How Many Days Canada Tourist Visa Processing

By Tiara

Recent developments in Canadian visa processing times have many travellers concerned. Some countries are taking too long to process tourist visas, which is not ideal since you can’t start your trip until they do!

Many people will now be thinking about giving up their dream of visiting Canada because it seems like every time they apply for a visa, there’s a one week wait. One week may seem like a short amount of time, but when you're planning a vacation months in advance, that's a lot!

It’s important to note that even though some days are longer than others, most Canadians agree that our immigration system works well and efficiently. It’s truly impressive how quickly applications get processed these days, but things could always be faster.

That said, some changes need to happen. We as individuals really have no control over the length of time it takes to process a visa, so instead we should focus on what we can change – ourselves. You know yourself best, so try acting on those instincts.

If possible, try applying at off-peak hours or use an automated visa service to help you apply. This way you won’t waste any time waiting for your application to be processed, and you'll save some money by avoiding fees for extra documents.

Seven days

how many days canada tourist visa processing

Most countries require you to have at least seven days in their country before they will grant you tourist visa status. This is so that they can make sure that you won’t be a resident there!

Many people believe that this rule doesn’t apply to Canadians, but it does. Canadian authorities do not formally give away visas to travelers from outside of the EU or US unless they have fulfilled this criterion.

So what happens if you only have six days in Canada? You could potentially spend half of your vacation time trying to get a work permit or citizenship, something most tourists don’t even know about!

Canada has a system where instead of issuing short-term visas, it issues long term residency cards which are good for five years. These are usually available through local Canadian consulates, but may take some months to process.

Given that Canada is such an expensive place to visit, staying longer than necessary is very costly! It is best to make sure that you have all of your important documents sorted out as early as possible, preferably within one week of arriving in Canada.

Thirty days

how many days canada tourist visa processing

Most countries allow tourists to enter for up to thirty days within their borders. Some even give you sixty! This is not always the case, however, as some places require at least one year of stay time in order to issue traveling visas.

Thirty day tourist visa processing times are the most common because they’re quite easy to manage. After your passport has been verified, and if you have proof that you will be returning home, then the rest is taken care of by Canadian immigration officials.

You must return to your country of residence after your visit here in Canada is over, or you could face big trouble back home. Make sure to check with your consulate about what documents need to be brought when you travel abroad so you are totally prepared.

Annual Canadian Visitor Programs

There are two main types of tourist visas issued by Immigration, Annual Visitor Program (VIP) cards and Transient Worker Visas (TWVs). Both can be obtained through the same process, but only TWVs do not require you to live in Canada while you are there.

Visitors under twenty-one years old may apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which does not automatically grant entry into Canada, whereas those aged twenty-one and above must apply for a normal visitor visa.

Canada offers several different VIP programs to choose from, depending on how long you wish to spend in the country.

One year

how many days canada tourist visa processing

Recent changes to Canadian visa regulations require that every tourist visit have an exit leg from Canada within one year of entry into Canada.

This change was made back in October 2017, so it is not too early to start thinking about your next trip!

Many people find this regulation annoying because it can be difficult to coordinate all flights and vacations during that time frame. Luckily for you, we have some helpful tips here for how to stay under the one-year limit.

General Tips For Visiting Canada

We will go over more specific tips such as what to do if your vacation falls outside of the one-year limit later in this article, but first let us talk about some general things to keep in mind when traveling to or through Canada.

1. Culture shock does not exist in places with a strong culture. – This may sound weirdly negative, but I want to emphasize it.

Canada’s culture is very strong, which makes it tough to feel comfortable while there. People tend to either love or hate the country depending on whether they experienced anything beyond the most basic level.

2. There are lots of ways to spend your money in Canada. – Canadians are known for being friendly, so chances are someone near you will try to invite you out for drinks or dinner after work.

They also make great use of public transportation, so even if you don't like walking, you'll still get around easily.


Can I apply for a visa online?

how many days canada tourist visa processing

It is now possible to apply for most Canadian tourist visas through your smartphone! You will need to have an internet connection, and it must be stable (so make sure to check this before you go abroad).

There are several companies that offer this service, some of which also offer in-person services at their headquarters or consulate. A few popular apps include eVisas, Immigration Consulting Services, and VFS Global.

These businesses partner with various embassies and consulates around the world to help process applications quickly and easily. They take care of everything from finding information about eligibility to registering you as a foreign resident for tax purposes.

Some even keep tabs on how many days visitor’s visa processing has left so you know when to expect to receive word.

Yes, there is an online application process

how many days canada tourist visa processing

There are several ways to apply for your visa in Canada. Some of the most common include you can register with a travel agent or broker, use a website that connects you with appropriate consulates, or you can go directly through one of the many visa service providers (VSPs) who work with Canadian embassies and consulates.

The cost of applying via VPS varies depending on which company you choose and what kind of visa you need. However, the overall price is usually much cheaper than going through a tour operator or consulate.

Registering as an international business traveler with the Government of Canada’s eVisitor system costs around $99 per year. This includes some basic services like tracking applications, proofreading documents, and changing personal information.

I’m a Canadian citizen

how many days canada tourist visa processing

As mentioned earlier, if you are a Canadian citizen, there is an easier way to visit our beautiful country for tourism. You do not need to apply for a visa before coming to Canada!

This is especially helpful if you are traveling during winter or spring break when most tourist visas expire. Because your passport does not require a visa for up to six months, you do not have to worry about having one ready in time.

You can now stay in Canada as long as you like with only a short trip here! This also helps prevent large fees due to expired visa requirements.

There is still some regulation that applies but it is much less stringent than what is needed for non-Canadian citizens. What this means is that many Canadians enjoy unrestricted travel within Canada and other Schengen countries without a visa.

It seems contradictory at first, but staying in Canada longer makes sense if you are a native speaker of English, know the city well, and love nature.

You must prove your identity and your address

how many days canada tourist visa processing

It is very important to be aware of how many days you have to process your visa before leaving for Canada. Most people are usually confused by this due to the differences in immigration offices across countries. Some take longer than others, but there’s an easy way to find out!

Most Canadian Immigration Offices use what they call the “Table A-9″ to determine how long it takes to process a tourist visa. This table contains two columns and nine rows. The first column has a heading that says Day. And the second column has a row that says Visitor or Foreigner.

The day value in the first row increases from 1 to 9. So, if your visa was processed within a one week time frame, then look at the second row to see which number corresponds with that. If it is a one week visa, then go up to the next higher number (like 2 or 3) to know how much time is left until you can travel to Canada.

What if I lose my visa?

how many days canada tourist visa processing

Unfortunately, you will have to start the process over if your tourist visa is denied or expired. If this happens within 30 days of your intended departure date, you can reapply for a new visa and begin the application process again from there!

You should be aware that it may take some time for us to determine whether or not you can re-enter Canada as a visitor. We hope that you enjoy your stay in our country while you wait for your visit to be approved, but we cannot guarantee this!

Once again, the best thing to do is prepare early! Make sure all your documents are ready, and pack enough clothes for at least two weeks. Also, remember to update your contact information so that you are never left without answers!

We also recommend bringing an additional layer of clothing each day during winter months.