How Long Is The Processing Of Tourist Visa In Canada

By Tiara

Recent reports have indicated that Canadians are not able to access their visa applications quickly, if at all. This is an alarming situation for anyone trying to travel outside of the country as a tourist!

Many people now find themselves with no way to leave the country because they cannot process or get a response from your VISA application within Canada’s allotted time frame.

Some even report being told by Canadian officials that there is “no hope” for them to receive a reply before they board their flight back home.

This article will discuss some potential causes of this issue, what you can do to help mitigate the problem, and why it is important to remain calm during this processing period.

Reader beware- this article contains major spoilers!

Why is it so difficult to apply for a tourist visa in Canada?

It has been reported that due to a high volume of applicants and limited staffing, visa officers are experiencing long wait times to process visas.

Applicants who already have their plane tickets and passports ready may be forced to cancel their trips when they run into unexpected delays in the visa approval process.

Sadly, these situations only seem to be getting worse. In fact, one source claims that his repeated requests for assistance were ignored aside from someone telling him he would need to rebook his trip once he received word from Ottawa.

How to apply for a tourist visa

Having all the necessary documents is key when applying for a tourist visa. You will be asked to bring these documents during your appointment at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate where you want to stay.

Making sure that you have everything ready can help reduce stress, as you do not need to go back and get things then!

A list of what needs to be present when you visit an embassy includes: proof of health insurance, evidence of sufficient money to remain in Canada for your trip (to include airfare), passport valid for 6 months beyond your departure date, and proof of accommodation if you are staying longer than three months in Canada.

You also need to know how long it takes to process a tourist visa, so make sure that you don’t wait until the last minute to prepare! Some countries take up to two weeks, while others can take much longer – usually around one month.

What documents you need

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

Being able to show that you have sufficient money for your stay is one of the most important things when applying for a tourist visa in Canada. You will be asked to prove this at the airport before being allowed entry.

Most countries require one month’s salary as proof, but there are some exceptions (usually if the applicant is an elite athlete or someone with a very high profile job). For most other nationalities, three months’ wages is the requirement.

There are many ways to earn enough money for this, such as working full time, studying part-time, receiving VISA stipends or rewards, or by investing into income generating activities.

A good way to save money while traveling is to find cheap accommodation and food. It can also be done through online sites where you advertise what services you offer and get paid for it.

Your address

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

Are you moving or traveling for an extended period? Make sure your residence is updated with all appropriate documents!

If you are traveling for less than six months, then there is no need to have an additional proofof residency document at this time. You do not need to bring proof that you live at your current address while applying for the visa.

However, if you will be staying longer than six months, it is best to verify that you reside where you say you do. This way, you can avoid any delays due to lack of proper documentation!

We recommend using the services of professional visa consultants who can help make sure everything is correct before submitting. They may also be able to advise whether an additional proof of residency is needed at this time.

Your phone number

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

After arriving at the Canadian consulate or embassy, you will be given an appointment time for your visa interview. This is when you will meet with someone from Citizenship and Immigration to discuss your tourist visa application.

During this meeting, they will ask you some questions about who meets you upon arrival in Canada, if anyone stays with you while you are there, and what days you plan to visit. These are all good things, but one may make you feel nervous.

The person conducting your interview can also look through your paperwork and talk to you over the phone or via Skype. They will want to confirm some information such as how long you will remain in Canada and whether you have enough money to return home after your stay.

Your email address

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

Having an adequate proof of your identity is one of the most important things to do when applying for a visa in Canada. This includes having both official documents (like passports) as well as non-official ones (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).

Because tourism is a temporary activity, there’s no need to have long term commitments like residence or work permits. All you really need is your name, date of birth, and passport information which can be verified easily via government databases.

It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t have any other documentation, it’s not necessarily reason to fail your application. You could be given special permission to enter Canada without formal visas if you prove yourself through interviews or by doing community service.

Your photos

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

Recent developments for Canadian visa holders include having to upload your pictures online, requiring you to use an internet connected device to do so.

This is very annoying as most people are not always fully charged with technology and don’t have access to a computer or smartphone that has wifi.

Many people struggle to pay for mobile data due to their limited spending budgets and it can be quite expensive!

There are many ways to avoid this problem if you are careful about how you manage your tourist visa.

We have listed some helpful tips here for you to think about.

How much is the visa fee

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

The cost for the tourist visa is not free, there is a small processing fee that varies depending on how quickly your visit and stay are planned.

There is no set price for this fee as it depends on several factors including the country you will be visiting from, how long you plan to spend in Canada, and whether or not you will enter under the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system.

The eTA system allows Canadian officials to confirm if you require a visa before letting you into Canada. This way, they are aware of your plans and can let you into the country with a visa or an ETI at a later date!

If you are traveling during winter months, November through March, then it is advised to apply for the visa as early as possible. There may be more people seeking visas around these times so it could take longer than normal to process them.

Are there any requirements?

how long is the processing of tourist visa in canada

There are some very specific conditions that must be met for Canadian citizens to qualify as immediate family members. These include spouses, unmarried children under 18 years old, and married children over age 18 who live at home or with you.

If you’re already living outside of Canada when your tourist visa expires, then it is not valid for travel within Canada so you will need to apply again once you’ve settled somewhere else!

There is no time frame given for how long it takes to process a tourist visa, but we recommend applying as soon as possible to ensure you don’t have gaps in coverage.