How Long Will My Visa Take To Process

By Tiara

There is an important thing you need to know about visa processing times. Some countries require additional documents or proof before granting you entry, which can delay your stay. This article will talk more in-depth about this, as well as what you can do while waiting for your visa!

It’s very common to encounter significant delays when traveling abroad. You may find yourself with little time at your disposal due to paperwork that needs to be completed prior to your departure or arrival. Unfortunately, some countries take longer than others to process visas, so it is best to be prepared.

There are several ways to manage your travel during such times, including looking into visa free programs, living like a traveler, and learning how to survive without power for extended periods of time. All of these things apply to staying outside of the house while awaiting your return visa!

This article will focus on some simple tricks you can use to help you remain busy while waiting for your visa to arrive.

What is the visa process?

how long will my visa take to process

The process of acquiring a new visa for international travel typically consists of three steps: application, evaluation, and approval. Applicants must first apply to become a resident or non-resident alien in the United States by filling out an Application For Alien Registration (Form I–9) at your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This form asks about your health insurance coverage and whether you have enough money to sustain yourself while you are away from home.

The next step is evaluation – every person applying for a visa needs to show their passport, proof of sufficient funds to finance their stay here, and confirmation that they do not pose a threat to public safety in America. After this, officials will determine if the applicant qualifies under one of the visa categories we mentioned earlier. If so, then they will issue the appropriate document and set a date when the traveler can enter the country using that document.

If you overstate something on your Form I–9, such as giving false information, it may cost you later. You could be fined, deported, or both.

How long will the visa take to process?

how long will my visa take to process

The next step in processing your new visa is to wait for it!

The U.K. Government does not have an estimated time frame of how long it takes to process visas, only that it can be up to eight weeks. This includes both making copies and sending off all documents you submitted with you, as well as having someone review and sign your acceptance letter.

After this, your application is put into another system where it is verified and checked against legal records. It could take several days or even weeks for these to clear so do not worry about coming back later!

We recommend using the free Google Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, etc) to organize any paperwork while waiting for your visa to be processed. That way you do not need to pay extra to use their services while also having some easy access to them. You can create a document, upload documents, and edit documents easily without needing to log onto a separate service like Microsoft Office.

Your passport

how long will my visa take to process

The next thing you need to know is your passport! Make sure it’s in good condition, as well as up-to-date.

If your passport expires within six months of when you expect to travel, you can always apply for an entry visa at a US Embassy or Consulate outside of of of America. This way, your visa will still be valid when you arrive in the country.

However, if your passport does not expire until after that time frame, then you must renew it before heading abroad. Doing so may take several days depending on how busy their offices are.

We recommend doing this as soon as possible since some things may need to be updated with your new visa information. For example, job changes or health issues that require medical records being updated.

When should I get my visa?

how long will my visa take to process

It is always best to stay in place and process your visas while you are still there so you do not have to reapply when you return. However, if you must leave, know that it will take some time for your visa to be processed due to the large volume of applications.

Many embassies offer fast track services at their locations as well as via mobile apps or online programs. These can save you hours waiting at the embassy with little to no personal attention.

We recommend using Fast Track Services if possible as this has been our experience.

Resources for more information

how long will my visa take to process

Having enough money saved up is important so you are not stressed about paying bills while you wait for your visa to be approved. Many times, foreign visas require you to have proof of an adequate amount of savings or income, as well as documents proving that you have lived in the country before and during your stay.

It’s also very helpful to be prepared for any potential delays by being familiar with your destination and its bureaucracy. If there is no one you know who has been through this process recently, find out what kind of documentation is required and how long it takes!

Your passport must remain valid until your visa expires – check here for tips on how to extend your passport. Make sure to do this at least two weeks prior to when your visa will expire.

Sample visa letters

how long will my visa take to process

Many companies offer free or low cost template-based documents that you can customize for your situation. There are even some apps and websites where you can create and edit your visa document from anywhere with an internet connection!

In fact, many of these services have easy to use interfaces that only require basic HTML knowledge so if you have a laptop or smartphone then you’re good to go. These tools make it simple to insert your business info, add pictures, and save the finished product as a PDF which you can then print or upload directly to the site.

Some sites also allow you to connect their servers in any country, so depending on where you are this may or may not be an advantage. However, using a trusted source is important to ensure authenticity.

Sample passport pages

how long will my visa take to process

Many government agencies, including those that issue passports, require you to have your documents with you while your visa is processing. These can include proof of identity, proof of residence and health insurance or evidence that you have enough money for your stay in Australia.

If you need to look up something or ask someone else about one of these, it will likely take some time because they must be verified through our databases or via another source we find online. This process takes time so when you go to pick up your new passport, there may be a short delay.

We recommend coming in during off hours if possible as this will help avoid any delays due to traffic.

Tips for managing your visa application

how long will my visa take to process

Applications can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, even months, to process. This depends largely on two things: how long it takes at least one of you to have an appointment, and whether or not they need to review your documents before processing you.

The first thing to remember is that the VISA BUREAU will make every effort to get you processed as soon as possible. They’ll hold off on submitting your paperwork until they feel like it's okay to do so!

Their timing may be influenced by when someone working with YOU has an appointment, but more likely it is due to other applications that are waiting behind yours.

We recommend talking about any potential delays early on to avoid any panic.