How Long Is The Processing Time For An Australian Student Visa?

By Tiara

Recent reports indicate that it can take more than two months to process an application for an Australian student visa. This is a very serious concern as there are many things you need to do before you can come to Australia as a student.

You have to prove your finances, confirm your course, find accommodation and make sure it’s okay to stay in this country while studying. All of these must be done well ahead of time or it could cost you money and stress in the future!

There are some cases where it takes longer than expected to process applications but the vast majority fall under one of three categories: eligibility checks, health related check-ups and national character tests.

Eligibility checks include checking credit history, employment records and proof of sufficient funds to study abroad. A health related check includes testing for diseases such as tuberculosis (TB). The national character test looks at whether you will fit into the community here by asking about relationships, work commitments and hobbies.

This article will talk about why it can take so long to process student visas and what you can do to get through the system faster. It may also help you understand how important early action is when it comes to studentships and scholarships in Australia.

How long does it take?

how much processing time for australian student visa

The next stage in processing your visa is to determine how much time you have spent living outside of Australia. This is called the Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILTR) period.

You will be asked to provide proof that you lived, worked or attended school in another country for at least six months. You can use documents like work visas, student visas, health cards, passports, diplomas and certificates to prove this.

If you do not have these things then it may be difficult to believe you were really staying there so we cannot confirm if you qualify!

We recommend saving us an email about what steps you took to process your visa and when so we are able to tell you exactly how long it takes to process them.

That way we know whether to expect a response from VFS or not! We hope you find this information helpful.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the time?

how much processing time for australian student visa

A lot of times, people make changes to their life or career while waiting for a visa to be processed. This is definitely valid if you have enough savings to live off of for a few months. If possible, try to lower your expenses in that time so you don’t need to spend too much money.

Another option would be to look for part-time employment during this time, but only if it’s guaranteed.

Apply for a visa

how much processing time for australian student visa

After you have received your student visa, you must then file it with the Immigration Department. This is called an endorsement.

You will need to bring proof that you have enough money to fund your studies in Australia, as well as documents confirming that you are a full-time studying student. These can include a certificate or degree confirmation, a tuition agreement, or a letter stating how much funding you have access to per semester.

If you earn less than $40,000 per year, then there’s no need to apply for an exemption unless you feel that you don’t have enough money to live on while attending university here. In this case, go back and check if you qualify for the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa first!

We suggest trying to get some free time before applying for the permanent resident visa so that you don’t overdo it and run out of time.

Pay the application fee

how much processing time for australian student visa

After you have received your student visa, the next thing to do is pay an application or membership fee. This cost varies depending on whether you are applying as an international student or as a resident student.

For international students, there is an additional processing fee of $595 that must be paid before you can begin working in Australia. For non-international degree level studies (for example, diploma or certificate courses), there is no extra member fees.

There is also an initial health check which costs around $25 – this check covers things such as tuberculosis tests, hepatitis B vaccination, and blood pressure checks. If you don’t have these done then it may affect your ability to work here so we recommend doing them early!

You will need to prove both your residency status and income when you apply for employment.

Provide your documents

It is very important to proof that you are who you say you are while applying for visas. This process is called document authentication or validation.

You will be asked to provide various documents such as passports, visa applications, receipts, letters of recommendation, and more. Some of these documents can even prove that you are legally residing in another country at this moment!

There may also be questions about where you have lived recently or if there have been any changes related to your residency status. These can’t be verified unless you tell immigration everything about yourself so they can check it out properly!

Be sure to keep all of your documentation organized and easy to access. Don’t forget to photograph each one, too.

Wait for approval

how much processing time for australian student visa

After you have gathered all of your documents, proof of education, employment, and health insurance, it is time to wait! This is probably one of the most tedious parts as there’s no specific timing that can be given. You will need to check back with the Department every few days until you get word either way.

It is important to remember that if they do not hear from you within six months, then you will automatically lose interest in this process. So stay organized and update your applications frequently to ensure that doesn’t happen!

After the first month, people are usually notified within two weeks whether or not their application has been accepted. If it has, great! But even if it hasn’t, at least you know what to expect.

Receive approval letter

how much processing time for australian student visa

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an expression of interest (EOI) letter via email or through your student visa app provider. This is typically within one week of being approved!

Your job now is to pack up and prepare for travel. You can do this by completing all forms, paying any fees and ensuring everything is ready before going into the interview.

At this stage, you will need to ensure that you have enough money to last the two weeks since it could take that long to process your stay. We recommend keeping £1500-2000 per person as spending money while in Australia.

You should also look into getting health coverage at this time, as there may be no free healthcare during your visit. Some private hospitals offer special rates for students, so check out their websites to see if they are offering anything similar.

Australia has great public transport so using that is usually the best way to get around, especially if you’re staying in the city area. The trains and buses run frequently so it’s easy to get around. For more information, you can read our article about how to spend and save money when traveling abroad.

Take a copy of the approval letter

how much processing time for australian student visa

It is very important to have a copy of this letter as it confirms that you are authorized to study in Australia. This also confirms your visa status so make sure to keep it safe!

If you need to take some time off after all academic studies have been completed, you can apply for withdrawal from unqualified courses or qualified courses with less than 6 months left before they finish. If you decide to withdraw later, you will still be able to stay in Australia if you meet the qualification requirements. You just won’t be studying at the moment.