How Long Is Zoom Interview

By Tiara

As you can probably tell, this article will talk about something that may sound weird or even scary. It’s talking about how long is zoom interview. Some say it’s a myth while others claim it as fact. Either way, it’s an interesting topic to discuss.

It’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to online interviews. What works for one interviewer doesn’t work for another so why put pressure on yourself to make it work. Instead, just be yourself and communicate with who you are and what you want to do.

This article will go into more detail than most other articles I have read on the topic. So, if you’re looking for some extra tips and tricks, keep reading!

Why Does Having A Lengthy Online Meeting Make People Uncomfortable?

There are two main reasons why having a lengthy meeting makes people uncomfortable. They feel like they don’t know the person well enough and/or they worry about being interrupted.

As someone who has done several longer meetings, I understand how frustrating it can be for both parties involved. That’s why I try to be as concise as possible in my conversations.

But unfortunately, that isn’t always possible and things take time. In those cases, I would recommend going into more depth during the conversation instead of totally skipping over parts.

Reasons why a zoom interview is better

Many employers these days are moving away from in-person interviews due to concerns about workplace distancing, availability, and cost. Luckily, there are other ways to conduct an interview that don’t require anyone come into close contact with each other!
A virtual interview is much more common than you would think. While it may be difficult to create a totally distraction free environment, most people are able to connect to a computer or smartphone and use software such as Google Hangouts, Skype, or Facebook Live to do their talking.

By doing this, they can control the background noise, keep distance boundaries, and limit exposure to others who aren’t part of the hiring process. It also doesn't cost anything extra!

Why Use A Virtual Meeting For The Interview?

It allows for greater flexibility when looking for candidates. You can schedule the meeting at any time that works best for both parties, and you can continue holding it even if some participants cannot make it.

Has the other person set up the interview?

how long is zoom interview

Another thing to consider is how long your potential employer will give you for this video chat meeting. Most employers have guidelines as to how long they want to talk with candidates before making an offer, so ask about that timing limit during your interview!

In fact, most recruiters I talked to said that while having a formal interview is great, they’re not very concerned about it unless there are more than two people involved.

Why? Because of what we mentioned earlier: phone screens can be done virtually, which makes them almost like normal in-person interviews except without the cost or time factor.

By including some kind of screen test in your job search, you’ll know for sure if you get extended conversation time or not.

Are they comfortable?

how long is zoom interview

While having a chat via video can feel uncomfortable at times, doing so is very important for your career!

Interviews are an integral part of anyone’s job search process – it will be done several time throughout someone’s employment journey. It’s especially crucial in the workplace today, where most people have access to technology and therefore don’t perceive it as “normal”.

By setting up some informal chats with colleagues or even just about anything related to your career (yes, including this article!), you increase your exposure and opportunities for interviews.

Having a conversation through video makes things less personal than face-to-face, which can sometimes make interview nerves more acute.

Does the person want to talk to you or would they rather watch a video?

how long is zoom interview

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, most people like to be asked how their day is going and if there’s anything they’d like to discuss. It helps them get a sense of what your life is like and whether you are someone they can trust.

By asking about things other than work, you’re giving a more relaxed feel to the conversation. You don’t have to worry about talking only about business matters during the meeting!

If this sounds familiar, then try doing an informal chat first before coming down to business. Have some soft questions ready such as “What made you choose this restaurant over the others?” or “How did you learn that skill anyway?” so you don’t come across as being too salesy.

Does the person have their phone or tablet?

how long is zoom interview

The other important thing to consider is whether they have their device with them. If you send your interview request through zoom, then you will need to make sure that they have access to the app before we meet!

This way they can easily connect with you and it also gives you time to prepare for the meeting if they do not have their device in-hand.

Can they see you clearly?

how long is zoom interview

This is one of the most important things to consider when interviewing via zoom. You want to make sure your camera is up and running, that you have good internet connection, and that your computer has adequate specs to run the program efficiently.

If all of these are true, then there’s nothing more to worry about! However, if any of them are not, you may need to look into other alternatives such as Google Hangouts or Skype.

This article will go over some tips for optimizing your interview experience via zoom.

Are they wearing good headphones or a microphone?

how long is zoom interview

A lot of employers have their interviewers use poor quality earbuds or earphones with either a phone attached to them or a bad built-in mic. This is very annoying for you as an interviewer, not only because it is difficult to hear clearly what they are saying, but also because you need to ask questions back which can be tricky without having done any preparation!

It is important to make sure that your potential employer has adequate hearing coverage during the interviews. If they do look like they have a decent set up, great! But if they don’t, it might be time to pass on their company at this stage.

Are they close to a window?

how long is zoom interview

A great way to assess this is by looking at how many windows their location has! If there are no open windows, then you can assume that they are not very accessible or comfortable with being around people.