How Lucknow Is Famous

By Tiara

As per popular legend, the city of Allahabad is famous for two things: its vast assortment of restaurants and online shopping sites. More than just having an abundance of eateries, most people have at least one friend or family member who has constant updates about all their eating adventures in the area.

And while it may sound cliché, there’s actually some truth to this story. Many tourists will agree that India feels like a never-ending buffet with every meal you eat including vegetarian dishes, regional specialties, and international cuisine.

This article will talk more in depth about why these theories are not only false but also misleading! This way if you ever find yourself hungry in Allahabad, you can do something better than ordering food from somewhere new. 😉

I’ll discuss some reasons why people believe these theories and what you can do to prove otherwise as well as ideas for how to enjoy your stay here while still keeping up with your budget.

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Disclaimer: The information discussed in this article is true to the best of our knowledge, but no claims are made regarding factuality.

The Red Fort

how lucknow is famous

India’s most famous monument, The Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan in 1648-1654 as his personal residence. It is made up of red sandstone and marble and has five courtyards.

The first courtyard is known as Diwan-I-Am where the Mughal emperor would sit to listen to important matters and give orders. Directly opposite this is the Ikon Sala or “Silent Court” which symbolizes serenity and reflection.

Further down is the Chandra Mahal or Moonlit Palace where the king would spend time reading and writing letters. At the back lies the Jal Mandir or Garden of Dreams where the queen could relax after giving birth to their children.

You can still visit all these areas today but make sure you take a guided tour since some parts may be locked off due to security reasons.

The Qutub Minar

Located in northern India, just an hour’s drive from Delhi, is one of humanity’s greatest wonders — the Taj Mahal. It was here that Mumtaz died tragically young; she was only 24 years old when she passed away due to complications during childbirth.

As beautiful as the Taj Mahal is, it wasn’t built by someone with a pure heart. In fact, the builder was quite self-serving and didn’t even marry his wife until many years after he met her.

But what the Taj lacks in moral purity, it more than makes up for in beauty. Not too long ago, there were talks about dismantling it and using its stones to make something else. Luckily, such talk never got off the ground, so today we can admire this masterpiece for eternity.

While the Taj Mahal may be known throughout the world, not too many people are familiar with another monument located close by. This place is called the Qutab Minar and it belongs to the same era (the Mughal empire) as the Taj.

However, unlike the Taj, the Qutab Minar isn’t famous all around the globe. People know it mostly within the country it’s in, which is why it’s much less well-known outside of Asia.

The Fatehpuri Mahal

how lucknow is famous

Located in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, The Fatehpuri Mahl or more commonly known as Chhoti Bagh is one of the most beautiful monuments built by the last ruling family of Awadh – the Fathpurs.

The Fatehpuris were an influential Muslim Rajput clan that ruled over parts of northern India for generations before being detroyed during Mughal invasions. They are famous not just because they left their mark behind them through architecture and art, but also due to their patronage of literature and poetry.

A number of poets from the region have dedicated songs to the dynasty and its people, often praising the members’ kindness and generosity. One such example is Bilqees Nafeezia-Khan, who wrote her poem “Dil Ke Naam Hai Khuda Ki Kahaniyan” (God Has A Name In Stories) about the life of Sultan Muhammad Azam Shah, the final ruler of the dynasty.

Azam was described as generous, kindhearted, and humble and his acts earned him praise and respect even after he died. His tomb still attracts tourists today, many coming simply to say prayers.

The Sikandra Palace

how lucknow is famous

Located in south-east Delhi, the palace was built for Queen Victoria’s son, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. He visited it twice during his stay in India before he became emperor. After Indian independence in 1947, the new nation couldn’t afford to keep up with its lavish lifestyle, so most of what you see here is either from donated or loaned resources.

The building we know today as the Raj Bhavan was originally designed by Sir Alexander Russell who also worked on New York City’s Rockefeller Center and London’s Royal Albert Hall. It took him over twenty years to design this masterpiece!

Russell incorporated many features that were inspired by European architecture including arches, colonnades, and natural light. This gave it an aesthetically pleasing feel and allowed people outside of Asia to admire it.

