How Many Days Canada Student Visa Processing

By Tiara

Recent developments for Canadian students studying abroad have shifted away from being overly dependent on having enough money to fund your studies and relying heavily on receiving word that their applications were processed in order to study here.

There are now many ways to learn when Canadian student visa processing will take place, and some of these services even tell you how long it takes to receive results! This can be very helpful as it removes most if not all of the mystery surrounding Canadian student visas.

Many people begin researching visa processes before arriving in Canada so this is good news for those looking to come over soon. There are also several free online resources where you can find out important information such as what documents you need to include in your application and when to expect a response back.

In this article I’ll go into more detail about some of the latest strategies for knowing when Canadian student visa processing will happen and what companies offer them.

Canadian government visa processing times

how many days canada student visa processing

Recent reports of long student visa process times are false!

The main source for this information is an article written by Immigration Consultants Victoria (ICV). This company has some serious clout as they hold certification from the Ministry of Business, Tourism and Professional Services as well as having many other provincial certifications.

Their article was published in The National Post back in February 2017, and it quickly went viral due to its inflammatory tone. Since then, the article has been cited over 400 times on various websites with very little factual rebuttal.

Many people read the article and make assumptions about how easy or difficult it is to get a student visa in Canada based upon what ICV says. Some even conclude that applying for a student visa is not worth your time because you will be waiting for months!

However, these conclusions aren’t always accurate…and actually making such assumptions can have disastrous results for applicants!

What most immigration consultants don’t tell prospective students is that there is no standard way to apply for a student visa in Canada. Each province has their own processes and regulations which can vary slightly between them. In fact, one may be easier to navigate than others!

This article will discuss the different types of student visas available in Canada, why some take longer than others, and if it makes sense to wait or not based on current availability.

What is the visa application process like?

how many days canada student visa processing

To apply for Canadian student visas, you will need to complete two documents per person. There are three very different types of student visa that require different numbers of applications depending on which one you have chosen.

The first type of student visa is called an International Experience For Students (IESS) or Voluntary Work Visas. This is the most common kind of student visa in Canada and requires only one document.

This document must be signed by both your parent(s) and legal guardian(s), as well as proof of enough money to fund your studies while you’re in Canada. It should also show that you have adequate health coverage while studying here.

You do not have to live in a dormitory during your stay, but if you do then it is helpful to know how many days students can work before needing their visa renewed. In this case, there is no grace period after working. You must either return home or remain in Canada until your visa expires.

Sample Canadian student visa applications

how many days canada student visa processing

Applications for study in Canada are not complicated, but they do require some time to complete properly. Application processes can be quite lengthy as well, so it is important to have adequate preparation.

There are two main components of the application process: form C101A (the Express Entry profile questionnaire) and form ITA-5 (evidence of funds to pursue studies). Both of these forms must be completed and submitted at least six weeks prior to your arrival in Canada.

Form C101A takes approximately one hour to fill out and can be done via online tool such as Service Ontario’s MyProfile or ViaView. Once this form has been filled out, you will need to upload documents and proofs related to your express entry candidacy.

Proofs of residence in Australia, proof of sufficient funds to pursue studies in Canada, proof of employment in Australia, and evidence of return travel to Canada from Australia all contribute to proving your express entry candidate status.

It is very important that you take your time to ensure everything is correct before submitting.

Application requirements

how many days canada student visa processing

To be considered for an extension, your visa must still meet all of the initial eligibility requirements. So if you have already completed these steps, then no need to worry about having it expire!

If you find that your visas are due to run out before you can leave or re-enter Canada, there is an easy way to get another six months by applying for a student visa renewal.

This article will talk you through the process including how much it costs and what timing is best as well as some things to watch out for.

Cost of applying for a visa

how many days canada student visa processing

Along with fees for submitting your application, you will be paying to stay in a hotel while you wait for approval or rejection of your visa. This is typically one night unless you are being sponsored, in which case it can become longer depending on how busy our offices get!

Most immigration consultants recommend staying at a reputable hotel close to public transport so that you do not have too much walking back and forth from the office.

They also suggest getting a normal room rate instead of a discount if possible as this may cost less but does not offer enough privacy. You want to make sure there is nothing covert about who stays in what room next door to prevent you from sleeping.

We usually tell applicants to look online for current hotel rates before making a decision because some websites might include the visa processing fee.

Visas that can be applied for

how many days canada student visa processing

For international students attending an accredited university or college in Canada, it is important to know how long it takes for your student visa to process.

Many times, people are confused about this due to timing discrepancies between universities’ departments and immigration offices.

Some schools have their visas processed within days of applying while other departments may take weeks or even months depending on availability and staff members working during these times.

Tips for applying for a visa

how many days canada student visa processing

As mentioned earlier, it can be tough waiting around for your application to be processed, especially during summer when universities are busy! If you feel that your application has been sitting in processing for too long, you may want to consider whether or not to continue with the process.

If you do decide to go ahead anyway, there are some things you can do to help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. These tips will help reduce the stress of being stuck waiting for an outcome.

We have gathered all the information here for you so that you don’t need to look elsewhere! Read on to find out more about how to deal with visa delays.

Contacting the Canadian government with questions

how many days canada student visa processing

Recent developments for international students in Canada include reports of long processing times for your student visa. This is not normal!

International students come to Canada for a number of reasons, but making money is almost never the main reason. Students want to be here for our education, we spend money and we increase tourism revenue which benefits the local economy.

Canada’s Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) handles many applications each day, so it makes sense that there may be an occasional delay in receiving your decision or approval.

This is totally normal and expected during exam season when universities are busy recruiting internationally. It happens every year at this time of the school year.

We recommend contacting IRCC directly if you are experiencing extended wait times. You can do this by visiting

There, under ‘General Questions About Visitor VISA Applications’, you will find ‘How long does it take to process my visitor visa?’

That link also includes contact information for different departments within IRMC.