How Many Days To Get Oman Employment Visa

By Tiara

Finding employment in another country is no easy task, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t have much money saved up. This is especially true if you are looking for a stable position that requires visa sponsorship.

Oman is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and Asia, making it very appealing for job seekers with international experience. It also has some of the highest average income growth in the world so there’s a strong possibility of finding paid work here.

However, just like any other foreign destination, getting a visa isn’t always as simple as going into an embassy and filling out a form. There can be many hurdles to overcome, including time constraints, costs, and not knowing who to talk to.

In this article, we will go through all the steps needed to get your Oman work visa and what things to watch out for while doing so.

Calculate your time in Oman

how many days to get oman employment visa

The next step is to calculate how long you will be staying in-country for! This includes your work visa, and if you have additional passports or visas that need to expire while you are here.

Oman has a monthlong tourist visa which can be extended at any immigration office. If you would like to stay longer than this, then you must apply for an employment visa. These are much more difficult to get as there is a maximum amount of time employers are allowed to hire someone per year.

This limit is two years every two years so most companies don’t even bother applying for one since they know it won’t be approved until three months into the employees second tour of duty with them.

Check the Oman embassy website

how many days to get oman employment visa

It is very important to know whether you have visa-exempt travel or not before going through the process of finding employment in Oman. If you do, great! You can easily move forward with your career here!

If you don’t, there are some things you need to be aware of when looking for work in the country. The most common way people get denied entry into Oman is because they ran out of money while traveling. This includes living expenses as well as tour costs.

Luckily, there are ways to prepare for this so it doesn’t become an issue. Make sure to budget properly for both short term and long term trips by establishing regular budgets. Also, try to coordinate your trip with other professionals so that you can back each other up if one person runs out of funds.

Another thing to consider is how much international credit card debt you have. Credit cards make it easy to spend money so keep an eye on those! Since working visas require proof of income, having enough money to cover your bills will help ensure you don’t run out during your stay.

Check the Oman immigration website

how many days to get oman employment visa

It is very important that you do not take your visa or work permit for granted. Make sure you check if there are any expiration dates before going through with the process of employment in Oman. If there is an application due date, make sure you have it!

Oman Immigration does not update their site often so it may be difficult to find out when your visa expires. They also may not publish the exact day that your visa will expire, but they can tell you within a few days at most.

So what can you do? You should start looking for job opportunities as soon as possible! There are many ways to look for jobs in Oman, some more professional than others. Some methods include using social media, googling business websites, talking to people who know about the field you want to enter into, etc.

There is no limit

how many days to get oman employment visa

It is not too early to start thinking about your next step in life, especially if you have been working hard towards your goal for a while now. If you are interested in moving abroad, it makes sense to begin preparing soon!

Overseas employment visas allow you to live and work overseas for an indefinite amount of time. This document allows you to enter and exit the country with ease, and doesn’t require you to be sponsored by someone else. These documents can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $10,000, however, so it is important to know how many days to get an OV visa before applying.

There isn’t really any formal guideline that says what is ‘enough’ time to prepare for your trip, but most employers will ask for at least two weeks’ worth of job duties done ahead of time. This way, they are certain that whoever you're replacing has enough time to find their own rhythm and settle into their workplace.

We recommend gathering as much proof of employment as possible before this deadline, which includes pay stubs, receipts, and letters proving employment. Make sure to save these things in a place where you won’t lose them!

Once you've gathered all the necessary proofs, take some time to rest and recover before heading back to work. You want to make sure you're completely refreshed before taking on the challenge of being a foreign employee.

Apply for your visa as soon as possible

Even though it may seem like there is no deadline to apply for an employment visa, you should be aware that there is! You can spend up to 30 days applying for yours once you have all of your documents in order.

That means if you miss this window, you will need to start the process again from square one which could cost you time and money depending on how long it takes to find new documents.

Pay to get your visa faster

how many days to get oman employment visa

It is totally normal for employers to ask for some money as a fee or service payment for their company. But, in this case, it seems like the employer has something else in mind!

Oman employment visas are usually valid for one year with an extension of six months can be obtained at any embassy or consulate of Oman in the world. So, if you have paid enough, you will definitely receive your visa much earlier than expected!

But, you must make sure that the person offering these services is really authorized by the government to help applicants gain entry into Oman. Only use trusted agencies that can verify this for you. You can also do your own research before paying anything to someone new.

Use a visa agency

how many days to get oman employment visa

As mentioned before, getting an employment visa in Oman is not easy and requires some time and effort. While there are many ways to apply for an Oman work visa, using a professional visa agent is your best bet.
As with any other service, you get what you pay for and in this case, that can cost quite a bit!

Services that offer employment visas usually have very high fees due to them being sponsored by the government or large employers. These firms also typically represent only one employer at a time, which limits your options.

In addition to these costs, most agencies require you to be employed through their company when it comes to the last steps of the process. This means that even though they may help you find job offers, you will still need to look into local hiring procedures yourself.

Speak with an expert consultant

how many days to get oman employment visa

Even though it may feel like there is never a stop to waiting for your visa, this is not the case! Visas can take some time depending on how many government agencies need to approve them.

There are several reasons that your visa could be taking longer than expected, sometimes even weeks or months. The length of time needed for processing depends mostly on the type of visa you have as well as the country you are applying in.

Business visas and student visas usually go through much faster since their process has already been established. Work visas can be slightly more difficult as companies want to make sure they verify employees’ credentials before giving them permission to stay in the country.

Getting help from professionals is the best way to ensure that your application goes smoothly. There are various ways to find such experts online and at local embassies and consulates.