to remain, this could mean free housing or VISA-paid accommodation.

Finding cheap accommodations depends mostly on two things – area and timing. Areas with high demand for education or employment will have empty apartments or rooms available at lower costs, while times when few people are traveling are also good budgeting opportunities.

There are many ways to find cheap accommodation in Dubai. The most common way is by using online rental listing sites such as Airbnb, Wimdu, Oodle, etc. However, these services usually charge per night fees that can add up quickly.

Another option is checking out private landlords or house shares. A lot of people enjoy sharing their homes or houses they own with others so why not take advantage of this and get some cheap lodging?

Yet another way to find cheaper places to live is by being creative about your spending.

Multiple entry visa

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

A second-entry work permit is usually referred to as a ‘work visa’ or a ‘visa to work’. This type of visa allows you to live and work in the country, so your stay here is not limited to an expiry date. You must however have enough money to support yourself while you are in UAE.

Most Western countries issue such visas if you are looking to work there. Many European nations offer this opportunity to people with working visas from their home countries. The same goes for some other Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

However, it is very difficult to get this kind of visa for most African countries. That is why many Africans living abroad use the term ‘working holiday maker (WHM) visa’ instead.

There is no clear definition of what constitutes as qualified employment in Europe, but most employers require at least two years full time work experience under their own job title before they will consider you for a British Work VISA.

Duration of the visa

how much cost for employment visa in dubai

A work visa does not necessarily mean that you can live and work in the UAE indefinitely, however! You must remember that there are two main parts to your employment contract – the duration of your job and the length of stay in the country after your employment expires.

The first part is usually one year, with an extension option at around six months. After this time has elapsed, employers have the right to terminate your services unless you have secured new employment. This could be as little as one month or as long as six months depending on whether they feel like continuing working with you.

If it is longer than six months then they will need to pay out more money in fees which include VISA DEBIT CARDS AND MULTIPLE VISAS.