How Many Days Is Employment Visa Processing In Dubai?

By Tiara

Recent developments for employment visa processing times in Dubai have many employers reevaluating how much time they need to prepare for your arrival. More than ever, there is a constant pressure to meet deadlines as companies recruit more frequently and want to start their business day with people being hired directly from them!

For those who are already living in or traveling to Dubai, these changes may be hard to notice. For others looking to move here, this can create some major setbacks.

We will talk about what has changed related to work visas, why it’s important to stay up-to-date on visa processing times, and what you can do if you are struggling to find job opportunities and get ready for your transition.

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As we mentioned before, the timing of employee visa applications has been changing rapidly over the past few months in the Emirates. This article explained some reasons why this happens and what professionals can do to remain prepared.

It is very important to be aware of the current employment visa processes in order to avoid any potential delays or issues when coming into the country.

Three-year visa

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

For most employers, the easiest way to hire workers is via an employment visa. This requires finding a job that needs help from a company or organization with enough money to sponsor your residency here. Then, they have to find someone willing to work for their new employer as a hired employee!

If you’re looking to come to the UAE, there are several types of visas available dependent upon what position you want to hold and how long you plan to be here. The more time you have after entry, the longer it will take to get the appropriate visa and documents. Deciding how much time you need can really influence which type of visa you apply for.

Three years is the perfect amount of time if you just wanted to live and work in the UAE. A three year business visa allows you to stay until your passport expires, at which point you must reapply. If you had family living here, you could probably get them to act as sponsors while you look for work later.

Five-year visa

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

A five year working holiday visa is one of the most popular visas for workers around the world. It allows you to live and work in the country as per your budget, for up to 5 years. You can extend this period if you have enough money saved up and/or an additional job that pays well.

There are some countries that don’t allow people on a working holiday visa to reside there longer than six months. This includes Australia where many people travel after getting their five year working holiday visa.

By staying within the allowed time frame, it helps prevent too much immigration into the country. For this reason, it’s more difficult to get this visa in certain nations.

Ten-year visa

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

Recent changes to UAE immigration laws allow for ten year work visas for non-Muslim workers. This is very significant as it opens up many more career paths for you as an immigrant in this country.

There are still some limitations to working under this visa, such as having your own money to live off of while you’re here, but these can be worked around if necessary.

It also cannot be extended past its initial 10 years unless there are enough jobs available that match your qualifications. But, employers can apply for an extension every two years per employee depending on what they have planned.

So, not only do you get to stay in the United States longer, but you also get to keep doing what you love! If anything ever did happen to find employment somewhere else though, you would just need to reapply and start all over again.

This article will talk more about how to process a job offer with a US employer on a tourist or business visa in Dubai.

Employment contract

An employment visa is only valid for one year unless you have secured an extension or new visa. So what happens if your visa expires? You will need to start the process over again! This can be very frustrating as it takes time, energy and money to go through the process twice.

Fortunately, there are some ways to extend your visa without having to do this. Most employers will be able to help you out by signing an employment contract that gives you six months of additional work authorization. If your employer cannot help you with this, then they should at least advise you so that you know about their options and can look into other possibilities yourself.

Some things to consider when looking for job extensions or new visas are whether there has been enough proof of employment, whether employees are given adequate breaks, etc. Make sure everything is legal first before taking action.

Business or job offer

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

Recent reports indicate that there has been an increase in visa processing times for employment visas in UAE. This comes as no surprise given the recent explosion of business activity across the globe and the attendant need to verify work authorization and employee documents.

Businesses are not the only ones having issues with visa processing either – individuals looking to migrate is also taking longer than normal due to the high demand for working visas.

It is important to note, however, that this issue does not apply to all employers or employees in UAE. Some people still manage to navigate the process without any delays, while others face significant roadblocks when trying to do so.

This article will discuss some potential causes of long visa processing times, how to avoid getting stuck if you are one of the few who run into trouble, and what you can do if you find yourself in desperate situation.

Skill assessment

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

After you have your job offer, the next step is to prove that you are qualified for the position. This process is known as skill assessment or VISA qualification. Employers look at previous experiences, education, certifications, and professional licenses to determine if you can perform the tasks needed to be successful working for their company.

If there has been no formal recruitment process done yet, it’s not too late! You can still do your best to show off your skills by doing something similar to what was performed in the past. Or, you can start preparing now so that when your visa does get processed, you will know exactly what needs to be done.

There are several ways to complete this task, but most employers use one of two main tools – certification providers or career websites.

Certification providers like Verified Skills or WorkHire test your knowledge in certain areas, while career websites give you opportunities to showcase yourself. Both are very common practices these days, so don’t worry about being familiar with them. There are even mobile apps that make this testing easy to do.

Medical examination

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

The next step of visa processing for work is to have your medical exam. This will be done by a doctor that works for an organization certified as such by MSAF (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs).

This company has experts review applications for certification, so it’s best to go through this process first before applying for the visa.

Once you are medically cleared, they will send you their form which asks about any health issues you may have and if you are taking medications. You must declare all medicines you take and why you need them.

For example, someone working abroad can’t just say he or she takes medication because they think they do, they must actually prove they do. It is similar with employment visas.

The employer MUST verify these things, so make sure you keep copies! Once again, it’s good to know what kind of documents you should include in the paperwork you already have ready.

Police check

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

A second way to know if you are an undocumented worker is by doing a police check. This can be done either through your local police department or via private organizations that perform these checks.

Many employers will ask their employees to complete a form known as the DS160, which asks about any legal status they have along with some personal information.

This information includes where people live, what country they are from, and whether they have citizenship or work visas. The employer must verify this information before giving you employment.

If you are asked for any of this information, do not provide it unless you are sure you meet the requirements!

It is very important to be aware of your immigration status so that you do not get into trouble at your workplace and/or home.