How Many Days Canada Working Visa Processing

By Tiara

In this article, we will discuss how many days it takes for Canadian employers to process work visas for employees. More than likely, you have been asked about these visa processing times by friends or family members who want more information on how to be totally sponsored by your employer.

It is very common for people to ask questions about immigration laws in Canada. Because of this, there are several websites and forums that contain lots of helpful information.

However, not everyone uses all of the information they find completely correctly. This can lead to issues for individuals trying to immigrate into Canada or citizens trying to use the law to help them.

There are legal professionals like yourself out there that may need some quick answers. That’s why our website contains a special section with complete answers to the most commonly asked question about visa processing times.

Luckily, you have clicked on one of those important topics! So let's get started looking at the answer quickly and clearly!

Question: What Is The Typical Time Frame For A Work Permit?

Answer: Depending on where in Canada the job is located, workers can expect to wait anywhere from seven up to twenty-one days before being able to start working.

That means half of the time, someone else could walk through the door taking their place! To make things even worse, some countries require two different work permits so there is always another applicant waiting behind you.

How many days does a Canadian work visa take?

how many days canada working visa processing

The way most countries process working visas is by having an embassy in your country send you a set amount of documents, then wait for them to be received before proceeding with the next step (application processing).

In some cases, however, there are additional steps involved after receiving all the needed documents. These can range from answering questionnaires about the employer or job offer, to requiring interviews at both your home and foreign location.

Some employers require medical examinations as well. This is usually done within one week of being offered the position, although this time frame may vary depending on what kind of positions they give you.

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to how long it will take to get your VISA, but general estimates are around 10-20 business day intervals per stage! That means if we were to do the math, that would make for a total of somewhere between 20 and 40 days from the moment you receive your invitation letter to going through immigration formalities.

What is the longest Canada working visa processing time?

how many days canada working visa processing

The shortest work visa process time in Canada is 30 days, with some employers taking up to 90 days or more. This depends on whether your employer needs you to start work immediately, or if they have their own internal processes that take longer than expected.

In cases where employees are allowed to begin work at the end of their initial work visa period, only one additional day is needed for processing. Two weeks is the most common length of time it takes for employers to get everything ready for you to join them here.

This two week grace period applies even to international workers who will be staying in Canada for longer than six months. They can still use this time to find employment and settle into life here!

Another factor that contributes to long processing times is when an employee’s passport expires during their stay. It is not uncommon for Canadian citizens to renew their passports around the same time as when they arrive in Canada, which could mean having to re-enter and -exit the country to complete the paperwork.

What is the shortest?

how many days canada working visa processing

The shortest period for which there are confirmed numbers of days from start to finish is 45 days in Australia. This was back in 2012 when they allowed 115 professional visa applications per month. Since then, this has been raised to 200.

That’s not many more than what most countries allow now! Even so, it’s still only one third as much time as we recommend for anyone hoping to stay longer in Canada.

We think that’s just too short a timeframe to ensure all your obligations will be completed and you’ll have enough time to settle into life here. Plus, even with these extra months, you’d probably need to apply for immigration every few weeks at best – making it difficult to focus on developing relationships and establishing yourself here.

It can also put stress on family and friends who must help out during this time, and don’t know if or when you'll be able to return home.

How many days does a Canadian work visa take?

how many days canada working visa processing

The process for obtaining canadian working visas is quite complicated, so it’s important to know how long it takes from start to finish. This article will go into detail about how long it takes to process your documents and what factors determine this time frame.

There are several different stages in processing a canadian work permit, which all contribute to the total wait time. These include gathering official documents, verifying employment eligibility, making sure bills get paid, finding housing, etc. We have included an approximate timeline of each stage below, but there are two major things that affect the timing of these stages – the country you apply from and whether you are applying as a skilled or non-skilled worker.

Which countries have quick work permits?

Some nations around the world offer easier access to work permits than others do. In some cases, national governments help facilitate the process by ensuring all basic requirements are present before granting a work visa.

In other instances, employers actively look for workers with no criminal records, so they don’t need to spend extra time checking references. Or perhaps they’re looking for qualified professionals, so they don’t need to verify educational certificates either.

What is the average processing time?

how many days canada working visa processing

The best way to understand how long it takes for VISA processing in Canada is by looking at an average. There are several different ways to calculate this, but one of the most common is taking the date you submitted your application and adding to it how many days it took to receive comments or answers from officials. This is then divided by two, as there are half a year between applications and processing times!

This calculation is sometimes referred to as ‘visa dash’ calculations because it calculates the length of time it takes to process a visa like a car trip where you know how long it takes to get somewhere, so you divide that into hours to come up with a total distance traveled. In this case, we are dividing the number of days by 2 to determine the total amount of time it takes to go through the visa process.

There is no standard definition for what constitutes ‘average’ when talking about immigration matters, but here, our definitions will use the median. The middle value of a set data points is used to describe something. For example, if there were three possible values for how long it can take to process a visa (one week, two weeks, four weeks), then the middle value would be two weeks. Two weeks is the average duration, as it is guaranteed to fall within one of the three possibilities, and thusly considered normal.

Will it be approved or denied?

how many days canada working visa processing

After you have gathered all of your documents, run them through immigration officials to make sure they are valid and authentic. If everything checks out okay, then your visa process comes down to waiting for approval or denial!

In some cases, there may be an extension available so that you can gather more evidence or finish projects before being allowed into Canada. In other cases, people are not granted entry due to health issues or criminal records.

It is very important to stay in contact with anyone back home who knows about your plans. This will help ensure that you do not find yourself stranded once you have landed in Canada. It also helps avoid any complications should something go wrong during your return trip.

Canada is a beautiful country to visit, which makes staying longer desirable.

What are the reasons it could be denied?

how many days canada working visa processing

One of the main things that can cause issues is if your employer does not have proof they searched for a job before offering you one. Employers are legally obligated to give you at least two days between receiving notice and when you start working with them, so make sure to keep yourself busy during this time frame!

Another reason it may get denied is because employees usually have about a week after their visa has expired until they leave the country, so make sure you do not overstay your welcome. If you find out too late that your visa has run out, there are some ways to fix this, but you will need to apply early next year to re-enter.

If you know what day your visa expires, please let us know as we may be able to help you stay in Canada longer than expected! We hope you enjoy your stay here and don’t forget to check back out soon for more tips from our website.

What should I do if I am worried about my application being denied?

how many days canada working visa processing

If you have reason to be concerned that your application will not be accepted, there are several things you can do. The first thing is to make sure your applications are complete and up-to-date. Make sure all documents and proof of employment, savings, residence, etc., exist and are easily accessible.

You may also want to consider applying for working visas before or at the same time as the permanent resident visa so that you don’t need to start looking for work immediately after receiving your PR card.