It was only after World War II when the then government of free India could no longer maintain its status quo that things got really interesting. Since the palace sat empty for long periods of time, nature began to take her own sweet time reclaiming it.

Urban explorers are often noted for their stealthy, sneaky behavior, but one member went above and beyond his normal limits when he photographed the interior of the palace. Unfortunately, someone else found out about his actions and reported him to police.

He ended up spending two days in jail for trespassing and violating licensing rules.

The Charminar

how lucknow is famous

Located in the middle of Lodi Colony, not too far from Jama Masjid, the Charminar is one of India’s most recognizable landmarks. It was built during the Mughal era and completed in 1591.

The structure boasts of having some of the largest iron spires in Asia and is famous for its intricate carvings and decorations. Some of these include floral patterns, peacocks, rhinestones, and even elephants!

It has also been known to attract large crowds due to its incredible 360-degree view of the city. This includes beautiful picturesque sights such as the Red Fort across the river, the Taj Mahal, and the other monuments that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many people are familiar with the Charminar because it has played an integral part in Bollywood movies. Many movie scenes have been filmed here and many actors and actresses can be seen walking around the monument in various films.

A few well know faces include Akshay Kumar and Sonali Bendre in Hum Saath Wo Hona where they kissed at the top of the tower, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in Main Aurr Shaakh which features an iconic boat shot, and Ranveer Singh in Te3n Me Thaane Naa Paake. Here he kisses his love interest under the chhatri (umbrella).

The Khajuar

how lucknow is famous

In May of 1836, Mirza Asif Muhammad Ali Khan-Iqbal was staying in his house with some friends when they heard gunshots coming from outside. They found that one of their fellow guests had left to go pick up something at the market and returned saying he saw someone running away through the garden.

They searched the area but could not find anyone so they went back inside and waited for morning. When they woke up later, they realized it was gone – the gate was open and there were no signs of forced entry or anything else out of place.

The next day, while traveling around town, Iqbal noticed that all the newspapers reported two men seen fleeing the scene after the shooting. One man was described as having long hair which is why people assumed he must have been wearing a turban at the time.

He also was said to be carrying an expensive looking box which made many assume he worked for a wealthy family and therefore got away clean. No one ever identified this mysterious man even though everyone agreed he did indeed run away.

Many theories have emerged over the years about who these men might be but none have proved conclusive. Some say they survived and are living free now, others that they died during the incident and still others that we will never know what happened to them.

Regardless, this has become one of the key parts of the city’s identity and legend.

The Birla Mandir

how lucknow is famous

Located in Adliya, not too far from Taj Mahal, the Birla Temple is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in India. It was built by Jayant Rao Birla, who made his fortune as an industrialist before he devoted himself to Hindu mythology and spirituality.

Birlas are said to be very pious people, which makes it even more impressive that they dedicated their life to helping others.

The Birla temple features beautiful decorations such as elaborate carvings and sculptures depicting various stories and characters from the Bhagavad Gita. Many believe these illustrations add so much value to the experience because they relate to the core teachings of the book.

Furthermore, many consider the statues and paintings to be quite spiritually powerful. Some say they can have positive effects on your mental state, while some feel inspired or motivated after looking at them.

The Gandhi Museum

how lucknow is famous

Located in Prayagraj, the city of Allahabad is home to one of India’s most famous museums. It was here where Mahatma Ghandi spent his last days before he moved back to Roorkee.

He lived in this area for almost three years after he left New Delhi in 1930. During that time he worked hard at establishing local self-governance and developing an appreciation for Indian culture. He also organized public meetings, gave speeches, visited hospitals, and spoke with locals about issues they were concerned about.

In 1932 he founded the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) in these very streets, making him its first president. In 1934 AICC held its second national conference in Allahabad which had over 15,000 attendees! Since then it has been known as the Congress Annual Conference or just the Congress Conventions.

The museum now houses many artifacts related to Gandhiji’s life but what makes it special are some of the unseen pictures and documents from his personal collection. There you can find photographs of his daily routine, notes he made during his travels, and even letters written by people seeking his help.

These rare glimpses into his private life show us more about who he was as a person and how much influence he had. They also give us insight into the way he conducted himself and managed his stress levels. Who knows? You may learn something new.