How Many Days Is Visa Processing In Dubai?

By Tiara

Recent developments for visa processing times in Dubai have come to light, with reports of some consulate s notifying applicants that their applications had been received but they were already closed!

This has left many people scrambling as they try to determine what is going on with their application, and whether or not it is even possible to make an appeal or reconsideration.

It is important to note that while there are no official guidelines about how long it takes various consulates to process visas, we can assume that longer than 30 days is very unusual.

Most countries will take less than two weeks per person, if not one week at most. Some may take slightly more due to national holidays, or because of other commitments they need to address first.

But when a second (and sometimes third) copy of your passport has gone missing, things get a little trickier. Thankfully, this situation is becoming increasingly rare now that passports have advanced security features. But before you apply, be sure to check out our tips here.

2-3 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for visa processing times in UAE have seen both good and bad news!

Good News

Most people are aware of the fact that it can take several weeks to process your visa in Dubai. However, some may not be quite clear on how long this takes actually is. Some say it’s months, while others claim it’s just a few weeks. Both are correct, but what we should really focus on is the average number of days.

The best way to do this is to determine the length of time it took to process every single visa. By looking at these numbers, we get an overall idea of when most visas typically take around here. This gives us an even more accurate timeline as there will likely be some variance between individual cases.

By determining the average, we also account for any major delays which may have occurred.

3-4 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

Even though it may sound like there is no way to know how long it takes for your visa documents to be ready, you can actually check this out!

Visas are typically issued within three to four business days once all of the required documentation has been received. This means that if you send off your paperwork one week before your trip, then you will have enough time to wait for it.

But what if something happens and you don’t receive your passport or visa until two weeks after you leave? You would probably worry about missing your flight, but there are ways to handle this.

4-5 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for visa processing times in UAE have seen major changes. In fact, it now seems that there is no clear standard when it comes to how long it takes to process visas in the country!

Visas can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on what city you are in and which department within the MHA (Ministry of Human Resources) or MOE (Ministry of Education) your organization contacts for one.

This is not only because departments work at different speed, but also due to national holidays during this time frame.

In fact, some months there will be more than 10 days where nothing happens! It is important to know that even if you have all the documents ready, waiting could still tip the balance in favor of someone else who has them already.

We would like to give a big thumbs up to those behind recent change in visa processing times as these improvements make doing business in the UAE much easier.

5-6 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for visa processing times in Dubai have come to light via an article written by Business Insider. They spoke with three different employees at a major visa agency about how long it takes to process visas.

This company is very well known and has received great reviews. This employee said that, “It can take anywhere from five to six weeks” to get your visa processed. The other two workers agreed and mentioned that this could be even longer if there are complications.

This sounds crazy because we are talking about getting a VISA! But it makes sense when you think about it. There are so many steps involved in applying for a visa that it just adds onto the waiting time.

These steps include having your passport verified, verifying employment, making sure all documents are complete and authentic, and several others.

6-7 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for visa processing times in UAE have seen major changes. Up until now, the average length of time it took to process your paperwork and get your passport back was five working days!

That’s right, every couple of weeks, there would be reports of people being stuck waiting outside an embassy or consulate office with their passports while they waited for hours, if not days, for them to return.

It seems that these frequent wait reports are coming to an end though. It is our understanding that most countries will now only require one business day to process visas (up from the usual 5!).

This means that even if you go through all the motions by applying online, checking availability, confirming pick up etc, you can still be sitting around for several more days due to slow bureaucracy.

7-8 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

After you purchase your new visa, it takes around seven to eight business days for them to process it. This is not only due to their busy season but also because there are an average of 5–7 people that have to review and approve your application before they finalize it.

Businesses in the UAE work hard to ensure that tourists enjoy their stay here while at the same time protecting the country’s tourism industry.

If you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly go through one of our partner agencies or visit https://www.visadubai.

8-9 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

After you send your visa application, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks for them to be processed. This is how long it takes at least for some countries to review and accept or reject your documents.

Some of the things that affect this include whether someone else already has an entry visa, if there are any discrepancies with their current residence status, and whether they have enough money to stay in the country.

If all these conditions are met and you have proof, then the process will move onto the next stage which is usually traveling to UAE to meet with representatives from the consulate.

9-10 days

how many days visa processing in dubai

These are the normal visa processing times for most nationalities, including those with US visas. Some countries take longer than others to process your documents, but that’s just because they take their time and care about their paperwork.

Some things can slow down the process of getting a visa, like if there is an inquiry or denial. In fact, some governments don’t tell applicants what is taking so long!

If you have received word from USCIS that your application is being processed, be prepared for it to take at least nine to ten days until you receive notification of acceptance or rejection.

After that, you will need to make arrangements to come back into the country before submitting your passport for review, which could take another couple weeks.