How Long Us Visa Processing Philippines

By Tiara

Visas are an important document that allows you to live and work in another country. Thankfully, visa processing has become much easier for travelers!

There are several companies that offer fast visa services online. By and large, most of these sites do the same thing – help you apply for your visa and then process it within days or weeks.

Some even allow you to complete your application from anywhere with an internet connection which is very helpful as you can be traveling or back home at any time. This article will talk about some tips and tricks for finding the best site for visa processing in the Philippines.

We will also discuss how long it takes to process visas typically so that you know what to expect ahead of time. So stay tuned and read on for more information!

Us Visa Processing Tips

This article contains some basic tips and tricks to find the best company to do business with while applying for a Philippine tourist visa.

1) Check their reviews

It’s impossible to know if a company is legit or not without looking into them. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through an expensive trial run, you can simply check out their reviews.

By going onto review websites like Google or Facebook, you can easily see what people have said about the company. You may also be able to find complaints or grievances filed against the company, this usually indicates they aren’t too friendly towards their customers.

Philippine visa processing times in the US

how long us visa processing philippines

It is very common for Filipinos to feel stressed-out while waiting for their visas in America. This article will talk about how long it takes for an American consulate to process Filipino tourist visas and what you can do during this time.

It’s important to remember that there are several different stages where your visa application can be processed, not all of which take the same amount of time. The length of each stage varies from country to country, individual consulates to one another, and even within some countries there can be multiple stages that need to be completed before moving onto the next.

This means that even though they may tell you at the embassy that your documents have been received and logged, it could still be days or weeks until yours arrive at the consulate. There is nothing you can do to speed up this process unless the consulate allows mail delivery, but if they do then you should make arrangements to stay somewhere while you wait.

Something else to note is that once your documents have left the embassy, there is no way to know when/if they get lost so please put in place adequate backup plans. Ways to do this include having someone pick you up from the airport, paying for online lodging, etc.

If your travel plans include staying anywhere longer than just a few days, you can also refer to our article: Best Budget Hostels In Manila.

Check your visa

how long us visa processing philippines

After arriving at the Philippine Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence, you will need to wait some more time for them to review your visa! This is because once they receive it, they have to process it and then mail it back to the consulate that sent it.

This whole process can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how many people work there and what their workload looks like at any given moment.

So while you’re waiting, make sure to stay active and busy so you don’t get bored. Also, try to use the internet or an app to look up local events or activities happening around where you live. You could even start planning yours!

And lastly, remember that this process is completely free! The only thing that may incur cost are shipping fees if you do not reside within close proximity to either the embassy in Manila or the consulate in the city where you obtained your visa.

Consider applying for a visa

how long us visa processing philippines

Visas are an important document that give you, as well as your family members in the country being visited, permission to enter another nation. More than 30 countries around the world require at least one non-visitor working or living in their borders to have a visa before they will grant entry.

Many of these nations make it difficult to get a visa online or through their embassies in person, so most people apply for a visa directly from a company that offers visa services. These companies typically charge large fees for processing times of several months, if not years!

There are many reasons why this is bad because you could be spending money every month on visas while things find a way out due to poor timing or no openings at all.

Contact the Philippine embassy or consulate in the US

how long us visa processing philippines

If you are visiting the Philippines for a short period of time, it is not necessary to process your visa in Manila. You can choose to have your passport inspected at one of our many Filipino embassies across America, or even visit a private company that does this as an extra service. This way, you do not need to spend money traveling back and forth from the airport to get your documents done.

This also helps reduce airfare costs since you will be leaving earlier than needed if you do not live close to the airport. Many people begin looking into visas weeks before their trip so having it processed quickly can help save cash!

Another reason to consider is timing. Some countries require you to start your trip soon after arriving so there is little time to process things. For example, Japan requires only 24 hours but it must be within 10 days of arrival. The same goes for most other Asian nations.

Know the rules

how long us visa processing philippines

Recent developments for visa processing in the Philippines have most people talking, including some bad talk. Some people claim that it is impossible to process visas in Philippine Consulates or Embassies anymore, which is simply not true!

It is still possible to get your US visa processed at a consulate outside of Manila (or even inside!), but you will need to be aware of how long it can take.

The length of time needed to process a visa has a lot to do with where you apply and when. It also depends on what kind of visa you are seeking and whether there are any limitations on entry into the United States.

There are several different types of business class non-immigrant visas available from the U.S. State Department. These include B1/B2 Visas for short term visits (up to six months), C1 Visas for shorter trips (six months – one year) and O1 Visas for longer stays (over a year).

What makes someone qualify as an “international entrepreneur” may play a factor in determining their visa eligibility too! There are many ways to achieve this status, so make sure you are familiar with all of them if you want to ensure success in obtaining your visa.

If you feel like things have gone slow lately, check out our article about why it is taking more time to process US visas in the Philippines! You might find something helpful here.

Apply for a visa online

how long us visa processing philippines

Finding out how long it takes to process your visa can be tricky, especially since VPP does not offer any kind of time frame. Some people have reported being informed that their documents were ready in several days, while others had no update from them for months!

There are two main reasons why this happens. The first is because there is an enormous amount of traffic at VISA when lots of tourists and business travelers apply for visas. This means waiting for someone else’s document to be processed before yours gets picked up.

The second reason is due to the many steps that are involved in processing a tourist visa. These include but are not limited to: getting a medical exam, taking pictures, answering questions about yourself and your plans, etc.

This all adds to the length of time needed to process your documents. But do not worry! There are ways to know what stage your application is in and when you should expect updates!

We have prepared some tips for you here! Read on to learn more.

Pay for your visa

how long us visa processing philippines

Recent developments with VISA processing in PH have some people worried about how expensive it can be to process a Philippine visa. This article will talk you through what is really going on, and what you should do if this situation applies to you.

First off, let’s discuss why visa costs are rising. The reason has little to do with the government and more to do with the private companies that supply visa services to foreign embassies and consulates here in Manila.

The Filipino market is very competitive – there are always at least two or three different players offering similar products and services. Companies want to win business from their competitors so they try to offer lower prices than their rivals, which only ends up hurting them in the long run.

Because of this, many large international firms choose not to provide visa service in the Philippines anymore due to the low margins they can make here.

This was actually quite common back when I first moved to Asia over five years ago. There were even times when none of the major providers would officially list the cost of visas here! It took me several months before I could find out exactly how much most visas ran for.

Nowadays though, things have changed dramatically. Visas are far too expensive for normal individuals who aren’t rich. Business travelers and tourists are still able to get good value for money however, since big name suppliers still cater to these markets.

Receive your visa

how long us visa processing philippines

After you have completed all of the above steps, it is time to wait for your passport and visa!
You can now check your email or phone notifications for when the Philippine Consulate in your country has received both documents.

They will then mail or deliver your new Filipino passports and visas directly to us, so we can process them and send back the other document (the Visas).

We will also need to receive their return shipping notice or proof that they shipped your old passport and visa back to you before delivering and processing the new one. This way, we are certain that they do not exist anymore!

Once everything is complete, we will ship your new passports and visas back to you via USPS or FedEx, depending on which country you live in. We suggest keeping an eye out for your package during this stage as there may be a delay due to weather or local postal workers.

This whole process takes around two weeks, although this depends on many things such as how fast the consulate processes applications and delivers files. Keep in mind that even though our company ships these items free of charge, there still costs associated with applying for, receiving, and returning passports and visas. These fees vary from place to place and therefore should be done early to save money.

We recommend doing this at least a week prior to traveling so that you have enough time to prepare for your trip.