How Long Visitor Visa Processing Time Australia

By Tiara

Recent developments concerning visa processing times in Australia have many people talking, with some even creating a stir. Many are discussing whether or not it is ethical to visit as a tourist if you will be waiting for more than two weeks for your approval.

Many online forums contain discussions about how much longer it takes to process visas these days, and most seem to agree that it has become far too long of a process. Some say that it can take up to eight months!

Australia is one of the top tourism destinations in the world so staying at a reputable hotel while you wait could mean big profits later. The best hotels typically stay well-informed about when their next major meeting is being held, and they usually get good discounts because of it.

However, there is really no way to know just how long an individual’s visa will take until they arrive in Australia. This article will discuss what experts know about Australian visa processing times, and hopefully put your mind at ease. Let us look into some potential reasons why official visa processing time may be extended.

The reason why official visa processing times may be extended

There are several things that can contribute to an increase in visa processing time. Unfortunately, none of them are ideal since all help fulfill important functions within our society.

Costly living conditions caused by high inflation make it expensive to live in Australia.

Do I need a visa to enter Australia?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

Even if you are a resident of one of the countries that does not require a visitor’s visa, there is still an important piece of information you should know before traveling to Australia. Some nations require at least seven days in Australia for every ninety day visit.

This means that even if you are a citizen of a country that requires no visa, you would have to spend at least half a month in Australia while here. This could pose a problem if you wanted to see some family during your trip or take part in a business conference.

Australia has very strict immigration laws and will not accept anyone as a tourist who does not have a valid visa.

How long does visa processing time take?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

Recent reports of Australian immigration offices being closed due to COVID-19 or limited opening hours are shocking for international visitors. However, it is important to remember that most visas are not processed in just one day!

The average length of time it takes an applicant to be notified as successful depends on their visa type and country. Applicants can also appeal or re-apply if they feel the decision was wrong, which can add more waiting time.

With this article we will look at how long different types of visitor visa processing times last in Australia. We will then compare these averages with our usual metric – how many days it would have taken to process someone’s visa before the pandemic.

We will assume that every person has already been accepted into the country and have a return flight booked (which should reduce the chance of having your visa approved within a few weeks). This gives us a clear baseline to work from.

Can I get a visa on arrival?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

If you have an urgent matter that requires your presence, you can apply for a visitor visa at one of our international airports. You will need to show proof of the nature of your visit and confirmation that you will be leaving Canada or returning home afterwards.

Visitor visas are only given to people who are coming to Australia for a specific length of time. For example, if you’re here to see friends or family, then you would require a business or tourist visa instead.

If you do not have such documentation, we cannot issue you with a short term visa. We must send you back home! So, it is important to make sure you have everything ready before arriving in Australia.

What are my options for extending my visa?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

The next step in extending your visa is to determine if there are any additional opportunities to remain in Australia. You can stay longer than six months by either working or studying, but you must be aware of what time frame your current visa expires within.

If your visa has expired then you will need to apply for another non-referenced entry (NRE) visa. This applies whether you have an NER job offer or university study courses.

You cannot simply reapply as an employee though so this option may not work for you. To study overseas you will need to know if your existing passport allows you to enter certain countries that require at least one year’s residency before issuing a student visa.

We recommend talking to our immigration advisers about all your possibilities.

Can I apply for an Australian visa from abroad?

You can always apply for an entry visa to visit or live in Australia at a consulate, embassy or immigration office outside of your home country. This is called applying for “visa sponsorship”.

Most countries have consulates and embassies in large cities with quality services, but there are no guarantees that these resources will be accessible during times of national crisis or emergency.

Visas typically take 2-8 weeks to process so if you need to do some urgent life planning then it would be best to start looking 6 months before travel.

What is the nearest Australian embassy or consulate?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

The next step in visa processing for most visitors is to go visit one of their offices and meet with a ambassador or consul. This is called an official engagement, and it takes time depending on how many people you have as meeting attendees and how busy that officer’s schedule is at the moment!

It is very important to be ready for this stage before going to see the ambassador. You should know what countries you want to stay in and where you would like to travel.

You also need to make sure your passport is up-to-date and valid for at least six months after your expected departure date from Australia. If it isn’t, then you must apply for a new one soon!

Some additional things you should consider are if you will need a work visa or not, and whether you will require health insurance while here. All of these things depend on your planned activities while in Australia.

How can I pick up my visa?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

If you have received word that your visa has been issued, then you need to make arrangements to meet with an Australian embassy or consulate for your trip. You will be able to pick up your passport and travel documents there!

Most countries allow one week for processing of visas so it is best to arrive at the destination two weeks before your departure date in order to ensure this time frame is met.

Some embassies may ask if you have health insurance or proof of adequate funds to stay during your visit so these things should be prepared ahead of time!

We recommend staying within close proximity to where your meeting place is in case any transportation needs to run late.

How can I pay for my visa?

how long visitor visa processing time australia

Having enough money to visit an Australian destination is another key factor in how long it takes for your visa to be approved. You will need to have this prepared before you arrive in Sydney or Melbourne as there are many things including tourist attractions, food and lodging that cost money.

Visitors must have adequate funds to cover their stay while they are in the country. They cannot live off of sparse resources during their trip otherwise their return home may be delayed or even denied.

Many tourists find themselves with little cash after paying for travel tickets, accommodation and meals, so what are some ways to increase our budget?

Shop online! Many sites offer discounts and/or gift cards for major retailers. Some make it easy to check out using their services, which can save you time from having to log into several accounts to do so.

By shopping online, you also avoid expensive shipping fees due to international purchases. Luckily, most sites offer free global delivery which helps reduce costs further.

Another way to spend less money is by staying at lower-end hotels instead of luxury ones. This could be through availability or price, but remember to plan ahead to account for potential unexpected expenses.