How Long Is The Processing Time For Australian Student Visa?

By Tiara

Recent developments with student visas in Australia have many people talking, including this week when The Guardian published an article about how much time it can take to process your visa. They referred to this as “the longest wait times for students” and mentioned that there are currently over 60,000 applications waiting for approval.

Many individuals will be familiar with reports of applicants being told their application has been denied and receiving this information well after December 13th, Australia Day — the national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of European settlers in what is now called the country. This includes those who had already submitted their application before then!

There have also been stories of applicants finding out that they need additional documents or evidence weeks later, which contradicts initial advice given during the registration stage of the process. Some even say that staff give false assurances about when their visa could be approved at the outset.

These delays not only affect individual applicants, but also universities and international education providers seeking to recruit internationally-qualified professionals here. Students looking to come to Australia must firstly gain entry under a working visa, then apply for a student visa once here.

Applications for both types of visa cannot be processed simultaneously, so extended waits for either one can prevent other stages from running smoothly.

This article will discuss the different types of student visa available in Australia, what kind of employment qualifies you for them, and how long it takes to process each type.

How long does it take?

how much processing time for australian student visa

The next step in processing your visa is to determine how much time you have left before you need to leave Australia. This is called the service period or residence status. Yours will last between one month and two years!

Your residency status depends on what country you’re traveling to, the duration of the visit, and whether you intend to remain there after your trip. If you do, then you must apply for another visa (for example, a Schengen Tourist VISA). You can check if you need to renew your tourist visa here.

If you only want to stay for part of the year, then you only have to maintain legal residency in the other half. For most countries, this is just weeks so don’t worry about that.

However, some may require you to be out indefinitely which would mean not being able to return unless you get an indefinite resident visa first. Check with the consulate directly as they can tell you more details.

Is there any way to reduce the time?

how much processing time for australian student visa

Recent changes to the visa process have left many student applicants with little hope of securing their desired scholarship or position before leaving Australia. This is especially true if you are applying in the very beginning stages of the process, as most people are now.

Australian Citizenship is an expensive thing, which means that it is not easy to gain. However, it is possible to reduce your citizenship application processing time by doing some things first.

You can begin gathering documents and proof early on to save yourself time later on. There are several ways to do this, so here we will discuss three of the best ones.

What are the consequences of a long processing time?

Having to wait around for your visa to be processed can feel very frustrating, especially if you’re already waiting in line at the consulate or embassy.

The longer it takes for your visa to get approved, the more times you have to go through the process before you can leave the country, so skipping steps is not an option.

If there was no one ahead of you in the queue, then it could mean that someone else has been given their visitor visa first which means they don’t need to re-enter Australia as they will stay here under their own passport, but they must return home once they have finished their visit.

What are the potential risks of a long processing time?

how much processing time for australian student visa

A longer student visa process can sometimes indicate that your application has been flagged as being potentially fraudulent or may require more in-depth due diligence before it is approved.

A lengthy approval process could also be because there was some sort of error found with your documents, which takes extra time to fix or verify. This happens very rarely however so do not get overwhelmed if this occurs.

It is important to remember that while there may be reasons why your application needs additional review or investigation, this does not mean you have done anything wrong. You have completed all appropriate steps and complied with regulations, so yourself and anyone assisting you from home will be protected under Australia’s laws.

If you need help during the process, check out our tips here.

What can I do to reduce the time?

how much processing time for australian student visa

The next thing you can do to speed up the process is apply online. Some departments will let you complete most of your applications through their website, including submitting photos and documents. This way, they already have it set up and organized so they can review them quickly.

You may be asked to upload documents or proof such as pay stubs via Google Drive or Dropbox. Make sure these are easily accessible and retain copies. You can also add links to the files here!

At times, Immigration Department websites may not update automatically, making it difficult to know how long it takes to find what you need. If this happens, check back later to see if it has been fixed yet.

Who can I contact for more information?

how much processing time for australian student visa

There are many different agencies that play an important role in helping individuals meet the demands of working while studying abroad. Most visa processing times are only made known to applicants at very close quarters, typically through word-of-mouth or advertisements.

It is extremely common for students to be left waiting weeks or even months after applying before hearing back from their potential employers on whether they have been successful. This is totally unacceptable as it takes away time needed to focus on other things (like studies)!

There are several ways to get faster visa processing times. The best way depends on your personal situation and what kind of visa you need. By contacting the right people directly, you will save hours upon hours of wasted time.

This article will help by giving you some tips on how to do this efficiently.

Are there any tips for applicants?

how much processing time for australian student visa

The second part of this article is to suggest that you do something else while preparing for your visa interview. There are many ways to prepare for your visa interview, but none more important than doing some light reading.

Reading educational material about Australia and the United States can only help your understanding of the country you will be living in for at least two years. Similarly, reading about immigration laws in other countries can help you understand how the system works here!

Researching potential schools for university courses can also go ahead during this time as long as it doesn’t take too much effort to coordinate. Once enrolled, start studying immediately so that you don’t have to worry about leaving the house until later in the semester.

And lastly, stay organized! Keep all documents together and easily accessible. Don’t put anything off until after the interview unless you have planned out a way to get it done then.

What should I include in my visa application?

how much processing time for australian student visa

The next important factor to consider when applying for an Australia student visa is how much time you have before your departure. If you only have a few days, this can be tricky to manage. You will need to find ways to reduce the length of your visit or extend it.

Most countries give their citizens at least 90 days after arrival to spend in the country so if you are not granted a longer stay, you must ensure that you leave within these ninety days. Many students don’t realize that they have to apply for extension visas up to six months after their initial entry into the country- even though some may feel like there is extra time left!

It is very difficult to get an extension past thirty days unless you are able to prove that you won’t be returning to Australia or that you will return with enough money to support yourself while studying here. This could mean proving employment ahead of time, or through volunteering or research experiences.