How Many Days Employment Visa Processing In Bahrain

By Tiara

Recent developments regarding employment visa processing times in Bahrain have many employers, workers, and stakeholders around the world concerned. The media has reported how much longer it can take to process visas for work here.

Many people assume that since Canada and several other Western countries accept UAE passports as proof of residency, then this means that Emirati passport holders do not need to prove their residence within the country when applying for an Australian or Canadian working visa.

This assumption is false.

Australia does require evidence of residence from all applicants, even if they are using another national identity card to verify citizenship. Similarly, Canadians ask for such documents even if Emiratis use Thai, Malaysian, Philippine, Indian, or any other nationality’s IDs to prove residence.

These additional checks make sense because Australians and Canadians cannot simply trust someone else’s identification; only one entity produces national ID cards – the government! This way, our neighbors across the border or up north know exactly who we are and what documents we carry.

The same goes for requiring residential proofs of residency like a lease or house deed. Only the state issues these, so again, only the government knows who owns what property!

All of these things add time to the already very long application processes for working visas. Because of this, some citizens and businesses are looking at moving away from the Kingdom due to the length of time needed to obtain a visa.

What is the visa application process like in Bahrain?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

The next step of the employment visa process will be to determine how many days it takes for BAHRAIN TO PROCESS THE APPLICATION!

This is one of the most important parts of the process as it can take anywhere from several hours to weeks depending on the length of time needed to process documents, talk to employers, and verify income.

It’s very common to hear stories of people who have left home with only a few days to apply because they must begin working immediately or risk being deported, but this isn’t a good situation unless you’re paid well enough to live off of while you look for work.

Most countries give their citizens at least six months within which to find stable employment so if you are able to wait that long then your chances of getting accepted into the country are much better than someone who has less time.

How long does it take for the government to process my visa?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

Even though the consulate cannot give you an exact time frame, they can at least provide you with some numbers to help determine how long it takes to process your visa. The length of time it will actually take depends on not just the embassy or consulate, but also the person working on your file and their workload at that moment.

At MSA International, our team members are trained to handle as many cases as possible within a given amount of time. This means that even when there is a lot going on around them, they remain focused on getting your case completed as quickly as possible.

Our senior staff comes from various countries and speaks different languages, which helps us coordinate work and create effective communication pathways. All this coordination saves us time because we do not have to spend extra hours trying to speak each other’s language and understand what information needs to be gathered next.

By having such a large group of people who work together regularly, things like this get streamlined and worked out effectively.

Am I able to visit Bahrain before my visa is approved?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

It’s very important to note that you are not allowed to enter Bahrain while your employment visa is being processed. This is done for two main reasons.

First, it would be impossible to work while you’re still visiting so your employer wouldn’t be eligible for VISA sponsorship.

Second, your employers wouldn’t know if you were going to disappear or if they had heard bad things about them! They would likely look elsewhere for staff at this time too.

So, you have to wait until your visa has been accepted and then you can travel to Bahrain. And even after you’ve got settled there, you need to make sure you don’t take any legal actions against the government or your employer until your working visa has been issued.

This article will help you stay informed and be aware of how long it takes to process visas in Bahrain.

What are my visa options?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

Visas for work in the Gulf require two things: an employer that wants to hire you, and permission to enter or live in the country. Your employment visa is tied to your job position, so make sure to check those requirements before applying.

The second part of this process depends mostly on the country you’re entering- whether it’s through immigration channels or via transit laws. Some countries don’t have formal immigration processes, instead relying on their citizens to return after a set amount of time. In these cases, staying within the rules usually isn’t too difficult.

But what about employees who overstay their visas by just a few days? It can add up quickly, and while most governments don’t actively look into people's stays past the expiration of their tourist visas, they do keep records! Finding out if someone overstayed their visa may not be easy, but it’s definitely possible.

Is it easier to get a visa for travel or for business?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

It is very difficult to know if it is easier to obtain a business or tourism level visa in Bahrain. This depends mostly on your personal connections, how well you know the system, and whether you are willing to put in the effort to ensure success.

The easiest way to stay in Bahrain is by owning a house or renting from an owner. People with this type of residency usually have easy access to immigration services due at least partly to their position or affiliation.

For example, someone who works in banking would probably have much easier access than say, someone in information technology (IT) who may not have as many contacts within the government.

A tourist can visit Bahrain once every 90 days so they only need to apply for a Tourist VISA which lasts one month.

Is it possible to get a visa on arrival?

It is definitely not easy, but it is possible to do at certain international airports. What this means is that instead of having to wait for your visa to be processed back home, you can go straight into the country as an employee!

This is only practical if you are able to prove that you will have a place to stay while working here. This should not be too difficult as most countries allow one month’s salary as proof of a stable income.

For example, if you were offered a position as an engineer in Bahrain then paying off debts or buying furniture would satisfy the requirements. It is also important to know what kind of visa you require before coming so that you are not stuck waiting after arriving.

What are the requirements for a visa?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

The next step after receiving your employment visa is to ensure that you have all of your documents ready! Make sure to check with your employer as well, to see if there’s an employee orientation or training event that they will be hosting soon.

At this stage, your new workplace will also likely run you through some basic business procedures like how HR works and what time off you can take during the week. These things help make your job more comfortable so do not forget these!

Also remember to bring an adequate amount of money depending on where you live and how long you plan to stay in Bahrain. Some places may offer free breakfast, but it is better to carry enough cash to eat anywhere else!

Once again, congratulations on being hired into such a great company and good luck staying productive at your new workplace! If you need any help navigating immigration regulations in Bahrain, feel free to let us know at! We would love to help you out.

Is there a plan B during visa processing times?

how many days employment visa processing in bahrain

Even though it may feel like an eternity, there is something you can do to pass time while your paperwork is being processed. You can read or watch TV, surf the net, chat with friends, etc. But doing these things helps no one but yourself if you are waiting for a very specific thing — to come up and be approved!

Running out of things to do is probably the worst way to spend your wait. The longer you keep looking at your phone or computer screen, the more likely it is that someone will notice and say something about it. Or your colleagues will get suspicious when they see you constantly checking Facebook or watching YouTube videos.

So, try to avoid spending too much time alone without communicating anything. That’s why having a second job can be helpful. It takes away from your off-work hours and gives you some extra money, which most people have now due to the pandemic.