How Many Days Processing Of Working Visa In Qatar

By Tiara

This article will talk about how to process working visa for Qatari nationals. It is important to note that processing your work visa in Qatar can be quite tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the system.

There are several departments within MSA (Ministry Of Interior) where different types of visas are processed. Each department has their own set time frames for when they get done which makes it hard to predict exactly when someone could start working.

This article will go into more detail about what each step means, as well as some basic tips on how to help you along this process. We will also discuss what kind of documents need to be completed and mailed off before moving onto the next step. If there’s anything you aren’t sure about, feel free to ask us questions here or via our social media accounts!

To make sense of all these steps, we will first look at the types of business visa and residence visa qataris must have before being able to work. After that, we will dive into the most common routes people take to process their visa-work permit in Qatar. These include the direct employer – employee route, self employment, freelancer, part-time worker, and independent contractor routes.

We will then talk about how to apply through one of the many employers offering work visa sponsorship in Qatar. There are two main ways to find such jobs; by contacting individual companies directly or using job portals like Seek.

Requirements for a working visa in Qatar

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

Finding out if you need to process your work visa in-country or online is one of the first things you should do once you have received word that you are eligible to live and work in Qatar.

Most countries require employers to confirm their identity before granting them employment, this includes verifying documents such as passports, proof of residency and medical certificates. In some cases, they may also ask about past criminal convictions or notes regarding poor job performance.

In most instances, employers will be able to verify identities at either their workplace or via an external agency like Authenticate, Worldreader or VISA International (depending on which country’s regulations they match). If this isn't possible, there are sometimes ways to get around it, but only under special circumstances.

We've listed some common scenarios below, along with our recommendations depending on how quickly you want to begin living in Qatar.

How to apply for a working visa in Qatar

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

Finding work outside of your field is a good way to learn new things. Plus, you get to experience different cultures!

Finding employment overseas is difficult because employers want to make sure that whoever they hire is reliable and will show up every day. This can be tricky if you don’t have much job hunting experience since you won’t know what other qualities are needed to succeed.

We all need to eat, so making sure we have money saved is important before going looking for jobs. Since most countries have minimum wage laws, finding cheap housing or even just a bed to sleep in may require saving some cash first as well.

There are many ways to find work abroad, but none compare to starting your own business. Creating your own product or service and offering it to people is the best way to start this process. You would still need to search online to see if anyone has done something similar, but gathering enough capital to launch isn’t easy either.

A great way to begin investing is by buying and renting a house. Using our house budgeting tool, I will go into more detail and tell you how to do that on the next page.

Processing time for a working visa in Qatar

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

The process to get your work permit will take around two weeks, depending on how quickly you can complete all the required documents and whether your paperwork is done online or through mail.

Many employers require that potential employees have proof of employment along with their passport and visa. This makes it difficult to apply while you are still searching for that perfect job opportunity.

It’s important to be able to estimate how long it will take to find this kind of position so that you don’t over-estimate on what money you can spend before you have a paid job.

There is an eight week grace period after applying for your work visa where you must remain in Qatari territory unless approved for departure. During this time, you cannot work nor can you collect any sort of benefits such as health insurance.

After the eight week window closes, you can begin looking for work immediately.

Can I bring my family to Qatar with me?

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

Even though it may feel like there is never an end to processing your work visa, you do not need to worry about bringing your loved ones along for this journey.

Qatar allows one dependent child per worker visa. This means that if you are granted a working visa, then your child can also live here as a dependant.

They must be under 18 years old however, and cannot work while studying or attending school full time.

Is there a limit to the amount of money that I can have?

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

Unfortunately, yes! There is! The United States government has put a cap onto how much money you are allowed to keep at any given time while living or working in their country. This restriction is called a foreign asset limitation (FAL).

The FAL applies not only to cash, but also includes real estate, investments such as stocks and bonds, and other assets like cars and furniture.

There is an exception to this rule if your visa status is expired or cancelled. In these cases, it’s okay to temporarily repatriate your wealth.

However, if your visa expires before December 1st 2021, then you will need to decide whether you want to stay in the US permanently with no restrictions, remain in Qatar for another year, or apply for a new non-working visa.

Can I start a business in Qatar?

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

If you are an individual who will be opening or starting a business in Qatar, then there is one more thing that you need to make sure of before heading off anywhere- your work visa!

Making sure that your working visa is processed and valid can play a big part in whether or not you succeed in establishing yourself here long term or if you fail and have to leave with no money saved, time invested and dreams left behind!

There are two main types of visa for individuals looking to establish themselves in Qatar – Business Visas and Work Pass visas. Both require you to confirm that you are able to prove adequate income, but only the first requires proof of employment once you arrive.

Business visas are longer lasting than work passes which usually expire after six months. This article will focus solely on business visas as they are much easier to get due to fewer requirements.

Are there any language restrictions?

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

A work visa for non-Qatari nationals does not include length limitations or timing requirements, but it is important to note that working while on a visa can impact your stay in Qatar.

If you are able to prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family back home, then we do recommend talking about work before you arrive.

What are the visa fees?

how many days processing of working visa in qatar

As mentioned earlier, there is no formal process for working while youre waiting to find out if you can stay or not in Qatar. So, what happens when you go through airport security with your passport and work permit and they ask about it?

Well, most countries have an embassy that handles all matters related to visas. The Qatari government doesn’t have this so people usually don’t know this.

But here’s something few realize- some airlines require you to have proof youve applied for employment in Qatar before they let you board the plane!

This makes sense since employers must verify that you’re legally allowed to work in their country before giving you a job.

So how do you prove that you ARE able to work in Qatar? You make sure you have enough time to spend there!

By law, every person who lives in Qatar has to be either married or in a long term relationship OR have dependent children under 18 years old. This includes students and retirees.