How Many Days For Dubai Visa Processing

By Tiara

The process of getting your visa in the UAE is definitely not straightforward, nor easy to navigate. There are so many things you have to do and different departments you need to approach to get everything done!

In this article we will go through all the steps involved in applying for an Emirate Visit Visa and what days each step takes. We will also look at how long it can take to receive your passport and when you should expect to see it again.

We will cover both short term (2 week) visas as well as longer (6 month+) visits. These include business or tourist visas so there is really no difference!

If you already have an Emirates visit visa then use these dates to determine if you need to start planning your trip earlier or if you can wait until later. We recommend doing some research before arriving to make sure your stay and travel plans are okay.

General tips: As mentioned above, being able to prove you have enough money to spend while you’re in the country is important. It is best to have 2-3 months worth of living expenses ready before coming to the Middle East.

It is very common to be asked for proof of sufficient funds after visiting the UAE, so having that set up ahead of time will save you some hassle. Some countries may ask about bank statements, sale agreements or contracts – anything show steady income.

Contact the UAE embassy

how many days for dubai visa processing

If you are still unable to find answers, your next step is contacting the UAE visa department in your home country or at one of their offices abroad. Since many employers require an approved work visa before hiring, this can be tricky.

Some countries have automatic visa processing systems that work with the UAE’s, but unfortunately, they only apply to citizens of those nations. You should definitely look into it if you already have a job here!

We don’t recommend going through an agency unless you live close by because agencies usually charge large fees for services, and there is no guarantee of success.

But staying in touch with family back home is always helpful so check in once a week, even if it's just for a few minutes! They may be able to help you coordinate getting a visa or know of someone who can.

Calculate the number of days the UAE government will take to process your visa

how many days for dubai visa processing

The length of time it takes to process your visa depends on two things: how long it takes at the embassy or consulate you apply with, and then how quickly they respond back.

The first step in processing your visa is going through the same system that every other non-resident applies for – an official visit to an overseas destination. This includes getting a flight ticket, booking a hotel room, buying new clothes, and more!

After this initial trip, the next stage is to wait around another two weeks until you get confirmation from the embassy or consulate you visited. A member of their staff will send you an email confirming that your application has been received and they’ve sent you a welcome pack containing all of your documents and applications.

This whole process can take anywhere between 10 and 40 days, depending on what country you are applying to and whether there have ever been any delays with visas being issued for that country before.

There are five visa processing times based on the country you are visiting

Recent developments in the immigration industry have given rise to various visa processing timeframes depending on which country you will be traveling to. This is totally dependent on not only the consulate, but also their current schedule and how quickly they can get things done!

Some countries like China and India have several consulates spread out across different regions of the country so it may take longer to process your documents if you go through all of them. Others have just one main consulate that handles most visas so this may cause issues if you want to fly directly there after submitting your paperwork.

The best way to know what timeframe we should expect for our next trip is by looking at past records and tracking the progress of other travelers’s journeys. But due to the nature of tourism, such information is very difficult to come by without going through lots of sources.

Check your passport

how many days for dubai visa processing

It is important to note that not all countries require you to have an entry visa in order to enter their country, however, if you do need one then it must be present when entering their borders.

Some common examples of this are Australia where there’s a three month waiting period after leaving or Britain which has a twelve-month wait. Both of these amounts of time can seem very long so it is helpful to know how many days it takes to process your visa.

We have gathered some information about how long it takes to process visas at the UAE embassy in London, how long it took to process my own UK visa as well as other major tourist destinations around the world. You may also like reading our article about what to pack while traveling for The Best Travel Gear.

Know your visa requirements

how many days for dubai visa processing

Visas are an integral part of traveling to, and residing in, many countries. This is especially true if you plan to spend significant time there!

Many travelers make the mistake thinking that once they have their passport validated, their visas will automatically be approved as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You need to know what kind of visa you require and when it must be completed before entering the country.

Some countries only accept certain numbers of visits while others can give you one visit per person. Some even ask for proof of sufficient money to stay at a hotel or house-surrogate living arrangements.

There may also be questions about whether or not you will be allowed to enter and exit the country during your trip. For example, most countries require at least 24 hours between exits. This is why it’s important to research immigration laws in advance.

Plan your trip

how many days for dubai visa processing

The next step in planning your international travel is deciding when you want to visit. This article will talk about how long it takes for Dubai visa processing, so that you are aware of this fact before you arrive!

Visiting Dubai for more than two weeks requires an extended entry visa. An extended entry visa allows one to stay in the country for up to 90 days, which is twice as long as the standard tourist visa.

This longer visa can be difficult to obtain because there is a limited amount of time that individuals may spend in the country outside of the normal vacation period. Therefore, it is important to know what days at the airport they allow you to enter and exit the country.

Typically, people have their visas processed at the Emirates Airline Global Entry (EAGLE) Passport Welcome Center located at Dubai International Airport. However, it is not possible to schedule an appointment here until five months out!

That means if you wanted to apply for your visa six months before your arrival date, you would need to do it three months out from arrival to make sure it gets done in time.

Know the time difference in Dubai

how many days for dubai visa processing

Having your passport verified and receiving your visa can take anywhere from one day to several days, depending on how many people are working on your case. This is because there are multiple levels where visas get processed.

There’s the diplomatic mission level, the immigration department level, the mobile visa service level and then finally the individual agent or employee that processes your paperwork at their work location.

It gets even more complicated when you consider what time of year it is! The summer months mean higher tourist seasons, which means more tourists seeking services, and thus more staff working on visas.

On the other hand, winter is much less busy season, so there may be fewer employees available to do work.

What this means for you as an international traveler is that you have very different experiences across the board depending on both your personal schedule and the dates you choose to visit.

Call the UAE embassy to confirm the number of days

how many days for dubai visa processing

It is very important to know how many days it will take to process your visa in person. This information comes directly from the country that grants you entry, which in this case is the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The length of time needed to process visas has no standard size. Lengthy processing times are common due to limited staff availability at embassies across the world.

With that said, there are some general guidelines that can help determine how long it takes to process your visa. If you check out our article about the best ways to get around the U.S.