How Long Visa Interview Take

By Tiara

Recent reports claim that it takes longer than one week to get through a typical visa interview process. This is totally false! Consular officers spend an average of only around two hours per applicant, with most interviews going much faster.

The first thing any foreigner must do when visiting the United States is obtain a US visa. After all, you will need one to enter the country for business or tourist purposes. Some countries require at least a month long stay so this is important to know early on.

Many foreigners are confused about how long the visa application process really takes. It seems like there is always something new being added onto the checklist which can add extra time to your visit. Things such as sending off additional documents or requiring proof of money back home or during the trip are common things that take up time.

There is some truth to these rumors but only slightly. It does not take more than one week to apply for a US visa after all! If you want even more detail, check out our article here where we discuss the length of time it actually takes to complete your application.

They are testing your English

how long visa interview take

Many employers have a standard process for interviewing candidates. Generally, they will greet you at the beginning of the interview and then start by asking some general questions. These usually include things like what schools you attended, if you have any certifications or degrees, and maybe even a small question about yourself such as “What is your job title?”

Next, they may ask more specific questions that pertain to your field. For example, if you were interviewed for a marketing position, they might ask how well you would do working with budgets, whether you would be able to manage people in your department, or whether you would be creative enough to promote products using different strategies.

After these initial interviews, most companies will move onto their final topic — why you want this position and what you can tell them about the company. This is typically followed by another set of questions related to pay, benefits, and/or potential opportunities available at the organization.

They are trying to see how you will act under pressure

how long visa interview take

Recent reports claim that it can take hours for visa officers to get through all of their paperwork and questions for even a simple, straightforward visit.

This is not true! Visas typically do not take very long at all, if they go smoothly at all.

Officers spend most of their time talking about your life after Australia- this makes sense because almost every job requires you to have a degree or advanced certification as well as proof of employment in the country. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to work here!

But beyond those two things, there isn’t much else we look into when determining whether someone has the right to live and work in Australia. We check criminal records and make sure money doesn’t seem to be an issue (which could indicate fraud). Beyond that, there aren’t many other factors we consider important.

So while it may feel like forever while you sit across from a consulate officer, I would say that the chances are good that you will leave knowing what countries people living after us are from, at least having a few basic conversations, and going home with a letter saying you can come back to our shores.

They are trying to see how you will address sensitive topics

how long visa interview take

The other thing they may ask about is situations or events that could affect your life here or in the future.

They might ask if you would be able to handle things like employment, living arrangements and/or health issues. If you can’t answer with certainty, then you should probably think about whether this country is the right fit for you.

On the contrary, some countries have socialized healthcare systems that guarantee coverage to their citizens, which makes it much easier to access medical care. Also, most European nations enjoy strong work-life balance cultures, where employers respect and accept employees who don’t always feel obligated to put in extended hours at the office.

Overall, being able to live with yourself after taking life seriously means thinking about whether this country is a good place to call home. – Jessica Amirian

Writing tips: Use a thesaurus to find better ways to write “would be able to.” For example, use of the word capable instead of able is more formal.

I believe that…they could determine if I would be able to lead a productive life in my community.

Using past tenses to talk about the present is a way to show how fluidly you speak and what you know.

They are trying to see how you will react to difficult situations

how long visa interview take

The next thing they will do is ask about your relationships and family. This seems odd, but it makes sense when you think about it.

In our society, we place a heavy emphasis on individual success. We celebrate people who have made their lives beyond work by being successful in something – whether it’s investing or sports or art.

This focus on individual success can lead to some uncomfortable questions for candidates seeking employment. You may be asked about relationship conflicts that have hurt you or about parents who didn’t care for you as a child.

Visa interviewers want to know if you would be able to handle such tough situations because companies need to make sure that things stay calm with you.

That way, they can trust you not to take any actions that could affect the company. Even though they might both love dogs, one of you needs to remember this at a possible meeting where you both must meet face-to-face.

They are trying to see how you will address your visa application

how long visa interview take

Recent changes in immigration status can be quite complicated, so they want to make sure you will handle that situation appropriately. They may ask about past applications for visas or work permits, if you have them.

They may also ask about any medical tests you had done within the last year. This includes check-ups, vaccines, or treatments for diseases like HIV or hepatitis.

If you need urgent care, such as an eye exam, dental visit, or testing for diabetes, they will likely postpone your interview until you have these things under control.

This is because having health issues could affect whether you get allowed into Canada on a longer term basis. We cannot comment specifically on what has been discussed with you today, but we hope our tips help you stay informed! Good luck.

They are trying to see how you will address your financial situation

how long visa interview take

Recent changes to visa eligibility require additional time than before for most applicants. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has limited access to certain documents and information during the interview process.

In fact, many individuals don’t find out that their application is still being processed until they receive a confirmation email or call from an embassy. This can be frustrating as it takes time away from other activities, but it makes sense in order to verify authenticity of documents.

Homeland Security now requires more documentation than ever before so it really does take some time. It's important to have this prepared prior to arriving for your appointment however, as there may be a deadline.

They are trying to see how you will address your family back home

how long visa interview take

Beyond your visa status, another thing that can play into whether or not you get hired is how long it takes for an interviewer to feel comfortable with you. This includes things like if you talk about yourself at length and how you respond to questions.

Interviewers want to make sure they know who you are as a person before giving you their trust. Getting this chance happens very rarely so when you do, take full advantage of it!

They may also ask you about someone you knew or if there’s something about you that makes them think you’ll be a good fit for the company. All of these question types should go more in depth but only up to a certain degree because too many questions could put some people off.

They are trying to see how you will address your health

how long visa interview take

Recent developments in the visa process include requiring applicants to disclose any recent hospital visits or outpatient treatments. Applicants must indicate if they have been diagnosed with an illness, received treatment for that illness, or consulted a doctor about their medical condition.

If you’re asked this question during the interview, be prepared to discuss why you visited a physician within the last year and what was done to treat your current health problem. You do not need to mention every detail of the visit, but make sure you talk about enough information so that the officer can determine whether you meet the requirement.

You may be asked to bring proof along with you during the visa application process. If you don’t have adequate documentation at the time, it is best to get everything ready ahead of time. This way you won’t waste any time waiting while you gather the needed documents.