How Many Days Visa Processing In Kuwait

By Tiara

Recent developments for visa processing times in Kuwait have seen some major changes, with both good news and bad! Some countries are now offering very quick visa services, leaving many to wonder just how they managed it.

Fortunately, you can learn from their methods here! So what is the best way to process your visa? By answering these important questions first, you will know what steps to take next.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that determine the length of time it takes to process a visa in Kuwait, as well as which country comes out on top when it comes to shortest wait times.

Immigration Department site for visa processing time

how many days visa processing in kuwait

Recent developments have come to light concerning how many days it takes some countries’s VISA offices to process visas. Some of these agencies that say they take just one day to process a visa are not telling the whole truth!

Many international organizations send their members to work or study abroad, which is great and necessary for career growth and learning experiences. However, most people do not consider the costs of traveling abroad.

The fees associated with studying or working outside your home country can get very expensive, very fast. It is important to know what kind of services you will need while you are there so you do not waste money by buying unnecessary things.

One thing too many foreigners often forget when traveling overseas is obtaining appropriate travel insurance. While some policies do cover medical costs, many do not. This is especially true in developing nations where proper health care may be limited to only wealthy individuals or companies.

Luckily for our readers, I have gathered information about how long it actually takes some countries’s VISA departments to process visas.

How long does it take for Kuwait to process a visa?

The average length of time it takes for a VISA to be processed in Kuwait is around 10-14 days, with most people being able to come back into the country within that time frame.

There are several reasons as to why this happens but all of them have one thing in common – money. Visas can get expensive so some countries will spend more time than others trying to save enough money to cover their costs.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how visas in Thailand cost almost $1,000 per person and how they took over two months to process. This got quite a bit of attention due to the fact that many people assume that anything outside of the United States costs less than in America!

This isn’t always the case though, at least not completely. There are times when a similar amount of money gets you a much better deal which is what happened here.

I had contacted the Thai Embassy twice before my trip about getting a tourist visa and both times I was told that everything would be ready soon. Even after my third attempt I still didn’t have any confirmation other than “It will happen very soon!” A week later I found out that I wouldn’t even be able to stay in the country past March 31st.

As if having to leave three months early wasn’t bad enough, there was no reason given as to why or who decided my fate.

Most countries only require you to visit the embassy once

how many days visa processing in kuwait

A lot of countries will ask you to come back into their country for visa processing within a certain amount of time after your initial visit. This is called “visa reentry” or “visit-within-a-visit” policy.

Some examples of this are India, Nigeria, Panama, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and many other nations. Some even have a minimum number of days that must pass before they will process your second visa.

Most of these countries apply this rule because it helps prevent visa overstays. When someone travels abroad, they often times do not return to their home country for an extended period of time (for example, if they live there permanently). If a person leaves the country with no valid exit visas, then they could be accused of staying without permission.

This would make them liable for large fines as well as possible deportation from the nation they traveled to. By having a reentry window, people can safely travel away while still keeping themselves legal residents of the country. It also gives officials enough time to prepare for their return trip.

There are many reasons why your visa may take a long time

how many days visa processing in kuwait

Sometimes, even though all of the documents you provided match what is required to prove your identity and your purpose for traveling, it can still be difficult finding someone that knows you or has contact with you!

In fact, some countries require at least two weeks before they will review your paperwork so they have enough time to track you down!

This process can sometimes get frustrating as there’s nothing you can do but wait, especially if you need to travel soon!

Fortunately, we're living in times where tracking people down via social media is very common and easy to do. So, now let's look at some ways to help you promote your visit while waiting for your visa approval.

Your passport may be delayed

how many days visa processing in kuwait

Sometimes, even though all of your documents are ready and you have confirmed that with VISA’s customer service team, your visa can still get stuck at the local embassy or consulate. This is very common when there is an unexpected delay during processing or someone needs more time to review and process your paperwork.

In this case, VISA can put your entry into Kuwait on hold while they try to reach the person working on your file. This way you don’t need to worry about leaving the country!

However, because we advised members not to travel outside of Kuwait without confirming their visa will be processed within 5 days, it’s important to know what to do if this happens.

If your visa has been delayed for longer than five business days, then you should consider traveling anyway as long as you have confirmation your trip is on track.

The country you are applying in may not be listed

how many days visa processing in kuwait

Recent reports state that it can take up to seven days for some visa types to process in Saudi Arabia. Some people have even been told they need to wait eight weeks! This is very concerning as most international visitors require visas before coming to our beautiful nation.

Visitors who want to stay longer than 30 days must apply for an extension online through Mina Global, which takes around two working days. Beyond this, there is nothing else you can do but wait and see if your application has been approved or denied!

Sadly, things like this happen quite often at the Saudi Arabian embassy abroad so being prepared is important. Make sure to check their website and read their guidelines to know what to expect! They may also send someone physically to the consulate to gather more information.

The embassy may be crowded when the visa office opens in the morning

how many days visa processing in kuwait

This is not necessarily an indication that more people are seeking a visa to enter or live in Kuwait, but instead could mean that many individuals need to visit the embassy for another reason.

Maybe they have to meet with someone about their passport, maybe there was a change of address, perhaps they need to review or update their visa status, etc. - all of these things can cause a small delay at this time.

The staff at the embassy will surely get through the queue much quicker than what we would as civilians, so don’t worry too much if you find yourself stuck behind them!

After visiting the embassy, some people make arrangements to return later in the day to avoid this problem. By doing this, they usually wait less than half an hour for an empty seat, which is great news.

The visa office may be closed for renovations

how many days visa processing in kuwait

Recent reports say that there have been rumors of an internal conflict at the Gulf State Department, where the headquarters for all VISA processing is located. This comes as no surprise, considering this organization has experienced several power shifts over the past year.

A lot of changes have occurred within the department since it was first made aware of the fake documents being used to process visas. Changes include the resignation or termination of employees, as well as external recruitments.

These developments lead many to believe that something major will happen very soon. There are even some who claim that everything is already in motion and nothing can stop what has been planned!

Whatever happens next, one thing is certain – people will be talking about the VISAs for at least two weeks. Luckily, you’ll be prepared! Read on to learn more about how to stay informed and prepare for your trip.