How Many Days Employment Visa Processing In Dubai

By Tiara

Finding out how many days it takes for an employment visa to be processed is very important as it can play a big role in your life. Some countries take longer than others to process visas, but there’s really no reason why you should be aware of this unless you make plans that depend on when this job list comes up.

Business trips are one example of something that could go wrong if you don’t know what time frame we’re talking about. For instance, let's say you want to visit London for two weeks and check into a hotel every day. You would probably pack some things ahead so you have space to store all of your belongings while you're away.

But what happens if they run out of rooms at the hotel you booked before you arrive? Or worse yet, what if there aren't any more nights available at the same price during those two weeks?

You would then be stuck with no place to stay because hotels require confirmation within 24 hours, according to Hola. If this ever happened, you would also likely need to find somewhere new to stay overnight since most people don't walk around with a suitcase full of money.

Luckily, you won't face too much of a problem if you're already familiar with how long it typically takes employers in Dubai to review and process VISA applications.

Two-year work visa processing times in Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

If you are looking to live in or visit the UAE for two years, there is one more piece of information that you need – how long it takes to process your employment visa. This article will tell you just that!

The timing of this article comes at the right time as many people are seeking answers about the best way to stay in the country for two years. Some even have their visas ready and want to know when they can move here!

So, let’s talk about the most common 2 year visa for residents of the UAE - the non-immigrant E2 visa.

Three-year work visa processing times in Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

Recent developments for employers seeking to hire internationally include longer processing time frames for employment visas. Companies are now offering three year process times for acquiring an employment visa for a limited duration of stay. This is not only great news for employers, but also aspiring international migrants who have been put off due to long application processes.

Three years may seem like a very long time when you're just looking to come and live in a new country, however this does give people enough time to establish themselves and find appropriate housing or even jobs!

It's important to remember that while these applications can take up to two years to complete, once you've received your documents and it has been determined that you qualify to apply for a working visa, you'll be able to begin the process of obtaining one.

Renewing a work visa in Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

As mentioned before, every foreigner working in UAE is required to have an employment visa. This means they must prove that they are performing work for a company or organization that has been approved by immigration.

The length of time it takes to process an employment visa in Dubai depends on two things: The country you're applying from and the type of business you want to work for. If your employer can provide proof that they already have a job offer then their chances of being granted residency in UAE are higher.

Businesses also have different levels of sponsorship. For example, if a restaurant wants to sponsor you as an employee then they will submit documents proving that they have enough money to pay for your living expenses while they are not employed. However, if a private individual sponsors you then they would need to ensure that there is no chance that you could make money without them knowing about it.

There is never a guaranteed timeframe for how long it will take to receive your passport and/or residence card so try to be patient but maintain contact with your embassy to know what days are best to apply.

Obtaining a visa for Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

Finding work in the UAE is not easy, even as an experienced migrant. Employers want to make sure that you are indeed looking out for employment opportunities here before giving you proof of employment.

Obtaining a working visa can be quite time consuming so it is best to do your research early on. There are several ways to approach this depending on how much time you have until you need to start looking for a job.

If you just one day then you can easily get through it quickly by talking to people who already have a visa and going through some of the online resources I mentioned above. However, if you know very little about the country or the Emirate level bureaucracy, then these may take longer.

The next step would be attending an English language school in the city. This will cost around 5,000 AED per month (about 1,500 USD) which should cover most of your living expenses while you learn your new skill. Schools in the area usually run a placement service where they find employers willing to hire students.

Stay in Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

If you are looking to live in Dubai, there is nothing wrong with staying here while your visa is being processed. This can easily mean one month or more depending on how quickly your paperwork goes through!

Dubai has so many things to offer including culture, entertainment, nature and more than enough restaurants and shopping experiences.

There are even ways to earn money while waiting for your visa to be approved. The best way to survive (and enjoy yourself) during this time is by spending what you have budgeted on food and drinks responsibly.

You can also find accommodation here that will help you feel comfortable and take care of you. There are always alternatives available if something doesn’t work out though as most major cities in UAE have a high level of tourism.

Stay without a visa

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

In fact, you do not need to have a work visa in UAE at all! If you are an experienced professional or student looking to move here for employment or study, then staying as a tourist is your best option.
As a tourist, you can live and work in UAE indefinitely.

You will still need to be sponsored by a company that hires you however, but this is usually easy to achieve through your home country or via online resources.

There is no limit to how many days employers must keep their employee’s visas in process, so if you qualify, stay out of the office until yours comes through!

Some ways to earn money while living and working in Dubai as a tourist include:

Working as a housekeeper or server – great way to meet people

Teaching English or another language – most countries around the world want professionals to speak their language

Freelance writing or design- good opportunities to make extra cash

Running a business – start your own yoga studio, hairdresser, restaurant, etc

So even though it may feel like there is never enough time to prepare for things, spending some time preparing ahead of time makes moving into the next step easier. - More tips here.

Can I work without a visa?

Even though it is not necessary to have an employment visa, you must be aware of what kind of jobs are allowed in UAE. Jobs that require no permission to begin working include selling products online or via mobile app, doing freelance design, writing for companies, and being a part-time employee at another company.

In these cases, there is usually only one person involved – you. The employer will hire you as a freelancer or full time worker and pay taxes like any other business.

There are some more complicated situations where your job could possibly qualify as requiring a work permit. For example, if you are hired as an accountant then this would require a work visa. But if you are hired to do administrative work such as answering phones and sending emails, this does not.

We recommend reading about the types of visas before trying to find work here so that you know what is legal and which ones you need.

Getting a job in Dubai

how many days employment visa processing in dubai

Finding employment opportunities in the UAE is not easy, especially for recent immigrants who do not have many connections or previous experiences. Even if you are well connected and have done some business before, it can be difficult to match your skills with what employers want to hire.

The immigration process in the UAE is also quite complicated, which makes it even more difficult to find work. There are several different visa types that workers must stay within time frames to remain in the country, and there is no set order in which they are processed. Some jobs require only one type of visa, while others require two or three!

Job seekers should make sure they are fully prepared for the process at every stage by researching appropriate documents and timing requirements thoroughly.