How Many Days Visa Processing In Dubai

By Tiara

Recent developments for visa processing times in Dubai have many people talking, with most comments praising the new system. The main reason stated for this is the decrease in waiting time due to there being less steps involved in process.

As more and more people visit and live in the UAE, it becomes increasingly important to enjoy your stay here! Having to wait outside a consulate or embassy for hours can be frustrating especially if you are busy doing something else at the time.

Luckily, things seem to be changing for the better as we update our article today!

We will go over some of the different types of visas that can often take days to process, what factors determine how long it takes to receive them, and why it is so difficult to get an exact number of day estimates.

This article will also talk about what changes have been made to help reduce processing times, and whether these make sense. We hope you enjoy reading and learning from ours too!

Update: As of May 2020, Emirate Immigration has announced that they will begin publishing visa issuance times starting June 1st. This is very exciting news since it gives individuals more information than ever before!

You will now know exactly when you should arrive at the UAE Embassy or Consulate to find out if your visa was issued or not along with their estimated dates.

Two weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

Even though it may feel like longer, two weeks is really all that needed for visa processing in UAE!

It’s true, most countries take less than one week to process visas. The difference comes down to time frame. Some nations are fast paced and complete their work in a few days, while others can drag out the process quite a bit depending on how many officials there have to meet with and discuss your case.

The good news is, this doesn’t usually matter too much unless you're traveling during very busy seasons or if you will be staying long term in the country. During these times, waiting around could mean losing part of your trip because they run out of time before you arrive.

That's why we've compiled some tips here to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We'll tell you what you can do before, during, and after arriving in the country to ensure a quick visit.

Three weeks

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Success takes work and effort so don’t ever expect things to come easy without putting in the effort first.

Four weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

Like most major international corporations, VISA has offices all over the world to process visa applications. These facilities are referred to as “service centers” or just “offices.”

There is no standard processing time at an office – it can range anywhere from one day to months depending on the workload of the staff members and timing of appointments.

With that said, we have estimated how many days it will take for your visa to be processed in our latest article! Read on to find out more.

Five weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

The most recent update for visa processing times in Dubai is that it takes five weeks to process visas at the Emirate country. This was revealed back in May of 2020, when the government made this announcement.

Prior to this, there were rumors and reports about long wait times at the embassy. These reports sparked many conversations about whether or not people should visit during the pandemic, or if we have already been overreacting due to the epidemic.

Some even said that visiting during this time would be irresponsible, but others disagreed. They felt that waiting for these extended processing times was worth it since it gave us all some sort of normalcy by keeping us busy.

Many believe that the longer processing times are due to the coronavirus. People come and go from the UAE frequently, so the government needs more time to verify who everyone is before letting them into the country.

Six weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments have made it clear that visa processing times for most countries are getting longer! This is very concerning as people need to travel frequently or permanently, so being able to predict when their visas will be processed gives them time to prepare.

Many international companies offer quick service through their own visa offices or via third-party services they use. By becoming familiar with the different agencies and how quickly they respond, you’ll know what to do if your documents get lost or not received.

It’s also important to remember that some embassies take more than six weeks to process applications, even popular destinations like Thailand and Turkey. The earlier you apply, the better!

Thailand has a one month waiting period after applying before receiving passports which can make it difficult to coordinate visits. In addition to this, there is an extra cost of US$70 per passport segment (the two cover pages and name changes) for those who want to update theirs.

Seven weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

This is one of the biggest frustrations that most people have when it comes to traveling overseas. You earn enough money, you save up for your trip, and then bam! They tell you that you will need an additional week to process your visa.

This can easily cost you half a month’s salary if you are paid monthly. Luckily, there are ways to speed up this process and avoid paying more money to do so.

There are many different types of visas that require processing time, but we will focus only on tourist visas here. These include Schengen Tourist Visas (STV), Business/Work Visas (B1/ B2 VISA) and Non-Immigrant Visit (NIVIS). We will also look at how long it takes to process these three kinds of visas at both the country level and consulate level.

At the end of this article, we will talk about some easy ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to process your visa in Dubai.

Eight weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for visa processing times in Dubai have seen them drop even more! The latest is that it now takes only eight weeks to get your passport back after you send yours off to be processed. This is great news as it was our average two months earlier.

Eight weeks may seem like an awfully long time, but remember this number includes both the day you sent your documents and the day they receive and process them. Also, this timing does not include the days, if any, where your document gets stuck in customs or other countries, so please make sure all of those things happen before you give up and go home!

There are several reasons why the UAE has these shorter wait times for passports, some political and others logistical. For one, Emirati authorities need less time to review international documents than what might be needed elsewhere.

This way they can focus their attention more on local affairs instead of spending time looking into who you are and what country you’re from. They also have larger staff sizes which help reduce waiting times. And lastly, most importantly, there is just far fewer people coming into the country at this moment, which means lower traffic at passport headquarters.

Nine weeks

how many days visa processing in dubai

With VISA, there is usually a three to six month processing time for your visa. This includes both the pre-visa screening process as well as the entry into UAE. The length of time for entry depends on what country you are traveling from and how long it takes to process your exit ticket or visa.

Nine weeks is very common when it comes to visa processing times in Dubai. If you have received word that your visa has been approved but then nothing happens within nine weeks, assume that it was denied. There may be some sort of bureaucratic holdup which requires additional documentation or proof, so keep copies!

If you receive word that your visa has been processed, expect to wait around five days for your entrance flight and another four at the most busy airports for departure. Even though they say only two people per airport, that’s not necessarily true.

There can be many reasons why this happens, so don’t get too stressed out unless you absolutely must arrive before the stated deadline.