How Many Days is Uk Student Visa Processing

By Tiara

Recent developments for UK students studying abroad have been very positive. More student visa options, faster processing times, and lower application fees are just some of the things that make attending school overseas more accessible.

However, there is one area where many international students face trouble: how long it takes to process their student visas!

Many people begin looking into studying in Europe during the winter break due to the expensive flight tickets and slow visa processes. Some even give up before starting anything significant because they feel that their time is being wasted by system delays. This can be demoralizing and prevent students from exploring all of the possibilities that European education has to offer.

This article will go over some ways to help you navigate through visa processing times. If you’re already familiar with these tips, then read on to learn something new!

We'll cover both short term (1-2 months) and longer term (3+ years) strategies. Even if you only have a few weeks until your departure, you should do at least part of this guide now.

Short Term Strategies

These tips will help get your visa processed as quickly as possible without having to start planning your life elsewhere.

There are several different departments within the British government that handle immigration paperwork. The best way to know who handles which types of documents is by doing some research online or talking to friends and family in the country you want to study in.

Immigration processes

how many days uk student visa processing

Like any process, immigration has its own set of steps that must be done in order for your student visa to get approved or denied. These steps include proof gathering, review, approval or denial, notifying applicants and cancelling visas.

Usually, there is a stage where you have to prove how well-funded your trip will be. This could range from proving you have enough money to live on while studying, to showing that you have sufficient funds to return home after graduation.

Some countries require one more piece of evidence before they issue a student visa. These can include documents confirming that you will attend classes, speak the language, and find accommodation as well as proofs of enrollment at an educational institution.

There are also some cases when officials ask about criminal records or if you’ve made false statements to gain entry into the country.

Your visa application

how many days uk student visa processing

Like any other form of documents, your student visa document collection will vary depending on what country you are applying in. Some common items include proof of funding (such as letters or statements confirming your financial aid), proof of residence (like a house lease or proof of ownership of an apartment) and proof of vaccination records if needed (for example, if you plan to study abroad during flu season).

It is very important that you do not wait until the last minute to gather all these documents! If possible, we recommend gathering most of them before you apply so that they can be prepared in advance. This way you will have more time to focus on something else!

If your exam period is for one month then it is advised to have at least two weeks before this where you can relax and prepare fully. It will also give you enough time to prove that you have adequate money to cover your studies while you’re away.

Your passport

how many days uk student visa processing

When you move abroad, your first task is to secure appropriate visas for your stay. You will also need a proof of residence or work in Europe while you are there, as well as a way to get back home if you do not plan to return to Australia after your education.

It’s important to note that most European countries require at least six months visa free residency before they issue citizenship papers. This means that even though you may only be here for a few months, you can still have some time to establish yourself.

Most students choose to remain in their dormitory accommodation during this period, which can make staying in Europe much more affordable than living independently. In addition to saving money, it helps keep social connections strong and encourages interaction with other students.

Some people choose to live close to where they study so that walking or public transport is easy, but this could put pressure on friendships if they need to relocate later.

Your airline ticket

how many days uk student visa processing

If you are traveling to London for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you purchase your air travel tickets ahead of time so that you do not have to wait until just before your departure to find out if there are any delays at the airport. This can be done through various online booking sites or via phone by speaking with representatives from the airlines directly.

By doing this well in advance, you will also have more money spent on eating and lodging since you would have already planned for these things.

The location of the embassy or consulate

how many days uk student visa processing

Most countries require at least seven days to process student visa applications. This is because they want time to gather all the documents you mentioned in your application, verify them, and then forward everything to their country office for review.

Some nations may take longer than seven days due to having to order additional documents or make sure that nothing has expired while they process your paperwork.

There are several ways to find out how long it takes to process student visas.

Popular visa application times

how many days uk student visa processing

Starting in July, there will be no more automatic processing of student visas at U.K. Visasolutions. This is due to changes being made by the British government that require additional documentation.

Currently, if you are an international student wanting to stay in the UK for study, your student visa can automatically be processed and you do not need to worry about it until later in the year.

From August 2nd, students must have proof they have enough money to support themselves while studying in the United Kingdom. They also have to show they have adequate health coverage before coming to live here. Both of these things can be quite expensive so some budget preparation is needed!

International students who arrive after this date may find their student visa has been delayed or even denied which could have serious consequences. It is important to start thinking about how to pay for college early.

Visas take around two weeks to process once applications are received so starting early will give you time to get everything ready. Check out our article on tips for international students for more information.

Tips for processing time

how many days uk student visa processing

The longer your visa process, the less pleasant it is. But there are some things you can do to help reduce the amount of time it takes to come up with a decision.

It’s important to remember that different departments will take their own separate amounts of time when making a decision. Some days, even weeks could pass before someone actually makes a call or sends out an email about your application!

By being proactive, you can hopefully save yourself a bit of stress. Make sure to stay in contact with all members of your team and keep track of what stage each person is at in the process. This way you don’t have to wait around for them, and you’re not left wondering if they’ve decided to reject or accept your application.

In addition to this, be aware of any deadlines which might relate to your student visa status. If you find out too late, you may need to start looking into alternative visas or courses, so make sure you remain updated on such details.

Contact the embassy or consulate

how many days uk student visa processing

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all of your documents in order, as well as proof of enough money to stay in Australia for your visa duration.

If you do not have enough money to be self-sufficient while you are here, then we would suggest looking into student loans or scholarships so that you do not need to rely on expensive accommodation or meal plans.

Also, if you feel that your situation becomes too difficult, there are many ways to extend your visa. You can apply at any Australian Consulate or Embassy around the world. The process is similar for both business and tourist visas.