How Many Days is Visa Processing In Saudi Arabia

By Tiara

Recent reports have stated that visa processing times for Saudi Arabian citizens are at an all-time high due to limited staff, resource constraints, and lack of efficiency. This is quite the opposite of what most people know about the country, as well as how things were done before.

Many believe that with the new crown prince taking over, everything will get back to business as usual – but this isn’t necessarily true!

It seems that there has been a shift within the government leadership towards more progressive policies that aim to improve the lives of Saudi Arabians, including offering greater opportunities for employment beyond just being a royal or member of the clergy.

This article will discuss some possible reasons why visa processing takes so long and what you can do to help reduce waiting time if yours is a longer than average process. We will also look into ways to stay in touch while you wait and how best to manage your stress.

I hope you enjoy reading my research and tips as much as I did putting them together! Feel free to add comments or questions below.

Two weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

Recent reports claim that it can take up to two weeks for some people seeking a visa into Saudi Arabia to be approved. This is not true!

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) does process visas quickly, but only if you are very well prepared and have all your documents ready.

It takes around one week to get an entry permit so that you can travel from the country you’re travelling from directly to Saudi Arabia. After this, we recommend getting accommodation pre-arranged as this will save you time once you arrive.

A lot of travellers make the mistake of thinking that they do not need an exit visa before leaving Saudi Arabia which is untrue. You must always check whether you require one or not depending on where you plan on going next. If you do, there is no need to spend more money buying an expensive flight or staying in a hotel with expensive room service because you can just leave when you like!

We also suggest being aware of what days work and play opportunities are available at your destination. Some places don’t allow you to enter their facilities until 24 hours after you wake up, for example, so make sure you know about those before you go.

Three weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

Recent reports claim that it can take up to three weeks for some people to get their visa processed in Saudi Arabia. This is not true!

It seems that certain individuals are taking advantage of the tough situation that many international students face by creating false rumors about how long it takes to process visas.

Visas cannot be processed any faster than the embassy’s stated timeline, so if there is no change to this then these false statements will only make things worse for students who have already over-estimated the amount of time it would take.

The exact length of time it takes to process your visa depends on several different factors, including but not limited to: The country you are applying from, whether or not you are traveling with dependents, and your personal experience with the Saudi Arabian immigration system.

We recommend staying updated on the latest information via our helpful tools and articles! You can also watch one of our YouTube videos here:

Four weeks

Recent reports state that it can take up to four weeks for your visa to be processed in Saudi Arabia. This is not true! Thankfully, there are some tricks you can do to speed up this process.

There are several websites and blogs that have tips and tricks for speeding up visa processing times. Some of these tips include but are not limited to:

Visit during off-hours

Use online visa services instead of going through a physical embassy or consulate

Send as many documents as possible via mail

Do not spend too much money on shipping or courier fees

The last one seems very weird, but it makes sense. You will probably pay a lot more to send your bags with a expensive shipping service than if you paid less and used your own car or train.

Be aware of how long it takes different embassies and consulates to respond to emails and messages. If you need to make changes to any documents, leave clear notes so they do not get confused.

Five weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

There are five major components that make up visa processing in Saudi Arabia. These include issuing the visa, receiving the passport back, sending the visa to its destination, confirming receipt of the visa at the destination, and ensuring there is no delay getting the next step done.

The first part of visa processing is actually issued by the country being visited. This is when your organization will be assigned an employee or consulate staff member who handles visas for that area. They will handle all of the applications you submit and work with you until the visa arrives at their location.

At this stage, the embassy worker may take some time to review the documents you have sent them before signing off and handing over the visa. Once they do this, it can take several more days for the two to connect and discuss how best to process your visit.

This whole process typically takes around two to three weeks, but it can sometimes be longer depending on the timing of both parties.

Six weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

Recent reports state that it can take up to six weeks for your visa to be processed in Saudi Arabia. This is not only very frustrating, but also embarrassing as you have to start the process over again.

Many people begin gathering documents and resources two months before processing their visas, which can add additional stress to an already tight schedule.

It’s important to remember that there are no set timelines when working with the Saudi Arabian government so this waiting period is normal.

We recommend being aware of the latest updates on processing times at regular intervals to avoid any potential delays.

Seven weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

For non-immigrant visa holders, seven weeks is what most people refer to as the “grace period” after which they must leave Saudi Arabia. This grace period can be anywhere from one week to several months depending on your status.

For example, if you are an employee of a company in Saudi that has approved your departure, then your employer will have to notify the Saudi consulate of your departure within the next seven days. After this time frame, the consulate will officially consider you gone and withdraw your entry visas.

If there was no approval letter or proof of employment at the end of the day, then the consulate won’t make any concessions and will issue a deportation order immediately.

Eight weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

Recent developments for visa processing times in Saudi Arabia are quite shocking. Following reports of some travelers being refused entry into the country due to an expired passport, there have been several stories of extended wait times at the airport.

One such story comes from journalist Sarah Joseph who tweeted about her experience with the process back in February. She mentioned how she was told that it could take eight weeks to get your documents re-entered or replaced. Her documents were not re-enterred until almost one month later!

This is not the first time this has happened either. Back in November, another individual reported similar issues when they traveled to visit family in the Middle East and needed to renew their visa before returning home.

It seems like every few months we read about someone experiencing significant delays while traveling or living abroad. This can be very frustrating as you need to find ways to stay active while waiting around for things to happen. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help you do just that.

Nine weeks

how many days visa processing in saudi arabia

It seems like there is always a delay with VISA processing in Saudi Arabia, but it has nothing to do with your personal life or work commitments. Rather, it’s due to the time it takes for the visa department to get all of the documents you asked them to gather before issuing you a visa.

Nine weeks sounds like a long time, but remember that this includes the days right after you submit your application and up until when you actually leave for Saudi Arabia!

It can also add quite a bit of time if the embassy needs to organize an appointment at their headquarters or they need to request additional documents from you. Some countries will even require an interview which adds another couple of weeks to the process.

In fact, some people have described waiting for visas in Saudi as being on a ‘Visa Hangover’ seasonally because of how many delays there are throughout the year.