How Luke Combs Got Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, singer-songwriters are a very popular genre of music. They like to talk about their lives in their songs and sometimes these song stories go viral. People enjoy listening to them because they bring you into their world and show off some of their secrets!

Many people find inspiration from the lyrics and how the artists describe their life. It is also helpful for providing motivation or advice to those who want to reach similar heights as musicians. Some even feel inspired after hearing an album-length story that connects with them.

There are many different routes that artists climb up the ladder before getting famous and having success. This article will discuss one superstar musician’s journey to becoming a major player in the music industry. Let’s take a look at how Luke Comer became famous!

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What is it like being a celebrity?

As you probably already guessed, being a well-known person comes with its own set of perks! Being recognized by other people is the number one perk, of course. You get lots of smiles and waves which help make you happy.

The second most important thing is knowing what things mean to you and why you do certain things. For example, when someone tells you something about yourself, you learn more about yourself than you did before. A third benefit is learning how to manage your time so you don’t overwork yourself.

Recorded a song and uploaded it to the internet

how did luke combs get famous

In early 2015, twenty-something singer/songwriter Luke Combs made his singing debut with an acoustic version of Nickelodeon’s iconic theme music! His cover was originally posted online before getting picked up by radio stations and leading him to success as a musician.

This isn’t the first time he has released a popular track, though! Back in May 2016, his rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You” went viral after being shared on several music streaming apps. It even got featured in a TV show!

And don’t forget about his recent smash hit “Beautiful Day.

Got a record deal

how did luke combs get famous

After winning The Voice as a competitor, singer-songwriter Luke Combs quickly landed himself an album contract! Following his first season of TheVoice, where he finished in second place to Blake Shelton’s self, he was offered a recording contract by RCA Records.

He signed with the label in early 2015 and released his debut studio album What Happens Next that year. Since then, he has gone onto win several music awards for his work including Breakthrough Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, Best New Solo Vocalist from MTV And More!, Song Of The Year For “What Make You Beautiful (feat. Ariana Grande)” at the 2018 Radio Songs Chart Awards, and Favorite Country Album At The 2017 American Music Award Ceremony!

His songs have also garnered him multiple Grammy nominations for both song and artist! His latest hit is titled ‘Beautiful Thing’ which won him the 2019 People's Choice Award for Favorite Love Song.

Recorded and released a debut album

how did luke combs get famous

In early 2017, twenty-one year old singer/songwriter Luke Comer made his big break after he recorded an acoustic version of one of his songs and posted it to YouTube. The song was called “Happy” and it quickly amassed over half a million views.

The next day, he signed with Warner Music Nashville as both a writer and artist. Since then, he has been recording and releasing music on his own time while also pursuing acting opportunities.

He wrote most of his first album himself, composing ten out of the twelve tracks. He says that writing this album helped him work through some things from his past and gave him "direction" for his future.

His favorite track on the album is not actually part of the series (it does not refer to a person or situation) but instead a piano ballad that talks about gratitude. He loves listening to this tune when he needs to feel grateful for something in his life.

As people who have listened to his music can tell you, he writes very catchy melodies and lyrics.

Became a celebrity

how did luke combs get famous

After leaving The Voice as a coach, Ryan Kelly decided to launch his music career on his own. He quickly landed a recording contract with Warner Bros., and released his first solo album in May 2018!

His debut single “This Is What You Came For” reached number one at both Billboard Country Songs Chart and iTunes. This song also made it onto the Triple J List of Best Tracks of the Year, which is considered an honor for new artists.

He has since gone on to release several other singles including “Beautiful Disaster,” “The Way That We Lost Money (I Learned From)” and “Burning Up.” All three have received great reviews from music critics.

Continued to make music

how did luke combs get famous

After his break as one of country’s top singers, Luke continued to create new songs. He released his first album in six years this past May! It is called What Makes You Country.

The lead single from that album is titled “What Make You Run.” Listen to it here.

He also has a song coming out next month with Blake Shelton! Check out their collaboration “Moving On Out.

Opened for Taylor Swift

how did luke combs get famous

When he was just 23 years old, Luke Comber sang his first song in front of an audience. He opened for national superstar Taylor Swift at The Forum in Inglewood, California!

He received great feedback from music industry professionals attending the show, including several people who have gone onto work with him since then.

After the performance, Taylor took notice of this young singer and invited him back to her studio as a producer where she worked on songs such as Best Day Of My Life and Better Than I Know Myself.

Since then, he has been featured on TV shows like Nashville and The Voice, released his debut album, An Evening With, and now he is celebrating the release of his second full length LP, What We Do Is More Important than What You Heard Before.

What makes Luke Comer different from other artists is that he writes his own material and brings his personality into every track. His lyrics tell stories, and he weaves them together seamlessly.

His musical style is described as “vulnerable pop” which means he sings about topics that are not necessarily fun or lighthearted, but instead use his voice to bring out the truth behind each piece.

Music fans can feel connected to what he is singing because it is straightforward and honest – something they may be looking for after a tough day. They also learn more about himself through his songs.

Became a movie star

how did luke combs get famous

After leaving The Voice as a coach in its ninth season, singer-songwriter and music producer Luke Comer made a very unexpected move. He decided to pursue his dreams of being an international recording artist by teaming up with some other famous people!

He formed a duo called Prancer along with singer-songwriter Kelli Bighinz who already had success as a soloist. Their song “Beautiful” quickly climbed the charts after they released it in May 2017.

The pair soon found themselves surrounded by all sorts of media attention because of their singing talent and meteoric rise to fame.

Comers and Bighinz were even interviewed about how they managed to succeed so quickly while also holding down regular jobs!

They both received major recognition for their work and now live comfortably off their musical career. While most artists struggle to make ends meet during their early stages, Luke and Kelli have proof that making your dream come true does not need to be limited to just you.

Did a podcast

how did luke combs get famous

Back in May of 2017, just over a year ago, singer-songwriter Luke Comer released his first solo album, What Makes You Beautiful. Since then, he has not stopped promoting the music that got him here!

He started hosting a radio show, which led to another job as a songwriter for other artists. Then came an opportunity to join The After Party Tour with Ariana Grande and Elton John. It’s a pretty big deal if you’re a fan of both singers!

But all of these things didn’t happen without someone listening to his songs and telling others about them. That person was Mandy Miller, who works at a restaurant where she heard one of Luke’s songs while waiting to be served.

She told her colleagues how much it moved her and encouraged them to listen to the lyrics before they ordered food or drank water. Many people eventually listened to a few of his songs and left impressed.

That’s when Mandy asked if anyone wanted to start a group chat to talk about Luke’s music, and everyone agreed. They called this new chatroom “I love Luke Comers songs. Let’s meet up and talk about what we like about his songs.